“Next Year” – Foo Fighters – “There is Nothing Left to Lose” (1999)

Sep 30
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Dave Grohl has to have some of the most powerful vocal chords in the universe. Don’t believe me; if you’ve ever seen the Foos in concert, you wouldn’t doubt me. The man can flat out scream his head off. Of course that’s only half of his story. Much like that other little band that he was a part of before the Foos, Grohl has a lot of those alternating quiet/loud/quiet numbers or slow builds to full throated bellows with his current band.

This is not the best known Foo Fighter song but some of you might have heard it every week in the first years of the millennium without realizing who the band was. It was the theme song of one of my favorite shows. Anybody know what show it was? I really miss that show. I wonder if Netflix can hook me up?

I’m in the sky tonight
There I can keep by your side
Watching the wide world riot and hiding out
I’ll be coming home next year
Into the sun we climb
Climbing our wings will burn white
Everyone strapped in tight
We’ll ride it out
I’ll be coming home next year


The Me Decade (1970’s)

Sep 29
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The 70’s. Brady Bunch, Star Wars, Tricky Dick, Mark Spitz, The Love Boat. What wasn’t there to like about the 70’s? Apparently, the music, at least according to the under representation in this blog. Through my first 39 post, I’ve only posted one – “One Is The Loneliest Number”, a fine song but one year too early having come out in 1969 – song from the 70’s. How could that be?

I grew up in the 70’s. ABBA, The Bee Gees, Kiss, The Village People were cheesy, over the top, iconic, and outlandish, not in that particular order. Earth, Wind & Fire were at their best, Frampton was alive, Queen was running amok, Donna Summer was the reigning diva, and punk lead by The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and The Clash was raging. So, why have I only visited the 70’s once? I have not even a hint of a clue but that’s about to change.

For 70’s entry # 2 – something by someone who was all 70’s and then gone, a Me Decade staple, maybe a one hit wonder…. it’s coming to me, I’ve almost got it…. yes, of course, so obvious….

Gilbert O’Sullivan

“Along Again (Naturally)” – Gilbert O’Sullivan – “Himself” (1971)

Oh yeah, you know you want some. Go ahead, I dare you to watch this clip and not get that sugar coated piece of 70’s Frankenberry pop goodness stuck in your head. I dare ya’!!!



“God Bless America” – Irving Berlin (1918)

Sep 28
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This song sat untouched in Berlin’s catalog for awhile with its first widespread release being in 1938 when Kate Smith sang it on her radio show. The song gradually drew a strong backing to the point that there have been a couple of movements to have it replace “The Star Spangled Banner” as the US’s official national anthem. Since September 11, 2001, Major League Baseball has mandated that it be played during the 7th inning stretch of all Sunday games.

Smith’s singing of the song is an important part of the culture of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League. Smith made a surprise appearance before a game in 1973 against the Toronto Maple Leafs and sang the song in lieu of “The Star Spangled Banner.” The Flyers won that night and a legend was born. Smith went on to sing the song in person numerous times and since her death The Flyers still play a video of her singing intertwined with Lauren Hart singing the song live. The Flyers have compiled an amazing 77 wins, 21 losses, and 4 ties with Smith singing live or in recorded version. The Flyers erected a statue of Smith in 1987, less than a year after her death.

Game On:


“Heads Will Roll” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “It’s Blitz” (2009)

Sep 27
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I’ve been slow to react to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs band wagon, and am still not totally sure that I’m feeling it, but I’m starting to cave. Yeah cubed kind of reminds me of Romeo Void, of mid-1989’s new wave prominence. And, they are similar to Metric, who I have much love for.

Karen O’s voice is kind of sharp and “Maps” their first single to get heavy rotation on The End never grew on me. They’ve garnered rave reviews from music critics and fans the world over. Their formative years were spent in New York City where O met guitarist Nick Zinner and their paths crossed with Metric band members as well as The Strokes. It took me awhile to get into the groove with The Strokes as well, so maybe I’ll get there with these guys.

