“Put It Down” – TOKiMONSTA (feat. Anderson. Paak & KRNE)

Jan 15
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Anderson. Paak will get his own, proper post sometime soon but in the meantime, here is something to drive around to this weekend.

It’s been a hectic start to the new year but is hectic a bad thing? Sometime, in some ways… it’s been a mix of good and bad hectic. Hectic over static any day though.


“Blackbelt” – John Grant (Live on KEXP)

Aug 23
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Found this while cruising KEXP’s youtube channel.  I know he was raised in Parker CO, been in the Denver alt rock scene since the 90’s, cruised Europe for a while and landed in Iceland.  His music is deeply  personal and he sings about his past struggles with alcohol and drug addiction and coming to terms with being gay.   

What you got is a black belt in BS,
But you can’t hawk your pretty wares up in here anymore.
Hit your head on the playground at recess.
Etch-a-sketch your way out of this one, reject!

I dare you to listen and not bob your head, the groove is infectious.

“Ain’ So Bad” – Brite Lines – Make Shift EP (2013)

Dec 17
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Apparently there is a new law on the books in the City of Seattle calling for a collection of $27 for whomever should feel the urge to consume marijuana in a public place.


“Architects And Engineers” by Guster – Easy Wonderful (2010)

May 6
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I have a Top 5. When anyone asks my favorite movie I always say, I have a Top 5. I don’t order them that’s like saying I love one of my kids more than the others. For the most part my Top 5 has remained the same for the last 20 years or so. “The Breakfast Club” is there, I watched it with my kids recently and even after all these years it’s place on the list was confirmed. “Casablanca”, classic, and Ingrid Bergman was hot! “Gattaca”, like Ethan Hawke’s Vincent Freeman, I too have a life long dream to fly, which remains unfulfilled. “Blade Runner”, I actually prefer the version as it was originally screened in theatres to the Director’s Cut (Blasphemy?). And, “Big Night”, Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub, Minnie Driver, does anyone know who the dishwasher/prepcook was, Marc Anthony (yes, the same one that married J-Lo), and speaking of Ingrid Bergman, her daughter Isabella Rossellini. It’s a small movie with a big heart, food, family & friends.

Every once in a while another movie will get close. Like, “Breaking Away”, if a Top 5 could have 6 this would be there. “Cousins”, there’s that Bergman/Rossellini connection again. “The Last Samurai”, I’m not a Tom Cruise fan but Samurai are badass! The Hidden Fortress, Samurai are badass! “Wild at Heart”, some classic David Lynch. “District 9”, I loves me some thinking Sci-Fi. “It’s A Wonderful Life”, even in July it’s towards the top of the list. And the movie I just watched for the fist (and second) time this weekend, “Safety Not Guaranteed”, Aubrey Palza is awesome and Mark Duplass (who I first saw in “The League”, it’s kind of an “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” for fantasy football fans) was perfect as the eccentric/crazy (or is he) lead. It’s tender, has a lot of heart, a little magic and this song from Guster. Maybe I need a Top 10!

na Kala

“Avatar” by Dead Can Dance

Feb 26
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Some of my favorite memories and best times were the years I spent as a bike messenger in Seattle and then Honolulu. I rode my bike around downtown all day, drank and smoked all night and got up to do it again the next day, it was awesome. My brother however was much more responsible, he went to college got a real job, and today is much better off for it.

My best friend (15) and I worked for the same messenger company and when one of us switched companies the other would follow. He always said that on his last day as a messenger he was gonna ride down 2nd Avenue, (a heavily traveled, 4 lane, one way that runs all the way through downtown Seattle and out the other side) “butt naked”. He never got to make that ride. Life got too heavy for him and he took himself out. We worked for a company that had 6 riders and we were a very close group, so 23 took it upon himself to make that ride for him. Word spread pretty quickly and by the time the BVD’s dropped it was like a parade. Not only did the messenger community turn out but many of our clients, aka suits, also showed their support (or maybe they just wanted to see a spectacle).

15 also introduced me to a lot of new music. Dead Can Dance has 2 primary voices. The male, Brendan Perry, has been compared to a combination of Jim Morrison and Frank Sinatra, the female, Lisa Gerrard, sings in made up words and sounds. Here’s one from Lisa.

RIP Sean “15” Clarke.

