“Best American Girl” – Mitski – “Puberty 2” (2016)

Aug 6
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All of the whine last year, all the “beat it 2016, you’re the worst.”

“I hate you 2016… I thought you were finally going to leave us alone but you had to take Princess Leia with you on the way out the door.”

Comparatively, I guess we must all love 2017. Or, most of the calendar blamers are just beat to a bloody pulp and can hardly even spit out the words “2017… (cough, gasp for precious air)… 2017… bad.” But it’s not really that bad is it? A lot of us are still functioning at a high level, against all odds and our melo-faux-struggle. If you’re sick of resist, how about “persist?”

2016, gave us this three act, 3:30 second scorcher of a tune and, whoa, the video! One of the best songs of the year according to my list. My criteria for an epic rock and roll song states that the gold medal goes to those that include a nine-second second verse followed by a impenetrable wall of crashing guitar.


“Blood in the Cut” – K. Flay – Crush Me- EP (2016)

Mar 6
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The unplayed pile of music that I’ll be decorating this space with over the coming weeks and months includes tons of female artists. No reason; I don’t think. But they kick ass.

I’m going with two versions of Ms. Flay’s latest. I was torn here because Life as a Dog is a killer record and my MO is to kind of go back and unbury treasures and b-sides but I love this song so here we are.


“Oblivion” – Grimes – “Visions” (2012)

Apr 15
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Like a powerful, wistful, vigilant, delicate mouse.


S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

Jan 11
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I never swore that I wouldn’t do this but at least one person, who just so happens to have read more of this blog’s content than anyone I know of, looks at me as if I’ve lost my damn mind every time I admit that I’m beginning to warm to Ke$hsa (just the fact that I stuck the “$” in her name is pissing off aforementioned reader more by the second).

Saturday is Party Day and I’ll do my best to provide a musical seed to get the party going. Party Music is what I’m shooting for for the foreseeable future of Saturdays.

From the episode or two of Ke$ha’s show on MTV that I have seen, which is the basis for me re-forming my opinion of her, I came away with the impression that a large chunk of her core fans don’t necessarily box her in as the party DJ. It seems like a lot of kids and young folks who are into her look to her as an inspiration since she has this sort of emo non-cool kid image (if that’s even possible for a glittery pop diva). This is the point in the post, where those Ke$ha fans in the know say “yeah, no shit, old guy that’s who our girl is.” I don’t know. I just wandered down this road thinking that I could find some tic tockish kind of tune to create the proper ambiance to throw down the first round of jello shots.

Party on people! It’s Saturday night!

“C’mon” – Ke$ha – “Warrior” (2012)


“I Will” – Sky Ferreira – “Night Time, My Time” (2013)

Dec 22
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It seems like it’s so often the case that there is a an opening act that who is very intriguing with an unscratched surface warming up the room for someone bound to succumb to the hype. Exhibit A – Sky Ferreira on the front side of the Miley Cyrus ticket.

In this song, Yeah Yeah Yeahs jump through the speakers for me. The pedal is making a serious indentation on the floor boards. There’s enough room for Ferreira to maneuver as a pop star while letting the band careen down hill, in one hell of a hurry. The rest of the album is a nice blend of brood and beats which, with the rest of her catalogue, gives her plenty of choices when opening for Ms. Foam Finger.


Play On Quarterly?

Nov 19
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You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?
Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
Into the blue again after the money’s gone
Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
You may ask yourself, how do I work this?

– Talking Heads

My old friend, the dusty dashboard to my long deserted blog, it’s been so long. I wish I had a good excuse for why I haven’t posted since August – I was riding a Segway across the Sahara, I was working day, swing, and graveyard stockpiling trans fat filled, heart crushing treats… no, here’s a good one… I was working on a resume – but I’ve got nothing. I’ve been having eight hour long stare downs with a nine pound part Chihuahua, full on psychopath mange-ball. That’s about it.

The truth is I listen to too much NPR and CNBC during the day when I should have the new PJ on a continuous loop. I shouldn’t need to hear 18 different perspectives on Obamacare but I guess that I like slow motion train wrecks. Do I really need to hear five Wall Street types tell me that Jamie Dimon should be given a medal instead of being picked up by the ankles by Uncle Sam and shaken a few times until 13 billion dollars fall out of his pockets? Slow motion, money train wrecks.

Let’s get back to the music. But, what should I tack up on the wall of this here blog, for the first time in almost three months? That’s the beauty of music, and being a fan of such a broad spectrum, I have so many options. Something old school from the Father of Grunge, Neil Young… perhaps, perhaps. Some new Drake, possibly. New Arcade Fire, oh what about some Vintage Trouble. What to pick?

