“We Used to Wait” – Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs” (2010)

Sep 30
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I just got back from 21st century, new fangled hootenanny. If Arcade Fire is coming to your town, and your even the slightest bit of a fan, pay your $50, and go see them…. Miss them at your own risk.

This band brings unbounded energy, passion, enthusiasm, and originality. These guys and gals have to be one of the top five bands in the world.


“Motorcycle Drive By” – Third Eye Blind – “Third Eye Blind” (1997)

Sep 27
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Summer time and the wind is blowing outside
In lower Chelsea and I don’t know
What I’m doing in this city
The sun is always in my eyes
It crashes through the windows
And I’m sleeping on the couch
When I came to visit you
That’s when I knew
That I could never have you
I knew that before you did
Still I’m the one who’s stupid

I took a few minutes out of my Arcade Fire marathon to watch a few minutes of the 2007 Third Eye Blind concert that was filmed for HDNet. Third Eye really had things rolling right about at the turn of the millenium but maybe were going a little too hard as they haven’t been able to recapture their early commercial or critical appeal.

There’s a lot to like with these guys. I’ve always thought that Stephan Jenkins possesses one of the best voices in mainstream rock. The clarity and tone are translucent and pure. 3eb has a lot of speeds. It’s driving forward, left lane only (“Narcolepsy”), down shifting (“God of Wine”), or on the bike, stop and go (“Motorcycle Drive By”), they never seem to be in neutral. Maybe, that was the problem. They took a couple years off following the release of the “Blue” album and haven’t gotten back to the way we first knew them. They’re still making music though, and I’m sure they’ve got a lot of good stuff still to come.

I go home to the coast
It starts to rain I paddle out on the water, alone
Taste the salt and taste the pain
I’m not thinking of you again

Summer dies and swells rise
The sun goes down in my eyes
See this rolling wave
Darkly coming to take me home


“Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You” – Brooks & Dunn – “Steers & Stripes” (2001)

Sep 26
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Considering that I once was an avowed hater… okay, maybe hater is too strong. Let’s try that again.

Considering that I was once was an avowed disliker (that’s not even a word but it still imparts the proper jist) of country music, I was rather proud/shocked at myself the other day when I picked out this song during an office round of Name That Tune.

My co-worker, who is an avowed liker of country music had a snippet of this song as a ring tone, but she didn’t know what the song was, or who it was by. I knew who it was by. It’s not the most astonishing feat in musical pop quiz history, but for me, a guy whose knowledge of country music stars started with Johnny Cash and abruptly stopped with Patsy Cline until about three years ago, it was a personal milestone to be able to identify this Kix and Ronnie ditty.


“My Body Is a Cage” – Arcade Fire – “Neon Bible” (2007)

Sep 24
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I just found out two days ago that, through a little secret deal making at last Saturday’s tail gate, I am going to the Arcade Fire show at The Key this coming Wednesday. I showed personal financial restraint in not running out and buying tickets for this show when they went on sale about a month ago, so maybe I’m being rewarded for being a good boy.

I’ve had “Neon Bible” on repeat for the last couple of days. I had forgotten how much I like this album. It is definitely the middle child in the band’s catalog as “The Funeral” was such a huge landmark for this organic, indie band from Montreal. The much awaited third album, “The Suburbs” was released this summer and has gained rave reviews, and scale tipping amounts of radio play. “Neon Bible” has lots of somewhat lost, or never totally found gems.

I’m guessing that the set on Wednesday will include maybe only about five tracks off of “Neon Bible” and based on a couple of setlists that I found, it might be asking too much to get to hear this song live.

My body is a cage
We take what we’re given
Just because you’ve forgotten, that don’t mean you’re forgiven


“Radio Retaliation” – Thievery Corporation – “Radio Retaliation” (2008)

Sep 21
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I cued up this album tonight as I’m trying to come up with a few musical selections for some friends’ wedding, the weekend after next. Thievery Corporation, and Pink Martini are a couple of choices that my friends have made for the cocktail hour, lounge part of the evening. My suggestions for the early portion of the evening, and the ensuing collar loosening portion of the festivities will have a dash or two of Ting Tings, a splash of Harry Belafontaie or Engelbert Humperdinck, the party ain’t complete until Cool James shows up, and James Brown, and then we’ll listen contently to Al Green.

There seems to be that unwritten rule that the third track of albums is the best track or focal point. I think that fits with this Thievery Corporation album.

By the way, the DJ for the wedding is a “green” DJ. Now, that’s very Seattle, isn’t it?


“Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll” – The Killers – “Sawdust” (2007)

Sep 19
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Killers frontman Brandon Flowers just released his first solo album titled, “Flamingo.” The album and tour supporting it have gotten decent reviews so far and just reading a few notes about it, there are some interesting elements including a duet with Jenny Lewis.

In the meantime, here’s a “B” side that got a regular place in set lists on the “Hot Fuss” tour, and was included on a limited edition basis on the “Hot Fuss” album. Of interest here, is that it’s apparently one of Flowers least favorite Killers’ songs. There is definitely a cheese factor in this song – and to preface I am a big Killers fan – but there’s a lot of over the top, cheese throughout The Killers catalog.

