“Hatchet” – Low – “Drums & Guns” (2007)

Jan 31
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John Richards played “Dinosaur Acts” this morning. I haven’t heard that song in at least five years, and my foggy, Monday before 7 AM brain was thinking, “oh wow, I haven’t heard anything by The Antlers in awhile, this is kind of nice.” If you’re familiar with the two bands, and the lead singers (Low’s Alan Sparhawk and The Antlers’ Peter Silberman) isn’t it almost hard to believe that the two aren’t the same band and singer?

There’s good news for Low fans. Their new album – their second on the Sub Pop label – will be out this spring, and by the sounds of it, the four year wait was worth it. In other exciting, new release news from the Sub Pop stable, the release date of May 3rd was announced today for the Fleet Foxes new album.


“Action/Reaction” – Choir of Young Believers – This Is for the White in Your Eyes (2008)

Jan 31
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I won’t add too many useless words to disrupt this breathtaking, perhaps unrequited masterpiece.

I spent practically the whole weekend listening to everything from American roots, hip hop, Top 40, 1991 in review (thanks NPR), BSP, U2, Wanda Jackson, etc. I went to see Lindsay Fuller and Bobby Long and got the very good show that I expected. And yet, I was sitting here drawing a total blank as to what to post today. Then, I turned on my copy of Live at KEXP, Vol. 6 and I found it. The Choir of Young Believers offers up dreamy, euphoric music and hopefully will continue to turn out some product. Yes, more please.


“We Are Sound” – British Sea Power – “Valhalla Dancehall” (2011)

Jan 29
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Brand new stuff here. I gave the whole album a start to finish listen, and found it very much to my liking. I don’t necessarily hear similar swatches throughout the album but this song I’m getting Modern English fronted by Alejandro Escovedo. Kind of a random combo, yeah? But tasty, and I’d pay to hear it. Of course, I’d also pay to watch BSP put on one of their artfully, dynamic/destructive shows. There’s lots of stuff going on in this record. Give it a shot.


Season # 10

Jan 29
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I just freed up three hours of disc space off of the DVR via the Friday night catch-up session with American Idol. I’m liking the season so far. I’m not much of a J-Lo fan but have to admit that her presence at the table is tolerable worst case and a pleasant surprise at best. Steven Tyler is cool with all of his R-rated limericks and when he’s not busy flexing his facial features, he has good feedback for the hopefuls, and tons more rock star charisma then other guys who’ve tried to do network gigs such as Dave Navarro, and Tommy Lee.

Tyler is always there to lend pipes for a punctuating note and embellish a chorus or two. I’m massively susceptible to suggestion and after my little mini-marathon tonight, I want to listen to some Aersosmith. So, what to post? I originally was thinking major rocker “Back In The Saddle” or “Train Kept a Rollin'” but decided to go with “What It Takes.” It’s one of them hurtin’ love songs that these guys are pretty good at, and in the vampin’ that Tyler gets going towards the in, is kind of classic stuff as far as what he likes to do with his voice.

“What It Takes” – Aerosmith – “Pump” (1989)



Jan 28
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Although, I obviously like the bluesy, singer-song writer loop that I have turned onto for the last couple of days, last night I started thinking, that I just haven’t posted anything real loud for quite awhile. You know what I mean. Stuff that just wasn’t meant to be listened to at anything less than at least 3/4 of your system’s maximum volume. So, I started trying to think of something at the ear splitting range that I haven’t heard for awhile.

I’m a Maiden fan!!! Metallica? Check. QOTSA? Duh. Clash, Scorps, Judas, Dio, Ozzy, Ministry, AC/DC, Disturbed, Korn, The Cult… so much beautiful noise, and so little time. After thinking on the need for deafening noise for pretty much the whole day, I settled on System of A Down. The song that I’m going with is most likely not even their loudest tune, but it’s one of my favorites and it’s a song that I listened to almost daily for a few months right after it first came out.

She’s scared that I will take her away from there her
dreams and her country left with no one there
Mesmerize the simple minded
Propaganda leaves us blinded

“Hynotize” – System of A Down – “Hypnotize” (2005)


“Dead and Done” – Bobby Long – “A Winter Tale” (2011)

Jan 27
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Bobby Long’s influences per his Myspace:

Lowell Fulson, Jack Teagarden, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, The Band, Skip James, Van Morrison, Terry Reid, Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Ray Charles, Dean Martin, Nina Simone, Tim Hans Smith, Crosby Stills & Nash, Brendan Benson, Woody Guthrie, QOTSA, The Arcade Fire, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Dissociatives, Billy Childish, Eels, Radiohead, Ryan Adams, Willy Mason, Leonard Cohen, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, The Pogues, Muddy Waters, Emmy the Great, Robert Johnson, David Bowie, Miles Davis, Chuck Berry, Jerome K Jerome, Mississippi John Hurt, Bukka White, Neil Young, The Dubliners, Spike Milligan, Lead Belly, Nat King Cole, Iron and Wine, Tommy Makem, The Clancy Brothers, Nick Drake, Beach Boys, The Doors, The Felice Brothers, The Beatles, The Kinks, Ray Davies

