“To Hold and Have” – The Dears – “Times Infinity Volume One” (2015)

Nov 10
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Concert proxies, I have an assignment for you.

The Dears are one of my favorite bands and high on the list of bands that I never expect to play a show in HI. So, concert proxies, do me and do yourselves a favor. On Dec. 17th, head on down to glorious Ballard Ave. and catch The Dears set at the Sunset Tavern. Cool spot for these guys. Probably not my top small venue choice for these guys in Seattle (would probably prefer the Crocodile where I have seen them or maybe The Vera Project) but a night in mid December at the cozy Sunset sounds like a lot of fun.

Ahhh, my hometown, still feeling pretty ambivalent about ever wanting to have a permanent address there again but I will always have crazy, mad love for the place.

I once described The Dears to someone who did not have them in their rotation as Pink Floyd or DeVotchKa fronted by Darius Rucker… I probably insulted or confused someone with that mad libbed mash up but yeah, I am kind of sticking with that. Listening to this new album, I realize that I forgot how much I really dig these folks.


“Oblivion” – Grimes – “Visions” (2012)

Apr 15
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Like a powerful, wistful, vigilant, delicate mouse.


“Before” – Plants and Animals – “The End of That” (2012)

Feb 27
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There are some big ships on the horizon…


“Jeopardy” – Dan Mangan – “Oh Fortune” (2011)

Jan 29
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I get sidetracked so easily and so often. Today was to be all about Elbow seeing as how I’m all jazzed about their forthcoming album and since I’ve heard a couple songs off of it so far. All Elbow today. It’s some of my musical comfort food. I start digging around trying to figure out what to post and then “oh look, a squirrel, a bright shiny thing, what, huh, what’s my name, who was I going to post?” Dan Mangan! Of course, I know what I’m doing.

No shame in flipping to Mangan though. I love the guy! He’s a shockingly underappreciated Canuck, hey kind of like Elbow are staggeringly unloved (in the US) Brits. Mangan is rumored to be working on a new album. Picture me ecstatic.


“Headlines” – Drake – “Take Care” (2011)

Feb 10
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I’m going to make a big, leaping assumption and say that Drake won’t be at Sasquatch. Ya’ just never know though with that big ol’ crazy line up. Let me pull it up real quick… Nope, no Gorge action for Mr. Drake.

I saw Silver Linings Playbook last night. What a great movie about a pertfectly dysfunctional, and affectionate, fucked up American family and the peripheral people in their lives. I knew who Jennifer Lawrence was before I saw this movie (duh, I do live under a rock but I’ve still got a wireless connection) but now I really get why she’s a big deal. I liked this movie mostly because I like dramas like this that are about real people, dealing with real shit, and that real shit is also super entertaining and engaging and you don’t need a bunch of guns or car chases and sparkly stuff to make an entertaining movie. People talking about ther problems, and dreams, and demons, and ambitions is entertaining enough and people who need the promise of exploding zombies to make them click play are the people who probably won’t talk about all of that tough stuff in their regular life but probably should.

And what are the “homemades” that the mamasan in Silver Linings kept talking about?


“Not What You Think It Is” – Dan Mangan – “Postcards and Daydreaming” (2005)

Jun 20
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For the second night in a row, I’m going with old favorites instead of hitting the like button on something new. I’m going back about three albums for this one but I love Dan Mangan and think that his entire collection is really good stuff and worthy of a listen anytime, anywhere.


“Change the Sheets” – Kathleen Edwards – “Voyager” (2012)

Mar 29
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My love is a stockpile of broken wills
Like Santa Fe, margaritas and sleeping pills
I want to lie in the cracks of this lonely road
I can fill in the blanks every time you don’t phone
Here is the truth, I swear it used to be fun
Go ahead run, run, run, run

I was torn on which song to post off of Ms. Edwards’ new album. “A Soft Place to Land” almost stole the day’s spot but I stuck with my original pick after a couple of side by side listens. This is a very nice record by the Canadian singer/songstress who also just so happens to be Justin Vernon’s (of Bon Iver) girlfriend… yeah, now you can place her. She was the one looking on proudly while her guy picked up a little trophy at The Grammys last month.


“How Darwinian” – Dan Mangan – “Oh Fortune” (2011)

Mar 14
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I’m pretty short on comments these days, heck I have a hard enough getting a post tacked to the wall at least five days a week (isn’t this thing called Play On DAILY, hmmm?). All you need to know about Dan Mangan is that he is one of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters. He toils in relative obscurity, hails from slightly to the north of Play On headquarters (Magnan claims BC as home turf), and consistently mints steely eyed, poignant, musical concoctions long on lyrical hairpins.

people don’t know what they want
they just know they really want it
i should know
better by now
there’s only so
much to go around


“Genesis” – Grimes – “Visions” (2012)

Mar 7
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He got me. It’ true. I like to think that I’m a big enough person that I can admit when some devious record spinner ensnares me in their musical tractor beam. John Richards played this Grimes creation this morning and I had my soundtrack for the day. It’s not like I’ve never heard it before but today, it just super glued to the room in my brain where the jukebox resides, and then some virtual joker walked up, deposited about fifty bucks and pushed play on “Genesis” about 75 times in a row. Maybe, we/I am more susceptible to being zombified by a song when it’s really early and there isn’t much for my little brain to think about yet, or since I’m kind of sleepy my defenses are down and random sounds can slip in when my defenses are down.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love this song although I have to be honest and say I’ve listened to about half of the album and am not sold on the entire collection yet. That’s it for now. Proceed with caution with your morning dressing, or drive time music. I would hate for any of you nice people to be afflicted with some Katy Perry dirge. If that does happen, I suggest that you take a couple aspirin, call in sick, and try to sleep it off.


“Concrete Heart” – Great Lake Swimmers – “Lost Channels” (2010)

Oct 17
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There’s a real empty feeling here. I kind of hate that cliche “what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger” but I get the feeling that if Tony Dekker manages to get up off the deck after being felled by what sounds like a massively broken heart, he will be stronger.

This was the centre of the world for me once
Where I saw “I love you” all over the place
And that was where the Stones played once
And these are the bricks that shattered my heart

This is the place where I felt
LIke the world’s tallest self-supporting tower
At least for a little while anyway

Hiding out in the subway system
Hanging out in the library system
You made me feel like a harbour
And you made me feel like a fortress

This is the place where I felt
Like the world’s tallest self-supporting tower
Or maybe number two
At least for a little while anyway