“Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” – Blake Shelton – All About Tonight (2010)

Jul 31
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Blake Shelton’s gotten all big for his britches lately. He got married to Miranda Lambert in May. He grew his fan base beyond the country set with his gig on “The Voice” this spring and summer. And, this month he released his sixth full studio album titled, “Red River Blue.” I’ve only listened to about half of the new album as well as “Honey Bee” seemingly every time the country station is on in the car. So, I’m turning it back a notch and reminding you not to forget about one of the gems from last year’s EP. Hmmm, I wonder who he was singing to?


“Appetite (for Lightin’ Dynamite)” – Citizen Cope – “Citizen Cope” (2002)

Jul 30
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I just finished reading “A Visit from the Goon Squad.” The first thing that went through my head after I was done with it was that there is apparently not a lot of functional machinery in my head because I don’t think that I’m smart enough to know what was really going on in that book. That is not to say that it was a bad book, or I didn’t enjoy it; I finished it which isn’t par for my reading comprehension course, as I usually just chuck books after I’ve read about 30 pages and have absolutely no idea what the author is talking about. But, I liked this book. Jennifer Egan won the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction,[2] and the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for Goon Squad and even though I spend at least 90% of my reading time on non-fiction, I can see what critics and readers liked about this book.

Through a series of chapters loosely woven together by a mishmash of people and varied locations, we witness the tenuous relationships, youthful impulses, quirky habits, unfulfilled pairings, waning zeal for life, second chances, and brief moments of glory that effect the cast of characters, and maybe ourselves. I was drawn to the book because of the musical sub plots and rock and roll themes spread throughout.

Record executive Bennie Salazar is one of the central characters in the book. In an early section of the book, Salazar pays a home visit to a pair of sisters whose band he had discovered and career he was still trying to set in motion. This line of thought from Salazar, kind of sums up how tough it is to get all of the stars aligned, and the way that we become lost in the process sometimes losing sight of what it even is that we are trying to create from that process:

Sasha brought his coffee, and Bennie took out his red enameled box and dropped in a pinch of flakes. As he sipped, a sensation of pleasure filled his whole torso the way a snowfall fills up a sky. Jesus, he felt good. He’d been delegating too much. Hearing the music get made, that was the thing: people and instruments and beaten-looking equipment aligning abruptly into a single structure of sound, flexible and alive. The sisters were at the keyboard arranging their music, and Bennie experienced a bump of anticipation: something was going to happen here. He knew it. Felt it pricking his arms and chest.

In the Chapter 12: Great Rock and Roll Pauses, also known as “another chapter for which any symbolic meaning has escaped nitwit Dave from PlayOnDaily, there are a lot of Power Pointish circles, arrows, oblongs, and flowy looking graphics containing conent dealing with, you guessed it, rock and roll pauses. There’s a mention of the braek, 2 minutes and 23 seconds into “Foxy Lady.” George Michael pauses during “Faith”, The Police in “Roxanne”… what’s it all about? The pauses that helped procure a Pultizer….

(Did you get that… I paused) and now I’m back, and I’m game, so I’ll play along. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted from the collection of Mr. Clarence Greenwood… wait for it… Citizen Cope. It’s right there in “Appetite, a full two second pause, 1:10 in.

Happy last weekend of July. It actually looks like the season of summer here in Sea-Town.


“Costa Rica” – Bomba Estéreo – “Blow Up” (2009)

Jul 29
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Every single time that I hear this band, and especially if it’s the song “Fuego,” I instantly think of my good friend Heidi. Heidi is all over this band and tried to warn me that I needed to get ’em while they were hot” last winter and buy up a couple of tickets to their show at The Tractor. I didn’t have enough jump in my step though and missed out. Then while I was relegated to the sidelines, as it seems is always the case, they played “Fuego” seemingly everytime I turned on the radio, in effect rubbing my nose and ears in it.

