“Respect” – Aretha Franklin – “I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You” (1967)

Oct 31
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Name a better song, ever. There are undoubtedly numerous that are as good. But, name one that’s better? If there is such a song, I need to hear it.

Find out what it means to me
Take care … TCB


“Whole Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin” (1969)

Oct 30
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To date this blog has been just a matter of what random thought or mood I have for the day. Topical, it is not. No tribute to 9/11 victims, special anniversary song for my wife… actually I did throw up a post featuring my alma mater’s fight song after a big win. Oops, but no anniversary post. I might have some ‘splaining to do. I might be living yesterday’s post.

But, tomorrow is Halloween, and I thought that something spooky might be due. How about Rob Zombie? Nah. Monster Mash? Too obvious. Kiss and their feminine macabre, mawkish act obviously fit, but no. The break starting at the 1:24 mark of “Whole Lotta Love” is or can be scary stuff.

When I was about 15 years old, I remember waking up from an early evening nap in a dark house, right as this section of the song started. It was playing on my brother’s clock radio and it was just really spooky. The middle minute and a half of the song sounds like Robert Plant is stuck in some sort of demonic vortex spinning into infinite hell. Don’t believe me, turn off every light in your house, put on your headphones, pretend like you’re 15 again and let your imagination run wild. Okay, now turn the lights back on and eat a couple of Snickers out of the bowl by your front door.

Smell my feet:


“Trouble” – Ray Lamontange – “Trouble” (2004)

Oct 29
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The sentiment expressed in this song speaks to a great many of us, the male gender. To her credit, she sticks with us on the frequent occasion when the curb seems our most likely destination. We appreciate her charitable mission, eventually, usually. And if you stick with us long enough, we get around to repaying the favor.

Lamontagne imparts a Joe Cocker type of vibe. He’s soulful and all-in. Committed is what you have to be, if you are going to take up a music career at the drop of a dime, after hearing an epiphany in the form of a Stephen Stills’ song (“Treetop Flyer”).

Travelers makes good use of this song as our troubled starring dog tries to figure out where to stash his goods. Sorry for the corporate logo inserted in the middle of this very non-commercial blog but it’s worth a minute and a second of your time.


“Work It” – Missy Elliott – “Under Construction” (2002)

Oct 28
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Rich beats, nasty thoughts, lots of twists/turns/tricks in the flow; here’s a sweaty club thumper to celebrate hump day.

Missy’s a piece of work for sure, proof of that is right here. Clickty clack on the play button at your own discretion. It’s hanging on to a PG-13 by couple of choocha hairs with a class V rapid or two mixed in for kicks.

Work it, girl:


“Restless Heart Syndrome” – Green Day – “21st Century Breakdown” (2009)

Oct 27
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My IPod has been badly in need of a refresh for about three months. It’s been a combination of things – having to re-set my computer a couple times to original factory settings and ITunes inflexibility – that has kept me from adding music to my player. As a result of this, I have been listening to “21st Century Breakdown” at the gym since mid-June. I think that I’ve finally started to hit the wall over the last couple of weeks but there are still a couple songs that I could hear a hundred more times before I delete them for awhile.

This song, structure-wise, is almost a total departure from Green Day’s punk roots. It’s dramatic, introspective and builds to a big finish as opposed to a two and a half minute frenzy of punk energy. Billie Joe and his mates took a long time to write and record this album. It is full of the kind of social commentary and blue collar solidarity that the band has given voice to over the years. I’m not sure if this song will ever get any radio play but have a feeling that it will end up in a sound track or two at some point.

I think they found another cure
For broken hearts and feeling insecure
You’d be surprised what I endure
What makes you feel so self-assured?


“For All We Know” – Bettie Serveert – “If I Were A Carpenter” (1994)

Oct 26
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Yes, this is the Carpenters hit from 1971 that went to # 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. I got the brilliant idea to add a tune by the 1970’s pop super duo after reading a status update from my high school friend Jeff Obrigewitsch over the weekend.

“Relaxing in the hot tub, a little wind and rain, cranking out the Carpenters tonight. Karen you had an awsome gift to sing, all you would have to do is eat a little!”

