“Pineapple & Coconut” by Pirates of Liloa, 2011

Mar 10
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I was driving to work today thinking of what thought provoking, big message song, I might post today and I heard this one on the radio. It was a beautiful sunny day and contrary to popular belief everyday in Hawai’i is not bright and sunny. It’s winter here which means flood warnings near the coast and 40-50 degree temps, at my house on the mountain, at night. We call this style Jawaiian, for it’s mix of reggae beats with Hawaiian themes. A lot of Jawaiian is crap with cheesy lyrics that could have been written by a middle schooler, but this one I like. Especially today with a sunny break in our rainy, cold winter.


“Buffalo Soldier” – Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Confrontation” (1983)

Feb 11
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Wow, I loved that Bob Marley tribute that they just showed on The Grammys. Nice conglomeration of artists, don’t you think: Sting, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Ziggy Marley.

Good thing that I got that post started before Jack White took the stage. Dude, (sarcasm alert) put some feeling into it next time.


“Let’s Do It Again” – J Boog – “Backyard Boogie” (2011)

Nov 28
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Hmmmm, two straight plumeria scented posts. What could possibly be on this blogger’s mind? Shaved ice… pineapple and mango, ice cream, azuki beans, and condensed milk eaten in a warm place… that’s what is in the portion of my mind that let’s me fantasize about brain freeze complete with a few hundred empty calories. In the parts of my mind deciphering my current physical environment? This is late November and this is Seattle, Washington, grab an extra layer. At least it’s not late February, that’s when the whining will really kick into high gear as the extra layers will still be needed but there won’t be any football to lessen the misery.