Vibrant and full of light, this is gospel music that can speak to the secular world. Kermit Ruffins and his Rebirth Brass Band players escape my grasp in a way that almost makes me think that they purposefully set up their calendar so that I would not be able to take them in. They’re playing at Bumbershoot tomorrow, right here in my hometown. Can’t do it. Too much to do in the lead up to a short vacation that I’m heading out on this week. Then, they set up shop for their weekly Tuesday night show at The Maple Leaf in New Orleans. Can’t do it. I won’t be there. But, I will be there on Wednesday. They aren’t in town. And then, they’ll be back in town on Friday night. I will be in Baton Rouge by then making new friends and rallying up for the big ball game on Saturday night. I’ll be back in NOLA on Sunday… and leaving on Monday afternoon, one day before… their weekly show at the Maple Leaf.

I was told by multiple, unrelated sources that for a music fan, the one and only thing that is a must in New Orleans is the Tuesday night show by the Rebirth Brass Band. I’m pretty resourceful though and I’ve got a pretty big list so I’m sure I’ll be able to find a few decent sets to help fill my deep (whiny) void.