“Birthday” – The Beatles – “The White Album” (1968)

Jan 25
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I want to go to a birthday party today! My nephew is turning six today and is having a super cool birthday at the park in Kona with hot dogs, and friends, and slides, and cake, and everything else that makes a six year old have a fun birthday party. Playing “Birthday” on Play On Daily isn’t going to come anywhere close to making up for the fact that I can’t be there but its something.

Happy birthday nephew. Let the party begin.


“Reckoner” – Radiohead – “In Rainbows” (2007)

Jan 7
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Thom sounds like he is on the edge of the world – maybe between worlds. That’s part of the allure of Radiohead, I guess, that ability to make music that is lyrically rich yet enigmatic wrapped around transcendent beats and instrumentation. I admit that I have under appreciated this album over the years. I usually get my Radiohead fix thanks to “The Bends” or “OK Computer” but when I looked at my weekly dance card and saw that I had penciled these guys in, I listened to “In Rainbows” first. That was a terrific decision on my part. The real sweet spot of this album exists between tracks 7-9 (“Reckoner,” “House of Cards,” “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”).

This is the first Tuesday of the year, and so this is my opportunity to announce the format going forward. I HATE TUESDAYS. Wait, that’s too strong. I strongly dislike Tuesdays. If Monday is the day of new beginnings for something that will last for seven days, Tuesday is kind of a come down. It doesn’t feel fresh. It’s dishearteningly far from the weekend. And, there’s nothing good on TV (There’s really nothing on TV any day, or like days and their relationship to TV really matters anymore). I still don’t like Tuesday though so I’ve decided to have this be the day that I play something on Play On Daily that makes me feel good.

Comfort Food or the musical version of it. That’s what I’m using Tuesdays for. Tuesdays are reserved for the stuff that is the spine of my library. Something to tide me over and get me through to hump day.


“French Lessons” – Future of the Left – “How To Stop Your Brain in An Accident” (2013)

Jan 4
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It feels good knowing that one of my best buddies, who just happens to be a guy with impeccable musical taste, is following my blog now. There’s a little added pressure for sure; I’ll probably be able to sense the day that he raises an eyebrow and thinks to himself “really, he posted that.”

I’m not a good salesman. That statement is right towards the top of the list of several truisms that I can readily self-identify. I’m so bad at the art of the sale that I can barely even stand to tell somebody to peruse something that is totally free and that I am passionate about. The music and content that I add to my blog is totally free to check out and I would not have posted it if I wasn’t passionate about it and yet, I hesitate to tell my best friends to check it out. I don’t want to waste their time, just in case it isn’t their thing and so I just kind of hope that they will magically find Play On Daily on their own or one of my devoted readers will do the duty for me and spread the word. And so, I didn’t bother to tell the dude that I grew up going to shows with, the dude who worked at Tower Records for something like 20 years that I blog about music. But now that he’s in, I think that I’m going to sign him up and get a few guest posts out of him.

And now to the music. Dennis is going to either love or hate this one. It kind of reminds me of a lot of the stuff that we used to listen to about 30 years ago. These days, I’ve got to be in the mood for it but when I am, it really gives me a spark. I downloaded this album after Troy Nelson subbing for John Richards the other day played “I Don’t Know What You Ketamine.” It’s just kind of cool to hear simple rock and roll music anymore. Guitars, drums, bass, vocals!


“There Goes The Fear” – Doves – “The Last Broadcast” (2002)

Dec 11
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You ain’t tryin’ if the windows ain’t shakin’.

National Noise Complaint Day.

I’m calling it. I’m owning it. When should it be? How about May 19th?

Who’s with me? It only takes two to start a movement.

You turn around and life’s passed you by
You look to ones you love to ask them why
You look to those you love to justify
You turned around and life’s passed you by
Passed you by again

– Doves


“80’s Comedown Machine” – The Strokes – “Comedown Machine” (2013)

Nov 25
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This tune sounds pretty Strokesque. There’s the steady, controlled fall of a beat and the vocals are delivered under a thin layer of fuzz. Unlike some of the more prominent Strokes tunes, the guitar line in this one is a little bit subverted.

These guys used to be so It. I hear them and I can see in my mind’s eye skinny jeaned hipsters. There are a bunch of other bands in the same ilk who carry that torch these days (Phoenix is the first that comes to mind) but I think that The Strokes still stack up very favorably to other bands doing a similar kind of thang. Supposedly, they are intent on releasing another album next year. They didn’t tour in support of Comedown Machine and if a new album does drop next year, you would think that they will end up hitting the road for a few months’ worth of shows.