I take my twist with a shout
A coffee shop with a cause, then I’ll freak you out
No sex, no drugs, no life, no love
When it comes to today


“I Saw Her Standing There” – The Beatles – “Please Please Me” (1963)

Sep 14
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I’m not really a bucket carrying, list making kind of guy, but if I was…

I’m going to see Willie Nelson at the Puyallup Fair on Thursday. I’ve always had a mild appreciation for the 77 year old maverick from Abbott, Texas but it was only recently that I had an epiphany that led me on a mad dash to find a couple of hard to get tickets for Thursday’s show.

So, I’m not one to construct one of these must-do bucket lists – although a bucket list is a key element in a screen play that I’m thinking through (no, it’s nothing like the movie by the same name that starred Jack Nicholson although if my movie ever materialized, I’m not guaranteeing that it would be any less of a dud) – of musicians that I’ve just got to see. I’ve already seen a bunch of the acts that are high on my list of all time faves (The Boss, Citizen Cope, PJ, Elvis Costello, Radiohead, Etta James, EWF), and I couldn’t go to a couple of notables that I had purchased tickets for (The Stones on The Steel Wheels Tour, Nirvana supporting “In Utero” in 1193). So, who else do I really need to see?

I really like Interpol and would go out of my way to see them. I should be going to Arcade Fire later this month but I’m temporarily in “budget shows only” mode. Rush is a band that I’ve never seen that I’m guessing still churns out a quality live product. Lily Allen’s on the list, joined by The Heavy, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeasayer, and oh yeah, Sir James Paul McCartney.

McCartney is that one sporadically touring, charging exorbitant prices, aging rock legend that I would fork over the aforementioned (ridiculously) exorbitant chunk of change to see and hear play music, live and in person.

One of the coolest things ever, and definitely the coolest thing to ever happen at a New York Yankees game involved the playing of today’s song between innings of a world series game about ten years ago. This song was revving up the crowd, everyone was getting ready for their big moment, and the Fox cameras showed McCartney sitting behind the plate. Right on cue, actually maybe a hair late, Sir Paul joined the crowd with the big “Woooooo.” It was so cool because he looked just like everyone else having a good time and singing along. It wasn’t disingenuous nor did he stand up and make a big show of himself, it was just in the moment and spontaneous.

Okay, maybe I better wrap up this post and start with the bucket list.


Beach Vibes

Sep 14
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In the latest edition of the ESPN Mag, Kelly Slater lists the Top 20 songs that he packs up and takes to the beach with him. It’s an interesting list.

Numero uno is Piers Faccini’s “If I.” “Think of You” by Carney, “Like The Last Time” by Matt Wertz, and “Better Be Home Soon” by Crowded House make appearances. Songs that have been posted on Play On Daily include: “Son’s Gonna Rise” by Citizen Cope, and “This Might Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads.

You know what is a good beach song? “The River of Dreams” by Billy Joel.

Yeah, I’m sure that the buffed and bronze set that Slater hangs with aren’t going to be cranking this up any time soon, but trust me, it really works at the beach. The water references in the lyrics aren’t really relevant, but there’s something about the lead-in and the heavy base line that make it sound like it’s calling to you from far away. On a personal level, it’s also one of those songs that I tend to associate with a certain time and place and it just so happens that I was chillin’ with a few friends, and several six packs on Maui one day, the year that this came out, and the boom box that we brought along with us, made this song sound really good on a mostly deserted beach.

“The River of Dreams” – Billy Joel – “The River of Dreams” (1993)


“Running to Stand Still” – U2 – “The Joshua Tree” (1987)

Sep 12
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Supposedly, members of U2 have referred to this song as “Bad, Part 2.” So, it’s somewhat coincidental but not too surprising that this is the second U2 song that I’ve posted to this blog since “Bad” is my favorite U2 song of all time, and will probably stay at # 1 since I’ve liked virtually nothing they’ve done for the last 20 years.

This is the # 5 track, and unsung hero of “The Joshua Tree” having slipped between the cracks of “Where The Streets Have No Name” and “With Or Without You.” I guess it’s not too surprising that it didn’t get heavy commercial rotation as it tells the tale of the grim and gray despair that effects vast numbers of those less fortunate. A lot of people leave square one with a lot to overcome and out run, but in the end can’t overcome themselves.

She runs through the streets
With her eyes painted red
Under black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway she brings me
White gold and pearls stolen from the sea
She is raging
She is raging
And the storm blows up in her eyes
She will…


“She Sells Sanctuary” – The Cult – “Love” (1985)

Sep 11
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Billy Duffy puts the pedal flush to the floor in this Cult classic. The silky lead-in grabs the listener’s ear and gives the rest of the boys in the band the cue that it’s time to cut loose.

We’re most often flashed back to the 80’s with Cyndi Lauper, U2’s coming of age, George Michael, Def Lepard, etc. Every time you need a reminder of what was real, righteous, and untarnished about the 80’s, jump in your car, push play on this rocker, roll the windows down, and go for a four minute ride around your neighborhood. I guarantee that you’ll have an intense flashback…. unless you do it in the minivan. You’ll still flashback but it will be of you driving your mom and dad’s car, and not the flame throwing, gas eating zombie that was your first ride.

The sparkle in your eyes
Keeps me alive
And the sparkle in your eyes
Keeps me alive, keeps me alive