I want to be convinced that The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the next great band. I want to believe. I missed them at Bumbershoot, but am hoping that I’ll be fully on board the next time they land in Seattle. Karen O, Nick Zinner, and Brian Chase, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Hear Her Here:


“Bad” – U2 – “Wide Awake in America” (1985)

Sep 26
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U2 hasn’t made anything since “Achtung Baby” in 1991 that has really made me sit up and say “wow.” However, I will admit that I haven’t given any of their last three CDs a thorough listen and have mostly only heard whatever the powers that be at the radio stations have decided are the singles. I guess that I need to get past the fact that they’re the biggest band in the world, and stop assuming that they’re resting on their laurels. I’m sure there are some songs on recent U2 albums that I would really dig, so I better get down to Silver Platters and buy some of their stuff.

Back in the day though, U2 never let me down. They kind of were at ground zero for my transition from straight up rock radio to the alternative brand. U2’s music pretty comfortably covered the rock and roll spectrum but as they evolved their tunes could be found on the alt stations much more frequently.

In the summer of 1985 when this EP came out, we played it non-stop. I remember standing in line to get into the hydro races at about six in the morning on an early August Sunday, and watching a whole lot of people dragging coolers full of beer, slowly come to life as our boom box blasted this song. We didn’t plan on playing a song with such a fitting lyric that early morning, it just happened.

If I could throw this lifeless lifeline to the wind
Leave this heart of clay, see you walk, walk away
Into the night and through the rain
Into the half-light and through the flame

To let it go and so to fade away
To let it go and so fade away
I’m wide awake, I’m wide awake, wide awake
I’m not sleeping, oh no, no, no

Featuring my favorite Edge guitar riff and so fresh and invigorating in its live version. U2 at its best, “Bad.”

Live Aid:


“Two Lovers” – Mary Wells – “Two Lovers” (1962)

Sep 25
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Meat loaf, and mac and cheese. If Mary Wells was still alive today, I hope she wouldn’t take offense to me referring to her contributions to Motown as the musical equivalent of comfort food. Before Motown Records discovered The Supremes, Mavin Gaye, The Temptations and countless other marquee acts, there was Mary Wells.
Dubbed The First Lady of Motown, Wells was the first female Motown artist to achieve top 40 status with a single. Her superstar status was fairly short lived with the height of her career being marked by her most well known song “My Guy” reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964. Wells parted ways with Motown the following year following a lawsuit against the label in which she sought a higher cut of royalties. She struggled to sustain her promising career while working with a new label and after fading into the background for over ten years, she had a moderately successful comeback in the early 80’s.
Laryngeal cancer robbed Wells of her voice in 1990 and within three years, she was gone having passed away due to complications of the disease. The early chapters of the phenomenal Motown success story feature Mary Wells in a starring role. The Motown sound is classic and timeless. Today, Play On Daily pays tribute to one of Motown’s first stars, Mary Wells.


“Penn Station” – The Felice Brothers – “Yonder Is The Clock” (2009)

Sep 24
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The Felice Brothers are a trio of brothers, along with a couple of friends playing a refreshing brand of folk/alt country music and hailing from the town of Palenville in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. The band progressed from backyard BBQs in their home town to subway platforms in NYC to national and European tours starting in 2008. Their songs tend to be narratives of places and events in American blue collar life.

Ian Felice does most of the singing and has the kind of honest, uncomplicated voice that encourages a sing-along to break out at the drop of a hat (I think that his voice has similar qualities to that of Kelly Jones of The Stereophonics.). The band is nothing if not busy having released five albums since 2006 and is in the midst of a US tour which is about to head to Europe.

