“Pink Corvette” – Charity Stripe – “Pink Corvette” EP (2010)

Jul 31
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I love the sports reference band name. I’ve got a couple of catchy sports references that I’ll eventually be naming something after. However, since I’m never going to start a band (hmmm, but what about a Rock Band band) it’ll probably be a pet, blog, car, or medical condition that I will be naming. I’m not going to say what my name ideas are because they are so incredibly witty that I’m sure that someone will steal them and turn them into tens or maybe even hundreds of dollars. Okay, here’s one that I’ll reveal. Do with it what you may. Are you ready? Deep Snapper.

Charity Stripe’s list of musical influences is also super cool. They include: The Posies, Hall and Oates, The Smiths, Nada Surf, The Pernice Brothers, and Starflyer 59. Go to the band’s My Space page and check out this song, plus a couple more.


“Sex, Love, & Money” – Mos Def – “The New Danger” (2004)

Jul 29
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I don’t always listen to hip hop but when I do, I prefer Mos Def…. My deepest apologies to The Most Interesting Man in The World for the blatant quote jacking — bam!

Seriously though, it doesn’t have to be Mos Def, it can be The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, PE, Coolio, Common Market, or Missy Elliott. What am I not real keen on? I find it yawn inducing when some guys really want you to know what kind of car they drove to the mall in and what was on their bar bill. The oft repeated, glorious tale that involves sipping on some yummy Hennessy before buckling up and going from Point A to Point B in one of those fancy little Benz motor cars kind or waters the genre down a little bit.

And, sampling that’s not really even a sample – unless you consider using practically the whole original song by, oh maybe some band like Queen or The Police – tends to make me just want to go listen to the original music. I mean if you just take out a word or two of a sentence and insert whatever fits your context is that good or noteworthy. Hmmm, I hate it when people do that?

Any ways, I like heaps of hip hop, it can even be mean and violent, just as long as I can believe that it’s coming from somewhere real — bam!


“Borderline” – Duffy (2008)

Jul 26
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I started thinking of this song this afternoon for no particular reason, was ready to roll with some vintage 80’s nostalgia, and then I decided to give Duffy’s rendition a listen.

I love the impromptu Duffy version which looks like it was spawned by a request from the live audience. Accompanied by a couple guitars and a tambourine, it’s imperfectly perfect. A couple of warbles in Duffy’s opening notes and reading the words off of a piece of paper, this 80’s pop classic from the undisputed diva of a whole generation, all of a sudden feels new, old, folksy, and organic. The Supremes snippet at the end comes across as an unplanned medley. Good stuff. Enjoy.


“Kissy Kissy” – The Kills – “Keep on Your Mean Side” (2003)

Jul 25
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I’m not too sure what’s going on in this song. Deranged obsession? Homicidal lust? Maybe, it’ll be the theme song for the upcoming divorce proceedings of The McCourt. Jamie Hince’s guitar work is rich and menacing, and Alison Mosshart sounds full invested in her work, as usual. Mosshart lent her talents to Dead Weather putting The Kills in what hopefully is only a brief hiatus, as there supposedly is a fourth album coming from “VV” and “Hotel.” In the meantime, do yourself a favor and download, or run down to the record store and buy their entire catalog. If you like your two person music group a little uncompromising and raw yet polished, The Kills do not disappoint.


“Suburbia” – Trombone Shorty – “Backatown” (2010)

Jul 24
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I’m a city guy, always have been, most likely always will be. If I was going to move out of town, it would be way out to either solitary rural environs, or a small town (Hood River, Oregon I have a major crush on you). All that being said, I’ve had the suburbs on my mind in the last couple of days.

Between the imminent release of Arcade Fire’s third album “The Suburbs” which is due in ten days, and includes the song “Suburban War” which I heard on KEXP this afternoon, and this fast moving little number by Trombone Shorty, I keep envisioning desperate house hussies, cookie cutter dwellings, cul-de-sacs, and all other make and model of American consumerism.

Yikes, okay let’s just focus on the fact that Troy Andrews aka Trombone Shorty is really firing on all cylinders these days. Check out the whole album, and prepare to feel re-energized.


Jul 24
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I got what amounts to a tongue lashing from an eight year old. Not just any eight year but my super cool eight year old nephew who lives in Hawaii. If you look at the last post, which was an embarrassing 18 days ago, in the comments Nainoa asks:

“hey uncle where’s the new songs.”

Bad uncle! Falling down on the job uncle who’s letting his nephew down! Bad blogger uncle who set out to the rid the world of blogs that look interesting but then when you open them you see the unfulfilled commitment of an ambitious owner who set out to talk about baseball cards, or lawn gnomes, or comic books only to wither after four or five posts. This is supposed to be Play On Daily, a song a day, each and every day. It’s not a song a day each and every 18 days.

So Nainoa, old buddy, old pal, uncle has accept what your gentle prod as a challenge, a sharp stick in the okole to post a song each and every day…. or at least string a few days together because it is summer in soggy, moss infested Seattle and uncle does need to get outside once and awhile and work on his tan.

