“Dear God” by XTC, 1986

Mar 6
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My 11 year old son rented “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” last weekend, (mainly because his first crush is Emma Watson), I had heard a lot of good things about it so I watched too. It was really good! It’s about growing up, falling in love, high school, and some darker topics that affect way too many kids. It felt a bit like some of my favorite John Hughes flicks from the 80’s, a likable cast, characters you care about and really good music. Any movie with Nick Drake, David Bowie and Cocteau Twins on the same soundtrack is a winner.

From the same soundtrack, “Dear God” by XTC, (I f***ing love this song!).

“Avatar” by Dead Can Dance

Feb 26
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Some of my favorite memories and best times were the years I spent as a bike messenger in Seattle and then Honolulu. I rode my bike around downtown all day, drank and smoked all night and got up to do it again the next day, it was awesome. My brother however was much more responsible, he went to college got a real job, and today is much better off for it.

My best friend (15) and I worked for the same messenger company and when one of us switched companies the other would follow. He always said that on his last day as a messenger he was gonna ride down 2nd Avenue, (a heavily traveled, 4 lane, one way that runs all the way through downtown Seattle and out the other side) “butt naked”. He never got to make that ride. Life got too heavy for him and he took himself out. We worked for a company that had 6 riders and we were a very close group, so 23 took it upon himself to make that ride for him. Word spread pretty quickly and by the time the BVD’s dropped it was like a parade. Not only did the messenger community turn out but many of our clients, aka suits, also showed their support (or maybe they just wanted to see a spectacle).

15 also introduced me to a lot of new music. Dead Can Dance has 2 primary voices. The male, Brendan Perry, has been compared to a combination of Jim Morrison and Frank Sinatra, the female, Lisa Gerrard, sings in made up words and sounds. Here’s one from Lisa.

RIP Sean “15” Clarke.

“It’s No Good” – Depeche Mode & Chevelle

Feb 1
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More often than not my daytime choice in music is loud, chunky, heavy and a little angry. Not sure if that says something disturbing about personality but that’s what gets me going.

In the 80’s one of my faves was Depeche Mode. Not really what I would call heavy or chunky, but they were deifinitely angry and full of angst. Today I am really liking Chevelle. Sure there are plenty of comparisons with A Perfect Circle, Tool and everything else Maynard James Keenan does, but hey, those are also sounds that I love. I don’t want to debate the reasons one sucks and the other doesn’t, or who’s ripping off whose sound. The more the merry, I say, I just want to listen and enjoy.

And I dig the cheesy, lame suited lounge act in the original vid.