“Famous Last Words of a Fool in Love” – Rodney Crowell – “Tarpaper Sky” (2014)

Dec 11
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I came oh-soooooooo-close tonight to re-posting the same song twice in less than a week (yup, that “Tennessee Whiskey” thang can get under your skin and make it all bumpy). I managed to keep the old school, classic country thing going though. Is it too late for a double? Maybe a healthy single…


“Twighlight Time” – Willie Nelson and the Family – “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” (2013)

Apr 22
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$60 for Willie in August at Marymoor. Hmmm, I’m tempted. I’m tempted but cheap. Hmmm?


“A Boy Named Sue” – Johnny Cash – “At San Quentin” (1969)

Feb 27
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This one’s a day late as I couldn’t get it published last night because the company that I use to host my blog was down for maintenance. Too bad I don’t have a good excuse for not posting anything on Saturday when I sat in front of my computer, flipped through my library and could find absolutely nothing that I felt like posting. Oh well, my host is done with their housekeeping and I’m ready to roll into March.


Today would have been the 80th birthday for “The Man in Black.” I am posting “A Boy Named Sue” to mark the occasion because it is one of the first song that I ever listened to and said “hey, I like that, play it again, play it again.” I might not have said that, exactly, because I knew how to operate the turntable by then. Yeah, I could make it play, and I could also rearrange / scratch the heck out of it so that the next person who came along could hear a different version. Actually, did we really have the record, I’m doubting that a little now that I think about it because I’m not sure that mom and pops had that on their play list.


“Still Got A Ways To Go” – Darrell Scott – “Long Ride Home” (2011)

Feb 10
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I’ve been in a bit of a country frame of mind lately. When I get that urge for some twang, I usually arrive at folks like: Darrell Scott or Justin Townes Earl and then it becomes a real scramble as I can end up anywhere from Blake Shelton to Lydia Loveless, and of course Patsy Cline. Darrell Scott has been getting it done for a long time, and his gettin’ is just as good these days with “Long Ride Home” showcasing all of his songwriting and lyrical skills. I love his varied chorus in this song. The lyrics throughout are a scrabble board of high def images and eloquence. And the mood change from beginning to end is brilliant.

I wish someone could tell me something I don’t already know
It’s been some hard living and I’ve still got a ways to go

I’m looking for a change to come but brother change comes slow
It’s been some hard living and I’ve still got a ways to go

Oh ye of little consequence please cast that first precious stone
It’s been some hard living and I’ve still got a ways to go

I’ve got to get out of here and get me a fishing pole
It’s been some hard living and I’ve still got a ways to go

I really want to make it down to Nashville one of these days where I’ll end up in some worn out little bar with some cat sitting behind a mic, a guitar, and a heavy heart making simple, tragi-beautiful music. Don’t go thinking that I’d pass up a big, fancy show at The Grand Ole Opry to see somebody like Zac Brown or Carrie Underwood but I just really like that lived-in, been there (but wish I hadn’t) storyteller who most of us can empathize with at the end of the day.


“No Traces of You” – Pete Molinari – “Streetcar Named Desire” – EP (2010)

Jan 18
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It’s a good find when you can browse the racks at your local record store and find a lad of Maltese/Italian/Egyptian descent who grew up in jolly old England and serves up a well aged, bluesy, Nashville country sound. If that sounds like something that might interest you, Pete Molinari could be your guy.

The first show that I went to last year was Bobby Long at The Tractor. I’m kind of lumping them together because they both play a brand of music that is more American, honky tonk, blues than what you typically get out of a young guy in the UK. They’re refreshing acts because they broaden the base of the genre by keeping it young and taking it international.


“When I Think About Cheatin'” – Gretchen Wilson – “Here for the Party” (2004)

Oct 14
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It’s often said that the best track of any given album ends up being in the three slot. Do artists and producers try to place what they see as their best work third in order? And if so, what’s the advantage of placing a song there as opposed to first, second, or in the middle of the album – I mean, I get it that putting the shining jewel towards the end doesn’t make that much sense.

I know, a lot of “Redneck Woman” lovers who are are just “Here for the Party” aren’t going to agree with me but I think that the rule of “3” holds true for Gretchen Wilson’s debut album. It’s got that classic country feel, pain, and perserverance wrapped up and delivered in a lovely little package by one of country’s most prominent divas. It’s not a party tune, or cloyingly wanton and witty, it’s just a gal talking about how she feels and what she would never do. Period. No Exclamation mark.


“Crazy” – Patsy Cline – “Patsy Cline Showcase” (1961)

Oct 7
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Another look a the KEXP countdown shows two more of my songs from my post from two days ago have charted. “Hey Jude” checked in at # 140 and the country classic “Crazy” by the one and only Patsy Cline sits at #179. I’m really enjoying the results of the countdown so far as KEXP listeners have mixed it up and nominated a lot of songs that you are pretty much never going to hear (think Prince and MJ) on Seattle’s own 90.3 FM. Off the top of my head, I posted 12 songs, two days ago that are some of my favorites. I like my chances for about nine of them making the KEXP Top 500. If somehow there was a mass exodus of people of this blogger’s, approximate age and former listening habits, down the dial from KISW, maybe “Photograph” will make a surprise appearance.


“All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight” – Hank Williams, Jr. – “Major Moves” (184)

Oct 3
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Is there any possibility that someone won’t think I’m making a political statement by posting this song by Hank Williams, Jr. on this day? I don’t know. For anyone who didn’t hear, this is what Williams had to say about the president on Fox today in regards to Speaker of the House John Boehner playing golf with the prez:

“That would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu. Not hardly. In the shape this country is in?”

The Nazi leader is the person that he likened President Obama to.

Do I think he was out of line for saying it? Do I think ESPN was heavy handed in pulling Hank’s MNF theme song? Am I a fan of the president? Did I vote for Obama? Do I think Fox is a reliable source to gather unbiased news and opinions? Do I like the music that Hank, his papa, and his kid have made over seemingly the last 100 years? Does Hank, Jr. have First Amendment rights? Can you make inflammatory statements such as Hank’s in freedom deprived parts of the world that the US is supposedly trying to liberate?

Play On.


“Gettin’ Drunk and Fallin’ Down” – Hank Williams III – “Rebel Within” (2010)

Sep 19
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Hank the 3rd has been a busy guy over the last year and a half. In that time, he has released five albums, two of which were basically doubles, for a total of 83 songs, and with the three most recent albums being released two weeks ago (Sept. 6th). There are a lot of different genres represented with metal, punk, and of course country, that good old fashioned, rowdy, unwashed country that his daddy’s especially good at dishin’ up. I haven’t listened to any of the new stuff yet, so I’m serving up the lead track off of last year’s “Rebel Within.”

Hank III will be in Seattle at the Showbox at the Market in two weeks. Mention Playondaily,com at the front door and receive a complimentary blank stare. Have a good week everyone, and please if you must get drunk during the week try and keep it in check and don’t do the Fallin’ Down kind of drunk until….. at least Thursday.


“Every Light in the House” – Trace Adkins – “Dreamin’ Out Loud” (1996)

Mar 23
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Like I said yesterday, I listened to a country song or two in Phoenix last week. As I play catch up for all of my years of shunning country, I realize that some of my judgments about the genre were true. Specifically, there’s a lot of lyrical content revolving around beer drinking and tequila shots. I used to spend a lot of time yammering about a bunch of hicks getting boozy but who am I to judge, like I never partake. This song doesn’t directly mention libations but, you just know that lonely old Trace filled a glass or two waiting for his loved one to return. No mater how you want to serve it up, it’s a beautiful song by a big ol’ country boy from the Deep South.