It’s kind of funny that “Fuego” and the siren off of a fire engine in “Costa Rica” also reminds me of Heidi for another reason. What’s the reason? Heidi’s crazed lust for any “Y” chromosome carrying human dressed in firemen clothing. And yes, tomorrow is Heidi’s mid-summer Christmas as she will be curbside ready for Santa/Fireman Friendly to pay their yearly visit as part of the Seafair Torchlight Parade. It could be a five alarm incident, people. Bring extra water.


“Don’t Fear The Reper” – Blue Öyster Cult – “Agents of Fortune” (1976)

Jul 28
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I’m a little shy on commentary tonight. The season went by pretty fast. And, I’ve still got a malady or two that didn’t get cured. The only perscription is MCB.


“Sex with an X” – The Vaselines – “Sex with an X” (2010)

Jul 27
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A 22 year void between first and second full length studio albums must be some kind of unofficial record in the musi biz. Founding members Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee spent their lengthy period bookended by Vaselines’ albums creating new bands, and doing solo projects and then finally rejoined to do another record on Sub Pop last year. It’s the mid-tempo, steady eddie shoegazer that would not be totally unexpected for the Scottish duo.

Of course, back in their early days, they were tightly associated with Nirvana with their original “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam” being towards the front of the famous “MTV Unplugged in New York” setlist. The Vaselines will be contributing a track for an upcoming “Nevermnd” tribute album with the track reportedly being “Lithium.” I can close my eyes and imagine how the verses will sound but the chorus is tripping me up. It should be interesting and about even money that two or three songs off of the album will make it to this space.


“Oh No” – Girl Talk – “All Day” (2010)

Jul 25
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This guy’s been making mind bending mashups and mix tapes for a few years now and as far as I know hasn’t had his ass sued off yet but it might just be a matter of time.

It’s conjunctive, tightly spliced, familiar in its meander, and high energy. I read a magazine article about Girl Talk a few years ago and have been meaning to give it a good listen for awhile. Armed with a laptop full of re-crafted beats, flows, and riffs morphed into a conglomeration of new tunes this stuff sounds like it could make the walls sweat in pretty much any club.

Anything that has a little “Strawberry Letter 23” folded into is good in my book.


“No Regrets” – Gary Allan – “Get Off on the Pain” (2010)

Jul 24
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I received a request / stern reminder a couple of days ago that I haven’t played any country since April. A quick scroll through recent posts showed that this wasn’t quite true. I tired to argue that Gillian Welch was country which admittedly was a bit of a rubbery statement on my part since she’s more alt or folk than country and the song that I posted was a Radiohead original. I did have some Carrie Underwood in late May so the Vitamin C(ountry) deficiency wasn’t quite as pronounced as I was informed of, but yeah, I need a little booster shot.

Yesterday, I talked about my simple and steadfast belief in “Live and Let Live.” Paring the word count, another way that I try to pursue my daily walk through life is to not have any regrets.

“No Regrets.” It’s good to be able to put a check mark next to those two words at the end of the day.


“Wake Up Alone” – Amy Winehouse – “Back to Black” (2006)

Jul 23
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“Live and let live.”

I’m all about those four words. People should be free to live their lives, each and every day, however they damn well please. If that freedom to use up our years results in a halo of things all good, nurturing, fulfilling, and enlightening, and we end up shedding positive light on everything and everyone around us, then the benefits of choosing to do as we wish are exponentional. The problem of course, is that along the way of exercising our freedom to exist as we see fit, others get hurt. It can be emotional, physical, or environmental pain that the rest of us suffer as a result of the individual pursuit of happiness or self-fulfillment.

I’m not particularly sad this morning at the news that Amy Jade Winehouse has passed away. It’s not that I don’t care, or am some hater saying “good riddance,” I’m just not real sad for her. The reason that I feel this way is that I’m assuming that she was living the way that she wanted and making conscious choices to create a life for herself that was very much to her liking. I am making an assumption that her death had something to do with her substance abuse, and addiction which long ago became a five alarm fire but it was still up to her to put out that fire. It’s practically impossible to help those who don’t want to be helped and I think that Winehouse’s death is a front page Entertainment Tonight example of this. And so, I say, “Live and let live.”

