“The Zoo” – The Scorpions – “Animal Magnetism” (1980)

Jul 1
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I heard “Let’s Go Crazy” on the radio yesterday for the first time in, oh I’d say, about ten years. And, it was on KEXP to boot (pretty awesome little set there with the “Purple Rain” opener sandwiched between a Fitz and the Tantrums, and Metric song). The kind of strange thing that dawned on me when I heard this song wasn’t that: I need to go watch the movie again, or that it had been 25 years since I saw the Purple One in the Tacoma Dome. What I thought about was that guitar solo at the end of the song, and how I’m kind of deficient in hearing those earth shaking rock and roll guitar solos that I grew up on.

Seemingly, all I listen to anymore is Americana / roots built around folksy strings and melodies meant for sing-a-longs in venues holding a few hundred people. I’m not totally falling down on my rocker roots. I’ve got some Van Halen, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, and the like on the Zune but it just doesn’t seem like I consistently jam out to stuff that is capable of making my ears bleed.

I’ve been listening to Father John Misty, ready to type up a post from the ex-Fleet Foxes drummer when I remembered that I need a rocker. The classic Scorps song that I picked today doesn’t necessarily have one of those sound bending solos that the metal crowd will always reference as a great 45 second blast of guitar god goodness but the whole of the guitar work in this song is what I kind of miss from my denim jacketed days.

Have a great, chopped up Independence Day week, my fellow Americans in the crowd.


“Sin City” – AC/DC – “Powerage” (1978)

May 23
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That itch is always there. Most of the time I can ignore it and let it just sit there unattended until it recedes back into my pours, into dormancy, but it never truly goes away. And it shouldn’t go away. This is the loud, combustible rock and roll that I grew up on, and was probably the soundtrack for every incidence of trouble I ever got in. We should never forget who we are, or where we come from. I came from a time and place where anything and everything by AC/DC was music to rally by and party to every Friday night. Especially when I hear Bon Scott’s part of the catalog, I think of roaming around West Seattle as a teenager with my brother, Dennis, Heim, and whoever else was in the car looking for I don’t know what… trouble, parties, girls, food. We were mostly looking for stuff that we never found and it seems like we were always cranking the AC/DC. That itch will never truly go away.


“Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – “Damn The Torpedoes” (1979)

Apr 16
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I read a great article recently in Rolling Stone about Jimmy Iovine’s career in the music biz and it really got me to thinking that I needed to go back and listen to “Damn The Torpedoes.” Iovine was still learning his craft when he produced this platinum classic. Vocally, Petty’s one of those guys who’ve managed to get by with what by most standards is a less than stellar instrument/voice. But he manages to be chameleon-like – straight rock sometimes, obvious punk attitude at times, southern, and pop when he feels like it – and morphs into whatever he needs to be to stylize and bring distinction to his music. I truly wasn’t thinking this when I typed the prior sentence but that’s how Iovine’s career has gone too. From early pairings with rock and roll royalty (Springsteen, U2, Stevie Nicks) to a mid-career hip hop epiphany, the guy has hand in an incredible amount of rock, hip hop, and pop music over the last almost 40 years.

Everybody’s heard about four songs off of this album about 400,000 over the last 30 years, so I picked a mostly uncovered, obviously under appreciated song to reacquaint you with this great album.


“Lonely is the Night” – Billy Squier – “Don’t Say No” (1981)

Mar 27
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I just got back from five days in the Valley of the Sun, which could aptly take “Valley of 70’s and 80’s Rock” as an alternate nickname. We didn’t go looking for any cool live music venues or local college or experimental radio (to be very honest, I’m not sure if any of these things exist in and around Phoenix) but still, I was a little shocked at the fact that there was 30+ year old rock and roll around every corner. In the car, the radio was constantly blaring Paul McCartney in his Wings days, Elton John, and old U2. Every PA system that our ears were subjected to blasted: The Zombies, The Babies, The Allman Brothers, The Doors, etc. The jukebox at one bar was getting fed by some young guys pushing buttons for: Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Twisted Sister, and the like. I’m not complaining. I grew up on all of this stuff and rarely get around to listening to any of it.

I like Arizona for the omnipresent blue sky and warm air, the mid-March hope that abounds for the upcoming baseball season, the ridiculously green fairways in bright contrast to the golf ball enveloping surrounding desert, and the infinite number of replays of the rock and roll music that I grew up on. Billy Squier has long since transitioned out of the rock and roll limelight but his condensed collection of hits from the 80’s has glowing embers of life in other parts of the free world while blazing like wild fire in Phoenix. I heard “Lonely is the Night” not once but twice last weekend. I don’t think I’ve heard this song in 20 years. I’m predicting that in about five years when I go to Phoenix, stuff like Candlebox and Soul Asylum will be getting spun in heavy rotation.



Oct 11
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I’m sick. Nothing that will cause a trip to the ER, or the doctor’s office, just a little head cold. It’s a very annoying head cold about a six on a scale of “0” being wolves make me cry, and “10” being a full blast, son of a whore Hurricane Katrina batten down the hatches deal. While some people, who live in the adult world, do all the right things: zinc lozenges, vitamin C, chicken noodle soup, lots of sleep, I have my rigorous path to wellness. I crave junk food and usually fulfill that craving.

