“Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” – Nirvana – “In Untero” (1993)

Dec 11
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I just got one of those urges today. I had to hear one of my PNW idols.

I know what he means:

“I miss the comfort in being sad”

Kind of… I think it’s a collateral thing, for me at least. It’s not the sad that’s comfort, it’s the shut yourself in, hunker down, bottle of this, comfort food/comfort everything. That’s the comfort; it’s the circling of your little, personal, figurative wagons. Yeah, I get that. Don’t worry, I’m not sad though. Don’t call me, I won’t answer, not sad, just listening to comfort music.


“Lithium” – Nirvana – “Nevermind” (1991)

Apr 25

It’s technically Cover Day on Play On Daily although this technically isn’t a cover. I had to post this though in its imperfect, phone cam, paying patron form. Sometimes all of the editing that you would get (or like I will get when HBO cleans up the induction ceremonies and airs it in a few weeks) is kind of a barrier keeping you from feeling what it’s like to be at the show. I love Annie Clark though and Nirvana is in my personal hall of fame so take a look. Happy Friday night!

Did you know that there’s lithium in San Pellegrino? The fun stuff that I learn while attending dinner parties with people way smarter than myself.


“Better Man” – Pearl Jam – “Vitalogy” (1994)

Feb 26
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The ping pong balls flew around in the Play On Daily Lottery/Shuffle Machine and out popped this PJ classic. In our household, this song will always be known as the Suzie Song. She was so persistent about having the DJ play this at our wedding. Great song, kind of weird wedding dance floor music, but hey, at least she wasn’t saying that it needed to be played because of who her friend just got married to.


“Take Me Away” – Ole Tinder – “Loways” (2012)

Feb 20
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I saw these guys a couple of weeks ago, warming up The Tractor for Sera Cahoone and man it was getting downright hot in there. They’re one of those neat little surprises that come along once in awhile in the form of a band that I had no idea existed and end up going home and googling before I even take my coat off.

A friendly reminder – if you see little bands like this and you dig ’em a little bit, pick up a CD on the way out the door. It’s the best way to get some cash into their pockets without the middle man being able to grub around for a cut.


Two fer Tuesday

Feb 18
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Here’s what I did last night while I was supposed to be posting new music – I laid down on the couch after a delicious dinner of fish tacos and Miller High Life, buried myself under four blankets, and “no way… the best movie ever”… “pop quiz Jack.” Just a few minutes to digest, watch Ted, I mean Jack, save the hostages and then I will… or won’t work on the blog.

So here’s some new music that I’ve been thinking about and wanted to post last night. I can’t wait for the Imagine/Little Dragons tour.

“Klapp Klapp” – Little Dragon – “Nabuma Rubberband (2014)

I woke up just in time to see Keanu and Sandy sliding across the tarmac on an over sized cookie sheet. I wonder what I missed in between.


So I’m going to start gettin’ all invasive and prying into the inner sanctity of peoples’ iLibraries and other deep crevices where they stash their musical treasures and dirty little secrets. I’m truly, disturbingly interested in what people listen to and like or hate in their music. I don’t give a frick what Billboard tells me people listen to. I’ve seen all of the concert pics of my friends on FB. I want to know the real stuff. Kind of like how Spin used to interview famous people about the music that shaped their lives, what comes through their earbuds at the gym, what is in their library that alphabetically follows Radiohead. But on a personal level , I don’t really care what Anna Faris or Aaron Paul (because I don’t know them personally the way that I might know you) listen to. I want to know what the real people listen to – the people who I am friends with, related to, or maybe not friends with (just acquaintances or friends of friends). I often have the urge to ask random people standing at the bus stop or walking down the street what they are listening to. I’m scared though. One of three things is going to happen: I’m going to get hit with “piss off homeless guy,” end up wearing pepper spray, or some 50 year old businessman is going to say “duh, what else, Katy Perry.”

So, if you read all of that, and I know you and how to get a hold of you, just a word of caution that I might be hitting you up with a little personalized music questionnaire. The questions will be so well thought out that I’m guessing some of my friends may reply with 1,000 word essays for answers. Like this one: “do you think that the early innovators that helped spawn the Industrial Age would have had second thoughts if they could have foreseen Motörhead?” (We need to make sure that Lemmy doesn’t put any flux capacitors in his Amazon shopping cart.) But, I won’t want my respondents to feel like it’s a five hour chore to answers my deeply profound questions so I’ll throw in a few softballs too, such as: “What chess piece do you think best symbolizes the Bieber?” Avoiding eye contact won’t get it done, if you see me coming with my notebook, you’re done.

Just kidding Lemmy… you know… just little jokes, brother… no need to fly on up here and kick my ass.

“Given to Fly” – Pearl Jam – “Yield” (1998)


“Lump” – The Presidents of the United States of America – “The Presidents of the United States of America” (1995)

Feb 16
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I’m really looking forward to hearing an acoustic version of this post-grunge/pre-pop classic tomorrow night at the Triple Door.


“Fire It Up” – Modest Mouse – “We Were Dead Before The Ship Ever Sank” (2007)

Jan 18
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Wow, I just searched my blog and realized that I’ve never posted Modest Mouse.

This one will do as party music… depending on what sorts of things you like to fire up. You know what, no matches required, this will still work to get the night going. Happy long weekend for those of you with bosses who were kind enough to tell you to stay home on Monday.


Shuffle: “Help Is On The Way” – Gerald Collier – “Help Is On The Way” (2013)

Jan 15

My dirty little secrets remain hidden for another week as shuffle has dealt another gem.

Gerald Collier, formerly of The Best Kissers in the World, is a guy that I’ve tacked up on this blog a disproportionate amount, if you were to weight the number of posts by commercial success. I think that this is the fourth time that I have posted him over the years which is testament enough to the fact that I really dig this dude’s music. Alt-country, bluesy, and downtrodden, Collier’s music often sounds like an uphill climb. One of my favorite movies of all time is the Coen Brothers’ “Blood Simple.” There are a few Collier songs especially the last three tracks off of “How Can There Be Another Day?” that sound like they belong on the soundtrack of “Blood Simple.”


“Ain’ So Bad” – Brite Lines – Make Shift EP (2013)

Dec 17
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Apparently there is a new law on the books in the City of Seattle calling for a collection of $27 for whomever should feel the urge to consume marijuana in a public place.


“Shake” – The Head and the Heart – “Let’s Be Still” (2013)

Aug 22
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I tend to get a little nervous when a favorite band is getting ready to release a new album. Will they just extend all of the themes and style of the last one and make something really boring? Will they think they’ve hit the big time and get all self indulgent with some EMD/Classic Rock/Gregorian chants mind bender?

If the new album happens to come as the follow up to a strong debut it can be especially worrisome. Can that great new band that busted down the door and took the world by storm prove that they aren’t one hit or one album wonders? I’m feeling pretty good so far about The Head and the Heart. The first single off of the album to be released in October isn’t venturing too far from the ground covered on their debut but I like the extra little bit of electric and a chunky riff thrown in for good measure about two thirds of the way through. I guess that I hope that there’s something that walks and talks a little more like a full on rocker somewhere on the new record as well as something majorly stripped down but for starters, this is good.