That’s a rockin’ Friday night, Jeff, ol’ buddy ol’ pal.

Hit singles seemingly grew on trees for the Carpenters though the mid-70. I bought in, as I remember buying a 45 of “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” and playing it endlessly when I was in sixth grade.

If I Were A Carpenter” is definitely worth a listen as there is a nice collection of artists doing Carpenters covers. The Dutch indie band Bettie Serveert does a nice bluesy, guitar rock version of this song. Push play and soak up the nostalgia.


“Swallowed” – Bush – “Razorblaed Suitcase” (1996)

Oct 25
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This was the third track on Bush’s follow up album to their massively successful debut “Sixteen Stone.” I recently heard this, for the first time in forever, on Sirius and remembered how much I like the song. I think that I have heard everything off of “Sixteen Stone” way too much as I usually change the channel whenever I hear any of those songs.

Bush was sort of on the road that everyone else was traveling in the mid-90’s with the catchy, grunge thing. They weren’t heavy enough to suit the real rockers, original enough to keep the more critical crowd interested, or light enough to maintain longevity with those tuned in to the Top 40 Nobody in the band was whacked out, aloof, or charismatic enough to create a cult following. So, Bush ended up being a nice rock band that put out music that could sell a bunch of records and further the genre.

Swallowed followed
Heavy about everything but my love
Swallowed sorrowed
Im with everyone and yet not


“You Can’t Go Back To Where You’ve Never Been” – Lindsay Fuller and The Cheap Dates (2009)

Oct 24
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Here’s what I know about Lindsay Fuller. I heard her for the first time last night in my car when they played this song on the KEXP show “Swingin’ Doors.” I turned it up, made a mental note, and listened closely. The music is straight forward, drums, guitar, bass, and angry, raw, fuck it all lyrics. The music is a bunch of distortion shy of landing on alternative rock radio. It’s gritty country, thankfully shy of cheesy, new country lines about bros sippin’ margaritas and checkin’ out senoritas.

This is just honest, from the heart music. There are no punches pulled, and no listeners required because Lindsay Fuller would probably play her music for an empty room and and not lose an ounce of passion. Luckily for me, Lindsay Fuller is currently living in Seattle and will be doing a show at Conor Byrne in Ballard on November 12th. I’ll be there that night, and listening closely.


“Flight of Icarus” – Iron Maiden – “Piece of Mind” (1983)

Oct 23
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I immediately thought of this song during the whole balloon boy saga last week. Luckily for Falcon, there was no wax to melt and sea to drown in. Luckily for Icarus he was a mythological kid and his pops never tried to parlay Wife Swap into a glamorous appearance on the Today show.

I saw Maiden on the tour way back in the day when they were supporting “Piece of Mind.” Rapid fire metal, cartoonish images and lyrics, and an in your face front man make Maiden one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time.

I have a friend who now lives in Seattle who spent the first 20-something years (not sure how old he is) of his life in Chilean Patagonia. The guy is a die hard Maiden fan. So, for Eddie, Miguel, balloon boy, and my six year old niece who has a t-shirt that says, “I listen to Iron Maiden with my daddy” this one’s for you.

Fly, on your way, like an eagle,
Fly as high as the sun.
On your way, like an eagle,
Fly touch the sun.


“Day-O (Banana Boat Song)” – Harry Belafonte – “Calypso” (1956)

Oct 22
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A cube farm complete with spreadsheets galore and a stuffed in-box for a dock full of bananas and a sore back would make for an interesting trade.

Cube Pros – climate control, free post-its, easy e-mail and Face Book access, fellow cube mates, earthquake drills, career advancement/window seat.

Dock Pros – strong back, free bananas, easy stowaway access, fellow dock workers, tsunami evacuation drill, career advancement/tally man.

Cube Cons – sterile environs, these three walls, sedentary paunch, fellow cube mates, earthquakes, window seat in lieu of pay raise.

Dock Cons- bad back, accidental swim, stowaway tarantulas, fellow dock workers, tsunamis, seven foot bunch in lieu of pay raise.

While you consider your next career move, please indulge in this calming music.

Daylight come and me wan’ go home