Outkast is perfect fare to get us back in the groove. And of course, this is the song that Nainoa used to jam out to when he was two years old. Turn it up dude, and shake.

“Hey Ya” – Outkast – “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” (2003)


“Snowden’s Jig” – The Carolina Chocolate Drops – “Genuine Negro Jig” (2010)

Jul 5
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The Carolina Chocolate Drops are in the midst of reviving string band music as originally played in the Piedmont area in the late 19th century. The trio of players consisting of: Dom Flemmons, Rhiannon Giddens, and Justin Robinson are dusting off old-time folk music and dressing it up for the current generation with interesting covers including their take on Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ’em Up Style.” Covers aside, this threesome can really play.

The folk music from the Piedmont region is typically thought as being bluesier or as being played by Caucasians. Giddens explained in an NPR interview that the banjo was played by black people too. Says Giddens, ““it seems that two things get left out of the history books. One, that there was string band music in the Piedmont, period. (And that) black folk was such a huge part of string tradition.”

They’ll be in Seattle at The Tractor tomorrow night.


“Immigrant Song” – Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin III” (1970)

Jul 4
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“No matter what other nations may say about the United States, immigration is still the sincerest form of flattery” – Jack Paar

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!!!

On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore.


“Voodoo Child” -Angelique Kidjo – “Oriem” (1998)

Jul 3
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A part of me thinks it sacrilege to not be posting Jimi Hendrix’s original of this song but Angelique Kidjo’s version is a good fit for a little project that I’m working on. I’m putting together a suggested play list for some friends’ wedding this fall, and a track or two by Kidjo will most likely be included.

Side Rant on the playlist – I don’t deejay. I don’t go to weddings to hear the brother of the bride make everyone tear up with his stirring rendition of “Time in A Bottle.” Wedding day dance floor favorites like “Old Time Rock and Roll” and “YMCA” can often times be my subconscious reminder that I’ve had a couple beers and it’s time to hit the john. That’s just me though. I don’t mean that in an “I know I’m right, and so does everyone else, that’s just me” kind of way. I sincerely mean, that’s just me.

Or, in other words, there are a lot of people who attend nuptials for the lovely bride and groom, resign themselves to the ensuing Champagne induced headache and go crazy spelling letters with their arms, right before they totally lose their minds courtesy of “Mony Mony” and “Billie Jean.” It’s every wedding guest in the western world’s god given right to expect, if not demand that the pop standards are played at the weddings that they attend. I would do my best to try and avoid at least one of the five songs that I’ve just mentioned, if I were put in charge of the catalog and play button, but if the wedding party or any of their guests were clamoring for it, I would cue it up in a heartbeat. That brings me to the root of my rant.

Some music oriented guy who is a friend of a friend of my friends who are getting married declared that he would do their music. He also stated that his unsolicited services come complete with the demand that there would be “NO TOP 40” included at the wedding. Dude, it’s not your wedding. You don’t even know the people that are getting married, and yet you’re going to be a self indulgent taste master and play all of the music that no one else in the room is cool enough to know about. Save it buddy. Your services are not needed on October 3rd. And, oh by the way, even the most pretentious of music wonks have a dirty little secret or two. I know that you have a big stash of Journey buried deep within your iPod.
And so, Angelique Kidjo’s version of the Hendrix classic could work perfectly at the wedding. It’s a lively, electronic, world music take on a popular song originally done by Seattle native Hendrix. It should fit about a quarter of the way into the play list and add good background for what promises to be a raucous reception (it’s a Sunday wedding, and I’m taking a vacation day on Monday). Maybe, I’ll even follow it with Usher’s “Yeah” or some other top 40 gem just so Mr. I’m-Too-Sexy-for-Top-40 can realize the error of his ways.


“The Dead Heart” – Midnight Oil – “Diesil and Dust” (1998)

Jul 2
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I thought of Midnight Oil tonight while spending this balmy July 2nd, Seattle evening (high of 58 F today) watching AC 360. Anderson Cooper is still sequestered in the Gulf States talking to oyster fishermen, chronicling the travails of distressed sea creatures, and doing his elegant best at busting BP’s balls. During his show he had a segment with proficient ball buster, baldy political pundit James Carville. I was sitting here (shivering, bald head clad in knit cap) being amused by Carville’s depiction of professional yachtsman/amateur oil man Tony Hayward as being “lawyered up” and hesitant to say anything without getting the high sign from his legals when appearing in congress.

So any ways, I all of a sudden says to myself “hey, chrome dome Carville kind of reminds me of that scary lookin’ bloke from Midnight Oil.” The Oils frontman Peter Garrett coincidentally is also a noted environmentalist who quit the band and music in general to focus on his political career in Australia where he currently serves as the Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts.

James Carville

Peter Garrett

Mining companies, pastoral companies
Uranium companies
Collected companies
Got more right than people
Got more say than people