“The Sounds of Science” – Beastie Boys – “Paul’s Boutique” (1989)

Mar 10

An oldie, and underappreciated Beastie gem.



“Blood in the Cut” – K. Flay – Crush Me- EP (2016)

Mar 6
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The unplayed pile of music that I’ll be decorating this space with over the coming weeks and months includes tons of female artists. No reason; I don’t think. But they kick ass.

I’m going with two versions of Ms. Flay’s latest. I was torn here because Life as a Dog is a killer record and my MO is to kind of go back and unbury treasures and b-sides but I love this song so here we are.


“Put It Down” – TOKiMONSTA (feat. Anderson. Paak & KRNE)

Jan 15
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Anderson. Paak will get his own, proper post sometime soon but in the meantime, here is something to drive around to this weekend.

It’s been a hectic start to the new year but is hectic a bad thing? Sometime, in some ways… it’s been a mix of good and bad hectic. Hectic over static any day though.


“Forever and Always” – Markis Precise (feat. The Grouch) – “The Feeling of Flying” (2015)

Oct 6
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My hip hop postings, have been from paths less travelled by the genre, as of late. Young Fathers, via Scotland, got checked off a few weeks ago and now I’m gonna roll with something from Central Cali. My finalists for today were definitely off-hub as the band (not hip hop… is there hip hop in that neck o’ the woods?) that I tabled was from “The Pine Tree State.”


“Award Tour” – A Tribe Called Quest – “Midnight Marauders” (1993)

Apr 2
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“It’s nice here, we should move here.”

I say that any time that I go anywhere new. Anywhere new, whether it’s a neighborhood that I’ve never visited in Seattle, Oak Harbor, Boardman, Oregon; Pondicherry, India; Salmon Arm British Columbia; Rhome, Texas; Melbourne, Australia; Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Perth Australia; Orondo, Washington, I say “it’s nice here, we should move here” when I visit for the first time

I haven’t said that as much in Queensland. Not that this isn’t a pretty spectacular part of the world, it’s just that it is kind of far flung and I haven’t gotten a real solid connection yet. Truth be told, if I’m moving to Australia, the preferred destination after almost three weeks in country is somewhere between Margaret River and Donsborough, in the midst of the greenery and windy roads, a couple miles from a beach and a little closer to Cheeky Monkey Brewery. It’s a relaxing spot that is sure to lower the blood pressure of even the calmest of souls. Just a nice little house with a couple of extra bedrooms so y’all can pop in whenever you feel like it, lots of comfy spaces for outdoor lounging, cooking, sipping, and storytelling, it sounds perfect.

So Queensland specifically the MacKay area has some catching up to do but they’ve got a little something that South Australia doesn’t have (at least as far as I could tell). Good radio stations. Yeah, I know, I can just stream John Richards but there’s still something about being able to take the car for a spin and just have your favorite local station pick some tunes for you. There’s a cool station up here that is kind of classic (Zeppelin) 80’s (Billy Idol) rock but they throw some new stuff (Imagine Dragons) in too. And then tonight, I found another cool station.
When I flipped over there (102.7), they were playing a classic A Tribe Called Quest cut. That’s a pretty boss move up in here where I don’t get the sense that the legendary hip hop crew has a huge following. If such a thing exists, it would be really cool to find the local, little underground scene of locals who bond over their affinity for American, or any, hip hop. That would be cool. I wonder if I could find a thread on Reddit to help lead me through the cane fields to the secret location? Oh, that brings me to my next point.

It’s kind of a nice detox experience to not have an internet connection for a couple of days. I’ve been hiding out in a cottage in the middle of a grove of mango trees, going to sleep at night with only the screen doors closed so that I can listen to the nocturnal screeches, bellows, chirps, hollers, and hiccups of all of the tropical night creatures. There are so many living things out there to keep us company. It’s quite nice to hear their chorus, and the rhythm section is pretty jammin’ too. “It’s nice here, we should move here.”


