“Blackbelt” – John Grant (Live on KEXP)

Aug 23
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Found this while cruising KEXP’s youtube channel.  I know he was raised in Parker CO, been in the Denver alt rock scene since the 90’s, cruised Europe for a while and landed in Iceland.  His music is deeply  personal and he sings about his past struggles with alcohol and drug addiction and coming to terms with being gay.   

What you got is a black belt in BS,
But you can’t hawk your pretty wares up in here anymore.
Hit your head on the playground at recess.
Etch-a-sketch your way out of this one, reject!

I dare you to listen and not bob your head, the groove is infectious.

“Full Circle” – Ben Kweller – “Go Fly A Kite” (2012)

Mar 11
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Kweller’s “Sha Sha” was the little album that the random listener would have heard about a dozen years ago. I’ve always enjoyed this guy as sort of my imagined version of Rivers Cuomo if he had never made a Weezer album and just done his “alone” stuff for the entirety of the first 13 years of the current millenium. I keep “Sha Sha” on stand by at all times ready to unleash the best pasta and intercourse lyric in the history of rock and roll.



“Jeopardy” – Dan Mangan – “Oh Fortune” (2011)

Jan 29
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I get sidetracked so easily and so often. Today was to be all about Elbow seeing as how I’m all jazzed about their forthcoming album and since I’ve heard a couple songs off of it so far. All Elbow today. It’s some of my musical comfort food. I start digging around trying to figure out what to post and then “oh look, a squirrel, a bright shiny thing, what, huh, what’s my name, who was I going to post?” Dan Mangan! Of course, I know what I’m doing.

No shame in flipping to Mangan though. I love the guy! He’s a shockingly underappreciated Canuck, hey kind of like Elbow are staggeringly unloved (in the US) Brits. Mangan is rumored to be working on a new album. Picture me ecstatic.


Shuffle: “Help Is On The Way” – Gerald Collier – “Help Is On The Way” (2013)

Jan 15

My dirty little secrets remain hidden for another week as shuffle has dealt another gem.

Gerald Collier, formerly of The Best Kissers in the World, is a guy that I’ve tacked up on this blog a disproportionate amount, if you were to weight the number of posts by commercial success. I think that this is the fourth time that I have posted him over the years which is testament enough to the fact that I really dig this dude’s music. Alt-country, bluesy, and downtrodden, Collier’s music often sounds like an uphill climb. One of my favorite movies of all time is the Coen Brothers’ “Blood Simple.” There are a few Collier songs especially the last three tracks off of “How Can There Be Another Day?” that sound like they belong on the soundtrack of “Blood Simple.”



Jan 8
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I’m so excited to tell everyone about the great show I went to last night. It was a great experience in a tiny little venue, full of music lovers aka non-cell phone checking douchey a-holes. It’s so cool to be in a room where it’s all about what’s happening on stage, and the undiluted attention and appreciation that the audience provides. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can go to a show like that anymore and find that rapt audience. Last night was awesome. More about that tomorrow.

For the foreseeable future, Hump Day is Shuffle Day as in, put the entirety of my Zune’s musical content on shufffle and play whatever comes up first. I’m hoping that this will prove interesting in that some artist that I impulsively downloaded but don’t really listen to, or some publicly unmentionable guilty pleasure will surface from the depths. I had kind of neglected my content and hadn’t added or subtracted anything in about a month. But now that all 16 gigs have been spoken for and I plan to swap out about five albums per week, shuffle should reveal some interesting music to talk about.

And the first shuffle selection:

“Everyman Needs A Companion” – Father John Misty – “Fear Fun” (2012)

For the love of Sesame Street, did the “Shuffle Gods” ever come through for me this week. I kind of was (maybe still am) ready to play a little loose with my own rules so that I can play something off of the album that shuffle selects, instead of the specific song, but I felt no need to do that this week. The whole of “Fear Fun” is sublime and invigorating. I feel like I’ve cached a nice little sum of musical cred by the fact that Father John Misty is the first thing that was randomly picked out of my library.


“Master Hunter” – Laura Marling – “Once I Was An Eagle” (2013)

Jun 11
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The first song of, essentially the middle act, of Laura Marling’s latest album.


“Great Plains Dreams” – Gregory Paul – “This Side of the Ground” (2009)

Mar 18
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I am posting this for my wife. She doesn’t know who Gregory Paul is, yet. She’ll know who he is on Thursday though because he is opening for Sera Cahoone and we are some of the lucky ones that have tickets for the sold out show at the Triple Door. So I post this because Trudy invariably ends up in love with opening acts who she’s never heard of before, especially for shows at the Triple Door. I’m not going to pretend, I’m kind of susceptible on the same account. Carrie Rodriguez who we saw last month opening for Ari Hest was fantastic. If you don’t know who Paul is, his FB page gives you a real sense of who he is, where he’s been, who he has played with, and where his music is coming from.


“Concrete Sky” – Ari Hest – “The Fire Plays” (2012)

Feb 21
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Tonight at the Triple Door.


“Fire Escape” – Diane Birch – “Bible Belt” (2009)

Feb 19
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I should be mainlining Ari Hest since I’m going to see him in two days and am still not super familiar with his work. It’s not that I don’t like him; I’ve got a couple days to try to get a good grasp of what he’ll be bringing to the Triple Door. Today, I was all over the map trying to get all of that “Harlem Shake” stankiness out of my system. I listened to a little Maxwell, some Nicole Atkins (in town tonight but I’m booked), The Clash, Cee Lo, Ben Harper, Bomba Estereo, and I’m wrapping it up for now with Diane Birch.


“Night After Night” – Laura Marling – “A Creature I Don’t Know” (2011)

Jan 29
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Who I am going to become obsessed with this year? It usually happens around mid to late spring. I put an album on the old turntable and just about end up wearing it out. Last year, before most people got on ’em, it was The Lumineers. Off and on, its been Elbow. I couldn’t keep The Kills’ “Blood Pressures” out of my ears a couple of years ago. So what’ll it be this year?

Alt-J will figure prominently.

Takka Takka gets odds of about 12-1.

I really like that little Bowie trailer that he’s teasing us with so I could end up there.

Nicki Minaj… pass… although I do have to say that I kind of enjoy here at the judges’ table on Idol. Yeah, she’s a narcissistic, pink turd but come on, it’s network TV, that’s about all we get anymore.

My early favorite though, I’m going to go with Laura Marling. Young and talented, spinning tales, and decompressing life’s trials and triumphs; the Englishwoman’s tone, depth, strength, and vulnerability are worth the price of addiction. Yeah, this is my odds on favorite considering that she’s blessing us with a new album next month which gives us good reason to hope for some live dates in the second half of the year.