Hostess Ding Dong/Twinkie/Cup Cake/Zingers make for a good start. Followed up with a can of Coke or two, maybe chased with a cheeseburger, and some rum raisin ice cream if I can get my sweaty germ infested paws on it. I eat practically none of this convenience store cowboy trick or treat bag prescription kit when I’m healthy but when I’m under the weather, I swear I could eat the candy shelves bare in a 7-11. I’m turning Play On Daily into the a space of fiber less, empty calorie music… maybe it’s just that all of the Day/Nyquil, iburprofen, and theraflu has tricked my system into thinking that I’ve been smoking weed all day, and now it’s time for Double Stuffs and Crazy Bread.

“Turn Up the Radio” – Autograph – “Sign in Please” (1984)


“Take A Long Line” – Angel City – “Face to Face” (1978)

Sep 25
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My blog has been the victim of heaps of inattention and neglect over the last several days because of the Aussie wild bunch that invaded our house. It was a great weekend to be out and about soaking up every second of a beautiful Indian summer, Seattle weekend. The only problem is…. did I mention that those blokes are a wild bunch. There will be finger pointing, of course, as to who made who drink, what, when, and was it really necessary to consume the volumes that we did. One of the crew said yesterday morning that it’s a marathon and not a sprint in response to someone else saying that there was some beverage nursing going on. He was right of course, it was a marathon. Marathons are grueling and I lived to say that I ran a drinking marathon with the Melbourne trio, and lived to blog about it.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to post a song by this awesome rock and roll band from down under, and I think that today’s the day. Sort of a poor man’s AC/DC, Angel City were a staple of rock and roll radio in early 80’s. Fast and hard, equipped with a very able front man in Doc Neeson, these guys were one of those hard rock bands that found and retained big enough bases to head line the mid-level venues bue never pushed through to the next level. A couple of other bands that I liked back in my KISW years that had similar sized and minded followings were: UFO, Rainbox, and Marillion. Play it loud, crack another, and make the most of the opportunities to be with friends, and make new ones. The blog will be there when the marathon is over.


“Down Boys” – Warrant – “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich” (1989)

Aug 12
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Embrace the musical tastes that embodied the youthful indiscretions of your past. If your listening choices as a youngster enabled you to skip a couple of grades and go more directly to stuff that the college kids (R.E.M., Talking Heads, The Clash, etc.) or your parents (Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Allman Brothers, Emerson, Lake and Plamer) were more inclined to listen to, that’s okay too.

Me? I didn’t skip any grades. Shoot, some of the stuff blaring out of my Walkman back in the day might have made a few people wonder if I was held back a year or two. Cinderella, Skid Row, Dokken, Quiet Riot, White Lion, and Krokus are some of the glam metal bands that I rocked out to and am not ashamed to say I loved. I drew the line at Winger and Poison who most fans of the sub genre absolutely worshiped bu just never took with me.

Add Warrant to the group that I loved, and with the news of Jani Lane’s passing yesterday, today I’m re-visiting my youthful indiscretions. And by the way, were Lane’s parents going for some sort of tribute, or an ironic play on names? Lane’s name at birth was John Kennedy Oswald.


“Don’t Fear The Reper” – Blue Öyster Cult – “Agents of Fortune” (1976)

Jul 28
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I’m a little shy on commentary tonight. The season went by pretty fast. And, I’ve still got a malady or two that didn’t get cured. The only perscription is MCB.


The Almighty Dollar Quiz

Jul 3
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Click over to Sporcle if you’ve got four minutes to spare and want to play my money related song title quiz (Money Tunes). Here’s your one and only Play On Daily free hint: the “Eat The Rich” artist is not Krokus. I know that’s what you were all thinking though, right? Everyone still has the Swiss hair metal gods in heavy rotation on the MP3 players, correct? I can’t be the only one.

Spin does this cool Q & A every month with a celeb where they ask the same set of questions every month (sort of like James Lipton’s ten questions but attempting to be way hipper, Lipton’s pretty hit though for an 84 year old). One of the questions is: “Who comes after Radiohead on your iPod?” Since I’m sure that you all have their entire discography downloaded, I’ll swap out Radiohead and ask: “Who comes after Krokus?” (scrolling, scrolling…) for me, its, are you ready for this… it’s true: Lady Gaga.

To answer the Radiohead question, next for me is: The Real Tuesday Weld.

So check out Sporcle. There are tons of quizzes, most of which are more interesting then my initial attempt.

“Eat The Rich” – Krokus – “Headhunter” (1983)


“Eruption” – Van Halen – “Van Halen” (1978)

Jun 13
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Talent (noun) : a special often athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude

I like to bolster that definition by requiring that in order to be considered talent the possessor of that talent must be able to deliver the goods in a repeatable, high quality form. My point is that it’s not enough for a big league slugger to guess fastball every other pitch, load up, swing for the fences and maybe hit a ball out once in awhile. Is he lucky/hacker, or good/hitter?

We’ve all gone to see our favorite bands in concert and thought to ourselves “wow, they don’t sound so good, can they not really play.” It’s usually those shows where the volume is almost causing a seismic event as the crew tries to cover up for a band or band member who if found out, might disappoint their fans. I got a chance to see Eddie Van Halen back in the band’s hey days when Dave was still riding shot gun, and I remember Eddie pulling off all of that tricky fingering similar to what my records sounded like. Dave on the other hand, couldn’t remember the words to half the songs and admitted as much about two songs into the set. s That’ okay though, what Dave lacked in talent, he made up for with style.

style (noun) : a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself