“Young Americans” – David Bowie – “Young Americans” (1975)

Jan 12

I’ve been really surprised over the last 24 hours, as I’ve listened to a ton of Bowie, at myself and how much his music really resonates with me although I never considered myself a huge fan. Once again, I think it’s just the integrity and the fact that he was true to himself no matter how many iterations of “himself” he managed to come up with.

I think that for me, this all has something to do with Bowie’s art being some of the first stuff that kind of shook me out of the bubble gum top-40 phase of my kid days. He was kind of confusing, and hard for a 10 year old’s brain to sort out but I think that I thought, maybe, I wasn’t supposed to like him or listen to him but I did anyways. Considering my tender age, Bowie’s tunes first invaded my ears at a time that could be loosely defined as “pre-coming of age.” And now that he’s gone, it seems like a monumental moment of nostalgia to me.

“We live for just these twenty years
Do we have to die for the fifty more?”


“Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – “Damn The Torpedoes” (1979)

Apr 16
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I read a great article recently in Rolling Stone about Jimmy Iovine’s career in the music biz and it really got me to thinking that I needed to go back and listen to “Damn The Torpedoes.” Iovine was still learning his craft when he produced this platinum classic. Vocally, Petty’s one of those guys who’ve managed to get by with what by most standards is a less than stellar instrument/voice. But he manages to be chameleon-like – straight rock sometimes, obvious punk attitude at times, southern, and pop when he feels like it – and morphs into whatever he needs to be to stylize and bring distinction to his music. I truly wasn’t thinking this when I typed the prior sentence but that’s how Iovine’s career has gone too. From early pairings with rock and roll royalty (Springsteen, U2, Stevie Nicks) to a mid-career hip hop epiphany, the guy has hand in an incredible amount of rock, hip hop, and pop music over the last almost 40 years.

Everybody’s heard about four songs off of this album about 400,000 over the last 30 years, so I picked a mostly uncovered, obviously under appreciated song to reacquaint you with this great album.


“Baby, Please Don’t Go” – Aerosmith – “Honkin’ On Bobo” (2004)

Apr 14
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Every time Aerosmith has thrown the amps, guitars, and feather boas in the trucks and caravaned across the country over the last ten years or so, I’ve told myself “dude, go check ’em out.” I never end up doing it though. I talk myself out of it based on the mega-headliner ticket price, and because… they’re kind of getting up there. I say to myself “Joe might fall asleep behind those sun glasses; and Steven might do some funky, little spin move, jut his old booty out away from the rest of his body causing his balance to become compromised on those spindly little legs, and fall down and break a hip,” and I stay home. And now, I hear they’re hittin’ the road again and I say to myself, “come on man, aren’t they 60-something, how many chances are you going to get to see Aerosmith, pull the trigger cheapskate.” Maybe, I’ll wait and see if I love the new album (first one in almost eight years). Or maybe, Perry and Tyler will find something new to have a tiff about, call the whole thing off and give me an easy out.

Happy Friday the 13th Cover Day!


“Rocky Ground” – Bruce Springsteen – “Wrecking Ball” (2012)

Apr 3
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Just got done listening to “Wrecking Ball” start to finish. I’m not jumpin’ up and down on Oprah’s furniture in love but it’s all right. I really would like to see a show on this tour but for the first US leg, I’m out as he’s not coming up here, and I’m not going to LA to see him. I’m a tried and true fan of The Boss and I’m always amazed at his longevity and the consistent quality of his product. He sings about the same themes, album in and album out, in similar tones and colors but he always gets me in a few spots where I want to pump my fist in the air in a show of solidarity for us, the common man.


“Train in Vain” – The Clash – “London Calling” (1979)

Nov 21
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I was very impressed with Company of Thieves las night at The Vera Project. I loved this band coming in and was expecting them to sound great and I wasn’t disappointed. I really think that this band has huge potential and all of the pieces to sell a lot of records and play in big buildings. It was great to see them in a small venue last night and for a pretty spartan little room, The Vera Project has really good sound quality. If you’ve never been there for a show, pick one and give it a try. The Cave Singers are there on 12/1 for what should ba great show.

Back to Company of Thieves – very nice guitar work from Marc Walloch, nice songwriting; a powerful, rock and roller, sweet and sensitive, menacing and unrelenting presence from Genevieve Schatz sometimes made me think I was listening to Feist and the next moment PJ Harvey. Those are just guide posts though for those uninitiated to this Chicago band as Genevieve and her band mates are about to get out from the shadows. Checking their upcoming shows, it’s good to see that they are sharing dates with other bands (Grouplove, Flogging Molly, Matt & Kim, The Kooks, Cage the Elephant) getting foot holds and moving up with all of these bands bringing in their followers who will then be exposed to each other. I’m going to guess that they’ll be super busy next spring and summer and making a bunch of appearances at the big outdoor festivals.

One last note before I attempt to talk about a band besides Company of Thieves who it seems like I’ve mentioned every day for the last week, I was bummed that they didn’t play “Never Come Back” so to make up for it, I’ve listened to it about five times since I got home from the show last night. I think this is an epic song (check out my post on Sept, 18th) and is destined for a movie soundtrack or two.


I had the urge for a little session with The Clash yesterday, and am picking up where I left off.



Nov 25
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This will be short and sweet because I’ve still got a bird that’s demanding my attention in the backyard. So, should I post something that I’m thankful for, or should I put up a turkey?

Easy call, I like to focus on the positive, so here’s something that I really like.

Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t hold back, eat and drink everything that your heart desires. On this day, moderation is for suckers.

“Jersey Girl” – Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band – “Live 75/85” (1986)