“Shivers” – Divine Fits – “A Thing Called Divine Fits” (2012)

Feb 7
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I’m going to play a little game for the next couple of months called “Post A Song and Then Look and See if That Band is Going to be at Sasquatch.” Yup, I just looked and sure enough Divine Fits will be there. The line up is a crazy, ridiculous avalanche of every possible band that the modern day, multi-genre loving music fan would ever want to see.

So, my game isn’t going to last for two months because I’ve already memorized about 25% of the bands that are going to be there but I truly did not know that Divine Fits are going to be there when I decided to post this song. And, I’m going to have to think of a snappier title than the current 17 word title that I strung together.

She makes me feel so ill at ease
My heart is really on its knees
But I wear a poker face so well
That even mother couldn’t tell

And my baby’s so vain
She’s almost a mirror
And the sound of her name
Sends a permanent shiver
Down my spine


“New Alphabet” – Eels – “Wonderful, Glorious” (2013)

Feb 6
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I love to play that little game of “if I was a rich kid, and could have any band play my birthday party, who would I pick?” I never say something like U2 because even when I’m fantasizing, I’m never THAT rich of a rich kid. I hardly ever come up with whoever my favorite band is at the time. I often times land in Nostalgialand and come up with the likes of Van Halen, with “Diamond” Dave, of course. My fantasy is usually played out via daydream so I don’t end up going to far into the nether and re-emerge with something like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Sublime with Bradley but wouldn’t that be the coolest party ever? Usually, I come up with something super energetic and real that will make my guests, who aren’t even familiar with my chosen entertainer, think damn I’m driving to my closest iTunes store and buying everything they ever made. That would be cats like Langhorne Slim, We Were Promised Jetpacks, or Other Lives.

I have absolutely no idea why I attached that random thought to this post because I’m probably not inviting Eels to my birthday party but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them, it just means that I don’t think they would come anyways and I would rather save the postage. Their new album is cool though. Didn’t Eels pay a few thousand bucks a few years ago for a few seconds long commercial on the Super Bowl?

While I’m at it, I should try to come up with some random acts that would make good SB half time shows. Not a diva, not a aging rock and roll icons, not a boy band, hmmm, let me think about this…

“Condolences” – Kelli Schaefer – “Ghost of the Beast” (2011)

Jan 19
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For the second day in a row, I’m revisiting a little big album from two years ago. I heard this song while on shuffle mode a the gym this morning. I listened to this album non-stop in the early spring of 2011 and almost got to see Ms. Schaefer a couple of times, including a near miss at the High Dive in Fremont. Her website says that she’s got an EP due soon, and I anxiously await.

“Changing The Rain” – The Horrors – “Skying” (2011)

Jan 19
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Here’s a second look at a nice, little gem of an album from a couple of years ago. The Horrors have put together a solid triumvirate of albums. They’ve got that nice, slightly above the clouds, dreamy synth sound and I usually get a little bit of a Simple Minds or TV on The Radio urge while listening to these English lads.


“Revelator” – Screaming Trees – “Last Words: The Final Recordings” (2011)

Jan 16
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I’m about to do something that I have never done in this space. I made an extra set of keys and am letting someone else in to put some different rock and roll posters on the walls and musical selections on the turn table. I should have done it a long time ago so that I didn’t have to do all the choosin’ myself and more recently because I’ve done so poorly at the whole “Daily” aspect.

So, I’m letting my brother in and I’m anxious to see what he’ll have to say and play. I kind of have a couple of ideas as to what it’ll sound like. There will be more Afghan Whigs, for sure. He will choose some traditional Hawaiian music – none of this Jawaiian stuff – mid-century stuff, heavy on the steel guitar and originally designed with Hawaiian people as the intended audience.

He’ll be as unashamed, as I am, to play stuff that the hipster/music critic crowd would consider low brow (hear: Meat Loaf also works as a low brow food group, Journey, and maybe even some Kiss). Pearl Jam will get double duty as I play my own fair share. Ditto Hansard and The Frames.

What will he talk about? Probably about stuff tht we listened to when we were kids. Maybe about stuff that he’s trying to get his kids to embrace (like the “I Listen to Iron Maiden with My Daddy” t-shirt that he bought for my niece when she was about five. He won’ add a bunch of concert reviews because he’s living a stone’s throw from the volcano at Kilauea on the Big Island and there ain’t too many tour buses going through there that aren’t full of 63 year olds from Springfield or Tokyo, and some of them old folks might be cool and shit but they aren’t about to throw down with a set or two of new tunes.

So it’ll be interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

You’ll probably hear some stuff a lot like what I played today. It’s the kind of stuff that we listened to way back when and still today.