How about if I kind of get my bearings and get re-centered by being a little off center, as usual? (Off center because I won’t pick the one Lorde song that everyone has heard a thousand times.) Does anyone think that Lorde will be a one hit wonder? I don’t think so unless she gets bored. A lot of the lyrical content of Pure Heroine is sort of her bipolar view (not to say that she is bipolar) of all of the stuff that is attached to the commercial music biz that she finds unappealing so maybe she will find a different medium devoid of all of the soul crushing trappings. She strings words together pretty nicely though so she’ll be doing something literary. The rest of the debut record is pretty sweet though. You’ll have to go look it up yourself because I’m too lazy to paste it in here, but I loved her performance on Ellen. After she was done singing, Ellen’s all fawning over her, the crowd’s showing her tons of love, and Lorde brings the mic to her mouth and can’t figure out what to say, then does it again, all awkward and dorky and shit… I loved it! A real life 16 year old, not all coached up to rattle off some canned and disingenuous words.

So, I’ll be back tomorrow, November 20th, 2013, two days in a row with another post (I know, you’ll have a hard time sleeping, you’re so excited.). In the meantime, I am going to play Name That Tune and see who’s into the one hit wonders. I will most likely play a song by the band that included these lines in their one hit which was released in the mid-90’s:

A life is time, they teach us growing up
The seconds ticking killed us all
A million years before the fall

“Buzzcut Season” – Lorde – “Pure Heroine” (2013)

– Dave

“Just Give Me A Reason” – P!nk (featuring Nate Ruess) – “The Truth About Love” (2012)

Jun 9
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It’s been ages since I’ve played something that people have actually heard of. You know, like “people” that you see at the grocery store, or your next door neighbors, or who sit in the cube next to you, or who just poach the hits off of iTunes. Yeah, those people, the ones that ain’t into stupid DJ’s who pick their own tunes. So here it is, a real old fashion hit with a big name diva with punctuation in her name and the lead man of a band that has stashed some dough in the bank account and whose name also includes punctuation (fun.).

I just get the feeling that a bad ass chick like P!nk makes popular music that is music that she really feels strongly about when her head hits the pillow each night. I could be wrong but I think it’s possible that she would kick her own ass if she actually put her talents to misuse by belting out some shit that a team of writers came up with for her. So yeah, here’s a dose of Top 40 that I feel good about blogging on.


“Hook and Line” – The Kills – “Midnight Boom” (2008)

May 1
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Count me in as an opening night attendee for any movie that has soundtrack contributions from The Kills. What? There is such a movie? And it’s due in theaters in ten days? And it’s based on a book authored by Henry James that is over one hundred years old? Yes, it’s true “What Maisie Knew” has been adapted to portray Julianne Moore as an ebbing rocker and as part of Moore’s repertoire, she belts out The Kills’ “Night Train” and “Hook and Line.” I’ll take a medium popcorn a bottle of Dasani and a center cut seat about 3/4 of the way towards the back wall.


“If Only” – Gin Wigmore – “Gravel and Wine” (2011)

Apr 7
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Oh man, what a great night at the concert hall last night. Alt-J had the 900 or so people that can cram into the Neptune mesmerized and in synch. Alt-J is such an interesting band and for me at least, they are kind of genre free and are creating something novel which is very hard to do these days. It is the combination of their danceable progressions, the literary content of their songs, the unique tone of Joe Newman’s voice, the intricate vocal duets that Newman and Gus Unger-Hamilton embark on, and the sort of exotic quality that emanates from songs such as “Taro” that creates the kind of buzz that gives a band like Alt-J legs.

I go to a lot of shows, and a lot of shows in smaller venues, and the biggest downer is that there are way too many people at this type of show who are just there to hang out, “check in” on their iPhones, and talk to their friends with their volume increasing as they get their drunk on. They’re the casual or non-fans who go to a baseball game and watch a total of about five pitches during the game. Just go bowling, people. Or, go to some loud ass club where absolutely no one cares if you want to scream over the top of whatever the DJ’s spinning. Last night’s show had one of the lowest levels of chatter that I’ve heard at a show in years. That right there is a good indication of a band that has connected with its fan base and it was nice to be a part of a show like that for a change.

I saw Gin Wigmore about two years ago – I think that she was opening for The Head and the Heart. She owns that charts down in her homeland of NZ. I’m not sure if she’s ever going to really breakthrough up here but we’ll see what she does in the next couple of years.


“Stars” – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – “The Lion The Beast and The Beat” (2012)

Feb 15
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I love it when they provide good, non-Top 40 radio songs for contestants to sing on American Idol. I spotted this Grace Potter song when they showed a close up of a list of 20 songs for perfomers to pick from last week and a gal from Oklahome sang it tonight. It was a very nice performance and blew the judges away. I’m glad that I heard this performance tonight because I was all ready and set to play a cynical Valentine Day post for all of the lonely and confirmed singles out there but I wasn’t really feeling that, and I’m definitely not living it so this selection fits better.