So far in the brief history of this blog, I have tended to go to a 3rd or 4th favorite song for a lot of artists. For the Felice Brothers, this is definitely not the case. “Penn Station” is by far my favorite song by this band. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

And i know on track number seven
There’s a train to take me to heaven, lord
But a faster train’s coming near
That the devil engineers, oh lord
That the devil engineers

All aboard:


“Velha Infancia” – Tribalistas – “Tribalistas” (2002)

Sep 23
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I was actually preparing a post for a Seu Jorge song when I was sidetracked by another one of Brazil’s musical treasures, Tribalistas. The group comprised of Brazilian pop superstar Marisa Monte, as well as Arnaldo Antunes, and Carlinhos was well received upon releasing its one and only album.

Monte is the unmistakable centerpiece ad her star power was the big selling point for the album. The music is a nice blend of acoustic guitars and rhythm section percussion backing the contrasting voices of Monte and Antunes. Bittersweet tone, longing, and still clinging to something, this song is wistful at its core. The album gave fans a nice, little treasure to behold while offering little hope that there will ever be a follow up.

Samba is a true Brazilian art form much as jazz is to the US. Monte and friends have samba at heart infused with Brazilian pop. The Tribalistas provide the song of the day. Hopefully, Seu Jorge will take a rain check.


“Rearviewmirror” – Pearl Jam – “Vs.” (1993)

Sep 22
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The random directions that this blog has taken in its first month of life are sort of by design. Part of the reason that I wanted to start this blog in the first place was to show how much great, engaging, and intriguing music there is in every imaginable genre. Labels and stated prefences are somehing that people seem to need in order to sum up what they like musically. I’m not going to fool myself for one second into thinking that I changed someone’s mind about a genre that they don’t care for. Hopefully though, people can listen a little more carefully, find one good lyric, a catchy beat, a guitar riff that sticks in their head for a week, or a common personal interest between themself and an artist for whom they had never given a second thought.

Now that I have kind of stated the underlying ideal of my blog, I want to apologize for the decidedly rocker vibe that has taken over Play On Daily over the last several days. I listen to a lot of rock whether it be indie, alt, classic, or metal and I guess I’ve just been feeling it recently. Of course, you literally have no choice but to feel it when you go to a Pearl Jam concert wih Ben Harper and The Relentless7 opening the show. Pearl Jam is also the first artist to get picked more that once for the song of the day.

This song is jam packed with everything that makes a good rock song. A great guitar hook, powerful lyrics, and the kind of cathartic, frenzied ending that could make people run through a brick wall. PJ played this at the end of the first encore last night, and had much of the crowd catching their breath, by the time they left the stage for the first time. This is in my top three all time PJ songs.

I seem to look away
Wounds in the mirror waved
It wasn’t my surface most defiled
Head at your feet, fool to your crown
Fist on my plate, swallowed it down
Enmity gaged, united by fear

Tried to endure what I could not forgive


“Amen Omen” – Ben Harper – “Diamonds On The Inside” (2003)

Sep 21
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Today is the last official day of summer, and what a way to end it. Pearl Jam kicks off their tour in support of their new album “BACKSPACER” with the first of two shows in their hometown of Seattle. I’ll be there to take it all in starting with Ben Harper and Relentless7 as the opening act.

This will be the group’s first full fledged tour together as Harper formed the band in 2008. Harper has spent the majority of the last ten years with the band The Innocent Criminals with whom he made four albums including the 2-disc album “Both Sides of The Gun.” Harper’s coupling with Pearl Jam seems like the perfect double bill as both bands are centered on bluesy, rock and roll emphasizing strong musicianship, and passionate, heart felt lyrics.

On the surface, Harper has some physical resemblance to Lenny Kravitz and they have similar tone and range in their voices. The two differ in song structure as Kravitz has made a career of building songs around catchy guitar hooks as opposed to Harper’s slow cooked slide guitar, percussion accented jams. I haven’t given a full listening to the band’s new album “White Lies for Dark Times” so this will be a great opportunity to hear most of all of the material.

I listen to a whisper
Slowly drift away
Silence is the loudest
Parting word you never say
I put your world
Into my veins
Now a voiceless sympathy
Is all that remains

Amen omen
Will I see your face again
Amen omen
Can I find the place within
To live my life without you