That is quite the superb list of fantastic musical artists. There are 61 names listed there. Going off of memory I think that I have posted 14 of those acts:

Van Morrison, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Ray Charles, QOTSA, The Arcade Fire, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, The Dubliners, Lead Belly, The Felice Brothers, The Beatles

Bobby Long was my tri-first choice for a concert this weekend. He is playing at The Tractor on Saturday night with talented local, Lindsay Fuller. I posted a song by Fuller on October 24th of 2009 and said that I was going to her show that week. I didn’t end up making it to that show but I’m ready to roll this weekend and am very excited to see her as well as Long.

If I had to choose an artist, out of my 300+ posts who wasn’t on Long’s list, and who he might enjoy, it would be none other than… anyone who’s browsed a page or two knows the answer… it’s obvious what I’m going to say, and yes I really think that Bobby Long would dig them. I would recommend for Mr. Long’s listening pleasure, The Head and the Heart. And Lindsay Fuller, of course.


“Luckiest Man” – The Wood Brothers – “Ways Not To Lose” (2006)

Jan 26
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Hey, it’s quickly turning into a blues club around here. Yesterday, we had blues hall of famer Leadbelly. Today, more pickin’ and pleadin’ thanks to the bluesy folks duo, The Wood Brothers.

I really want to go to a show this weekend but I was painfully slow on the draw to the point that it would appear as if I’ll be shut out for my first two choices. Interpol plays down at The Showbox Sodo on Friday night. I’m usually the guy who has tickets for shows that are must-sees at least two months in advance. I didn’t even know that Interpol is going to be here until yesterday. SOLD OUT.

But wait, there’s a great second choice, no, it’s not even second choice, it’s more like the co-first choice. The Wood Brothers at The Triple Door! Good times…. there are about four tickets left. A corner booth in the very front right hand corner of the hall, plus two SRO tickets. The question that I have for myself is: why are you so totally lame and lying down on the job instead of securing tix for acts that you really want to see? Is it latent effects from the cold/flu thing of last week? The ravaging effects of last week’s birthday and the mild case of smoke inhalation from all of the candles on the cake? I’ve got no easy answers. No easy answers and an empty dance card for this weekend. Hmmm, what’s option three? Will I be lucky enough to stumble across the tri-first choice?


“In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down” – Leadbelly (1953)

Jan 24
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There’s a scene in the superb Davis Guggenheim guitar documentary, It Might Get Loud, where Jack White spins some Son House vinyl and declares that “Grinnin’ In Your Face” is his favorite song. You’re left with the feeling that this song by a classic blues man is at the center of White’s musical universe.

I won’t claim that Leadbelly is my musical core but it’s not really about what I know, it’s about what all of the generations of musicians learned from American pop music pioneers like Son House and Leadbelly. The rhythm, soul, guitar hooks to get lost in, and demanding presence of a player like Leadbelly are emulated by frontmen, rhythm sections, and guitarists worldwide. Current day, we just electrify the proceedings, and add a backing band, back then Mr. Huddy William Ledbetter didn’t much need the accouterments to get the house jumpin’.


“Pyro” – Kings of Leon – “Come Around Sundown” (2010)

Jan 23
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I listened to this song three times in a row at the gym yesterday. I gave the whole album a listen or two right after it came out last fall, and then kind of put it on the back shelf. To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the album, and I was probably feeling a bit spiteful towards the Followills because of the snark that they aimed at Arcade Fire. I still like these guys though and the fact that I put this song on three-peat gives me cause to listen to the whole album another time or two.

So then, I got busy last night. Went out for dinner (the Casoulet was excellent), a couple of late night beers, and by the time I got home, I was too tired to add a post. I think it’s kind of fitting that as I started to write this Up in the Air is on in the background. I’m always thinking about alternative soundtracks for movies, and if you know the movie, you might see how this song would fit in several scenes.

A single book of matches
Gonna burn what’s standing in the way
Running down the mountain
Now they’re calling on the fire brigade

Carry out the pictures
And tell the kids that I’m okay
If’n I’m forgotten
You’ll remember me ‘fore today

I, I won’t ever be your cornerstone


“Edge of Goodbye” – Steel Magnolia – “Steel Magnolia” (2011)

Jan 22
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Driving home from a Friday night dinner with papa-san, we had the county station on in the car. I started thinking about the relative lack of some twang on the blog lately. I went straight to old school and was getting ready to put needle to Hank Williams vinyl when I found these guys on the front page of the Zune marketplace. I kind of fancy these youngsters! Nashville is on my short list of vacation spots. Hit up a few honky tonks, alternate Jack and beers, BBQ, the Grand Ole Opry. Who’s coming with?