“Get Up” – Young Fathers – “Dead” (2014)

Mar 6
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Ah, some fresh hip hop from Edinburgh, Scotland. There’s some sweet musical product out of that town. Shirley Manson hails from there, as well as one of my favorite little rock and roll bands We Were Promised Jetpacks, and a band that I referenced yesterday none other than The Bay City Rollers.

My small sample size of Edinburgh hip hop reveals a refreshing lack of chest (diddy) puffing as a result of copious amount of consumption of: Cristal, Rolex, and NetJet quality leg room. Have you ever yawned while rolling your eyes?


“Pound Cake”/”Paris Morton Music 2” – Drake (feat. Jay-Z) – “Nothing Was The Same” (2013)

Feb 12
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All right, this is the first edition of “Shufffle” that has produced something that I don’t truly love. I loved the Gerald Collier song that popped a few weeks ago, the Blake Shelton song a couple weeks back, and the Choir of Young Believers tune. I can’t even attest to a strong like this time. Guess that means I need to vet the whole record and see if it belongs in my library.


“John Doe” (feat. Priscilla Renea) – B.o.B. – “Underground Luxury” (2013)

Jan 6
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I’ve designated Mondays as new music day in my revamped 2014 Play On Daily schedule. At some point I’ll probably have to define “new” because eventually there will be something that’s a few months old that I really want to post and technically isn’t really new anymore. But, I guess “Underground Luxury” will pass the fresh as a daisy smell test since it’s only been in circulation for a couple of weeks.

Damn, B.o.B has a foul mouth. I heard that he’s been looking for a supporting role in his buddy Bruno Mars’s Super Bowl gig. Not sure if that’s set to happen or not but it’s the ten year anniversary of the “wardrobe malfunction” so the NFL is liable to have the halftime entertainment on as heightened of a security lock down as the parking lots.

I don’t have a ton to say about the new B.o.B record which isn’t good or bad. In all honesty, it was kind of a last minute alternate because I was all set to check out the new Nacho Picasso which doesn’t come out until tomorrow.


“Party Up (Up In Here)” – DMX – “And Then There Was X” (1999)

Dec 1
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I had to get to this one considering the fact that the Huskies used it as part of their soundtrack yesterday to beat the “little brother” Cougs.

Go Dawgs!!!


Catching Up

May 10
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Props to my bro for tacking up a couple of nice posts while I’ve been off doing who knows what. Actually, the “who knows what” when he called me yesterday to tell me about his impending post was me watching Pain and Gain. Holy Cow Pie! How the perps in that movie/real life incidents, through some stroke of subhuman dumb luck swirled around in a vile full of ‘roid rage, managed to not collect Darwin Awards is one of the great mysteries of the known universe. There’s a connection there with my brother’s movie Top 5 from a few days ago as Tony Shalhoub plays the indestructible rich guy who refuses to give in to the dummies trying to knock him off.

Hmmm, movie lists. My tops are in a galaxy far, far away from my brother’s with sci fi nowhere to be found in my top 5. What are mine? In no particular order and off of the top of my head, I’m going: Fight Club, The King’s Speech, It Might Get Loud, Cider House Rules, and pick a Denzel movie. Okay, I’ll go with Training Day.

One of the negatives of Pain and Gain was that the period of the movie was mid-90’s and the locale was Miami so I got to listen to C+C Music Factory as part of the soundtrack. I would have been fine if I never listened to their stuff ever again.

Five more movies before I figure out a song to post. What’s the connection with my brother’s favorite The Breakfast Club and one of my favorites Go? Also on my list, the Cohen Brothers first offering, Blood Simple, I’ll take high flyer George in Up in the Air, Lots-O as one of the most villainous stuffed bad guys ever in Toy Story III and the only sports movie that matters, no not Caddyshack (though I’m tempted) or Miracle (which would give my list a little validity). The Charlestown Chiefs, the Hansons, Slap Shot.

“Can’t Hold Us” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton) – “The Heist” (2012)