There are some people brave enough, or who care enough about the people that are close to them, who do check themselves into rehab. Those are the people that the rest of us should rally around. The Winehouses of the world should never be condemned, and they should be encouraged to seek help if they want to give their demons and vices the boot but until they take that step, we should focus on everyone who has put their hand up and asked for help. And so today, I feel for Amy Winehouse’s family and friends who have been crushed by their daughter, sister, friend, or idol’s choice to live her life on her own terms.


“Steve Biko” – A Tribe Called Quest – “Midnight Marauders” (1993)

Jul 21
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You want to know what I want to do this weekend? Of course you do. I want to go to the drive-in theater and watch the new Michael Rapaport doc, “Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest.” I had heard awhile back that this movie was being made, and then heard a nice little piece about it this afternoon on NPR.

I asked my friends the other day on Facebook a few music related questions, one of them being: “What band would you most like to see get back together?” My answer was The Smiths but A Tribe Called Quest would be a close second. Their style, flow, and beats (btw, I found out last winter that listening to these guys is perfect pace making music for running for which I need all the help that I can get since I occasionally engage in this form of exercise but loath it almost as much as cleaning the cat’s crap box) are superb but the thing that I like the most is their content. They under indulge in all of the trite, soul crushing keeping up with the Joneses product placement. They’re heavy on snappy word play (“The Five-Foot Assassin knockin fleas off his collar, Hip-hop scholar since bein knee-high to a duck, The height of Mugsy Bogues, complexion of a hockey puck“). Lots of local references for their borough our interspersed, and they sample in a small enough dosage that it actually feels like a sample, and not an entire song with a timing change and a new set of lyrics.

That would be awesome though. We’ll grab some of our favorite Greek take out (hello, Spanakopita), head to the drive-in down south and watch Rapaport’s movie…. I just looked and it’s not out yet, and I’m dreaming anyways because they’re pretty much not going to show it at the outdoor multiplex. I bet you it’ll be at The Egyptian on Capitol Hill.


Half A Grand

Jul 20
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I usually space artists out more, especially if the album that I’m grabbing a song from isn’t new, and unless it’s a group that I currently have a massive band-crush on (I’m looking at you The Head and the Heart, and am hoping to make eye contact), and with an exception granted if I’m going to see a band in concert in a week or two. It’s sort of the I before E except after C” middle school caliber algorithm that the Play On Daily monkey plays hop scotch to before the “Publish” button gets hit each night.

Well wouldn’t you know it? The formula needs to be re-written just in time for my 500th post. Yup, I have posted 500 songs, with I think only one repeat (“Rolling In The Deep”) over the last 23 months. I’ll give a summarized re-cap, and some highlights in a day or two, but as usual this post is being cranked out in a few spare minutes between important events (work and trivia… and dog petting, and dinner cooking… exciting stuff, yeah?).

So back to the formula busting 500th post. I ended up listening to this song about a dozen times in a span of about 36 hours last week when I was talking about my Bumbershoot itinerary. I say this a lot, but this has got to be one of the most beuatiful, kind of under the radar songs that I’ve heard, maybe ever. So simple, strong rich and deep with the electric, gentle strings, soft yet powerful on Ray’s voice, this one is spectacular. I got this one stuck in my head and by the time I shook it off I couldn’t remember what came after “C.”

If you’ve spent five seconds or five minutes here over the last almost two years, thank you. If I’ve managed to turn you on to one song, five songs, or 500 songs, you’re welcome. I read stats for awhile and could see that awhile back, more people started reading and listening than I know. I don’t read the stats hardly at all any more because that’s not what it’s about so I just write stuff, embed vids off of YouTube and wonder once in awhile if anyone still tunes in. I know that a couple of people are still out there because my bro commented a week ago, and a real live rock star commented. Or, at least someone claiming to be frontman Galen of one of my fave bands (Pickwick) dropped me a note last week…. I’m pretty sure it was him… Super cool!!!

“Shelter” – Ray Lamontagne – “Trouble” (2004)