I got home from work yesterday and found that my 11 year old son had been going through my vinyl collection. He was spinning Yngwie Malmsteen (Swedish rock guitar legend, who’s star shined brightest in the 80’s) at the time. His stack also included Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Nirvana (Yes, I have a copy of Bleach on vinyl), Yo-Yo Ma, The Commodores, and the only band I have considered having tatooed on my arm, The Ramones. I have always felt that one of my jobs as a parent is to expose my kids to as much different music as possible. I start with some Doors, move on to Black Flag, then some Earth, Wind & Fire, sprinkle in some Pachebel and Pavarotti, and out the other end comes a well rounded musical mind. Mission accomplished, one offspring down, two to go.

na Kala