“Fever” – The Black Keys – “Turn Blue” (2014)

Apr 17
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Quick somebody name a better, living, breathing, in-their-prime, rock and roll band at this very moment. Better than the Black Keys? Anybody?


“Hot As Day” – Wye Oak – “Civilian” (2011)

Apr 10
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I’m all about bad ass duos. If I’m playing the numbers game, I’ll take a twosome over a quartet, quintet, trio, or any other (insert digit)tet. I’m still not super familiar with Wye Oak but I like everything that I’ve heard so far.


“Infinity Guitars” – Sleigh Bells – “Treats” (2010)

Feb 19
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Well looky what showed up on Shuffle tonight. Very nice.

This song could be the standard test music in a “Hey Teenager, See If Your Dad Is Officially An Old Guy Yet” App. Just insert papasan’s head between two headphones, start the app, and if daddy dearest says “honey, I think that all of those guitar sounds jangled your speakers and blew them out,” as you suspected, he’s gettin’ old. Be nice to him, pat him on the back, tell him how wise he is, get him his slippers and a nice cup of tea, and since you’ve been such a nice daughter, he’ll probably say “well why don’t you go fetch my wallet, sweetie, so that I can give you $5 to buy some new head-speaker-phone-bud-ear-thingies?”

Street wars, straight men
Cowboys, Indians
Red souls, red friends
Infinity guitars, go ‘head


New Music: “Lost” – I Will Keep Your Ghost –

Jan 27
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This is a perfect sweet spot for me. Sometimes I think that really synth heavy stuff tends to not be very harmonious but that’s not the case here. It’s really minimalist to start and comes in really contemplative than kind of explodes. I like the level changes but sometimes the former can lull me a bit and the latter just buzzes up everything and I ask myself “are these guys any good or do they just have a big electric bill?” This song pulls everything together just the way I like it. Plus, I love duos.

Very nice way to start the new week.


Cover Friday: “Billie Jean” – The Civil Wars

Jan 17
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Two of my favorite things: The Civil Wars and Michael Jackson covers.

When I went a-huntin’ for a good MJ cover today, for whatever reason my first choice was a uniquely arranged version of “Ben.” Maybe something rocked out, sped up, and electrified. What I found, I did not care for too much including a version by Faith No More at Coachella. “Really?” That’s what I felt like the festival goers were saying to Mike Patton. It was kind of almost as weird as their version of The Commodores’ “Easy” which I saw on TV during some festival performance a few years ago. The worst thing about their take on “Ben” is the backing vocals – Patton can sing it, he just needs everyone else to shut the hell up.

Anyways, back to a good version of an MJ song.


“DNA” – The Kills – “Blood Pressures” (2011)

Jan 14
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It’s comfort food/music day. I am in need today considering the lingering effects of yesterday’s oral surgery and an itch in my throat which is becoming a full on hackfest. I had penciled in Muse but switched to The Kills kind of on impulse. Not that I need a shot but listening to The Kills always makes me think of well whiskey, half tossed back with the remains spilled on the floor of some sweaty, real deal, rock and roll club venue.



“Dust to Dust” – The Civil Wars – “The Civil Wars” (2013)

Dec 13
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I was at a show a few years ago, hanging out with a few friends in the beer garden, as the techs readied The Black Keys’ gear for their set. I asked everyone in our group who their favorite duo was. I can’t remember every answer but I know that I got one vote each for: Simon and Garfunkel, The Helio Sequence, and Brooks and Dunn. Mine was: The Kills. And, I think that there might have been a vote for Tegan and Sara, and possibly one for Angus and Julia Stone.

The Civil Wars weren’t really on the scene at the time of my little duo pop quiz and I’m not sure that even if they were, that they would have displaced The Kills but it’s possible. Man, as my wife likes to say about things that typically look that they could – with a couple globs more of hair product, or a little more suctioning of the skinny jeans – spontaneously combust at any given moment, what a hot mess. What a hot mess those little Civil Wars people are.

Whereas a couple of months ago, everything pointed to, Joy Williams and John Paul White will never again so much as step foot in a room again together, now it seems as if by some accounts, they are on “hiatus.”

To be continued, hopefully…


“Auburn and Ivory” – Beach House – “Beach House” (2006)

Nov 27
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I’ve had Beach House on my mind all day. I started working on a post intent on offering up something from Bloom but found myself compelled to listen to the duo’s debut album. Victoria Legrand’s vocal performance here reveals a deep sense of loss or longing which is really highlighted by the sparse arrangement.


“California” – Mazzy Star – “Seasons of Your Day” (2013)

Nov 25
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I should have some more useful comments here but it’s been a long, fun, tiring weekend so this will be brief. Don’t take the lack of effusive praise to mean that this isn’t a really good record by a duo in the midst of a reunion. This thing is solid, and you should listen to it, head to toe. And with that, I wish you a happy upcoming holiday week.


“The One That Got Away” – The Civil Wars – “The Civil Wars” (2013)

Aug 15
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Well, it looks like somebody decided to take the summer off. One post in 7 weeks? And that one post authored by a nine and eleven year old and dictated to uncle; we’ve got a severe level of neglect and inaction here in Play On Daily land. So, where were we?

The last time I had a proper post, Robin Thicke was atop the… son of a… shitballs… really, he’s still there? My house was infested with square footed young ‘uns who look kind of like me but are from another brother (the only from the same mother, not like there is one from another mother). I hadn’t seen Sir Paul and Sirvana yet but now I have and man, it was great. I saw McCartney on SNL a couple of years ago and he sounded terrible but then when I started thinking about it, everyone sounds like they ate lit cigarettes and peanut shells for breakfast when they play on SNL especially that little Cheesehead Bieber (but the real question is, who bought the minor cigarettes and why didn’t they dip them in ghost pepper sauce before they shoved them in his mouth). The last time I posted I didn’t have a cool spider named Matilda protecting the front doorway of my house against flying bugs. And yup, every time I walk by her I say Matilda as if I was some cool ass English rock star with a singing voice that sounds like it’s a Tolkien creation for some character who is half Finnish, half Malaysian.

Back to the kids for a sec, I was 2 for 3 in negotiating chocolate pudding only happens after broccoli. Two out of thee ain’t bad if you’re Shaq at the charity stripe or readable Millennium Series books (did anyone else find the last one to be like reading the directions to ripping your eyeballs out and punting them down the street) but 2/3 sucks if your name is Meatloaf or you’re trying to convince yourself that you can crush a nine year old’s will by threatening to withhold pudding if the vile weed is not eaten.

On to happier things, I went to summer school. Micro economics on Monday and Wednesday nights equals super boring, right? Mmmm, maybe a tad but I like school and I love being on campus so if was cool. I did a whole bunch of other stuff too. I stopped and smelled a lot of roses. And I caught myself a bunch of times during those pauses and said “damn, this is how summer, this is how life is supposed to be.” Simple, stupid! Less clutter, less chasing stuff that I don’t really want or need, hanging out with the people that I love, cutting the crust off of PBJ’s, simple stuff!

There was plenty of bittersweet this summer though. The sweet – The Civil Wars much awaited new album was released. It’s a fantastic, page turner of an album that is tempting me to just post the whole thing one song after the next for 12 days in a row. The bitter, of course, is that the duo announced last fall that they are no more and apparently this is the last album we will get out of them. So savor it people, and savor the last five weeks of summer. I’ll try my best to come up with 35 posts in a row to take us into fall.