“How to Disappear Completely” – Radiohead – “Kid A” (2000)

May 25
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I have no idea how I got hear. I’ve been listening to Gary Clark Jr. for the last couple of hours trying to decide which song of his to post and all of a sudden I take a hard left and I know that I need to post this Radiohead song.

Strobe lights and blown speakers
Fireworks and hurricanes
I’m not here
This isn’t happening
I’m not here
I’m not here

Ah, what the hell? I admit it. I got sucked in because somebody on Reddit reminded me how awesome this song is.


“Slip Away” by Mad Season – Above Deluxe (2013)

May 10

Here’s your PJ, kinda, sorta. Mad Season: Layne Staley of Alice In Chains on vocals (RIP), John Baker Saunders of The Walkabouts on bass (RIP), Barret Martin of Screaming Trees on Drums, and Mike McCready of PJ on guitar. That was the original line up of a sort of Pacific Northwest Supergroup. They have a new album out with re-releases of some original line up material, as well as some new stuff with Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age and one half of The Gutter Twins, on vocals. Slip Away is one of the new ones that McCready said he wrote after Layne died but has taken on new meaning in it’s current form with Lanegan at the wheel.

“Chasing Heather Crazy” – Guided by Voices – “Isolation Drills” (2001)

Apr 21
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I was shufflin’ my rock library on the Zune this morning at the gym when a GBV song showed up. I hadn’t heard the song for awhile and for a second I thought it was The Posies. It made me realize that I hadn’t listened to very much GBV lately so I immediately flipped over to “Isolatioin Drills” and listened to the whole thing. What a great album by one of the most proliferate bands of the last 20+ years. Since recently reuniting, they’ve really cranked up the new production. They have an album due out sometime this year which will give them four LPs in less than two years.


“Demon to Lean On” – Wavves – “Afraid of Heights” (2013)

Apr 1
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I hope these guys don’t mind that I am going to liken them to The Pixies. Not that any self respecting rock band is ever going to get to pissed about gettting grouped with The Pixies but I usually like to just talk about a band on their own merits without saying “oh yeah, these guys are really cool because they sound like so and so.” Cool band, nice, noisy, fast paced album. This is the kind of rock and roll that could have been made any time between the mid-90’s and now and just falls into that space of sort of post-grunge, urban alt that has ebbed and flowed within that time frame.


“About You” by Cecilio & Kapono (1975), “Hilo Hanakahi” by The Wild Hawaiian aka Henry Kapono (2010)

Mar 21
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I first heard Henry Kapono Back in the 70’s. I was a kid, and we were visiting friends and relatives in Honolulu. At the time Henry Kapono was part of a duo called Cecilio & Kapono, (yes he’s been around a long time). They had great success with many local hits and a couple that made it off island. Since then Cecilio Rodriguez has not faired so well, legal troubles and jail time followed him. Henry Kapono on the other hand has done quite well for himself. He’s made it onto a few Hollywood movies and as of late he put out his own brand of Hawaiian/Rock.

About you is a classic, “local style”, love song from the ’70’s that could just as easily come from Seals & Croft. If you mention this song to anyone over 50, that grew up here, you will see a little mushy fondness well up in them as they tell you about their prom/graduation, making out with honey girl at the boat ramp, or their first dance at their wedding. Hilo Hanakahi is Henry Kapono solo, doing his Hawaiian/Rock interpretation of a song that takes you on a tour around Hawai’i Island’s districts and some of their most distinguishing features.

Hilo, Hanakahi (Hilo, Hanakahi)
i ka ua Kanilehua (the rain rustling lehua)

Puna, paia ‘ala (Puna, fragant bowers)
i ka paia ‘ala i ka hala (bowers fargrant with hala)

Ka’u, i ka makani (Ka’u, the wind)
i ka makani kuehu lepo (the dirt scattering wind)

Kona, i ke kai (Kona, the sea)
i ke kai ma’oki’oki (the streaked sea)

Kawaihae, i ke kai (Kawaihae, the sea)
i ke kai hawanwana (the whispering sea)

Waimea, i ka ua (Waimea, the rain)
i ka ua Kipu’upu’u (the Kipu’upu’u rain)

Kohala, i ka makani (Kohala, the wind)
i ka makani ‘Apa’apa’a (the ‘Apa’apa’a wind)

Hamakua, i ka pali (Hamakua, the cliff)
i ka pali lele koa’e (the cliff of flying tropic birds)

Ha’inaka puana, (Tell the refrain)
i ka ua Kanilehua (the rain rustling lehua)

a hui hou (till we meet again),
na Kala