“Latin Girls” – Black Eyed Peas – “Elephunk” (2003)

Sep 30
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I heard “Shut Up” off of this album before 6 AM this morning at the gym. I got a little mini boost – we’ll call it a Five Second Energy beause in late 2003, and healthy chunks of the next couple of years, I probably listened to this album more than any other. The Peas were yet to fully burst out of their pod, and like a lot of artists, I think that those semi-formative years provided some of their best stuff. I admit, I dig on some of the black eyed cheese that the foursome has been serving up in recent years but “Elephunk” was good stuff. It was a super popped out album. It was meant to build the brand, mix a little bit of rap, a few samples, a nice cross section represented by the four Peas, and a smidge of off color bad boy/girl edge (It was “Retarded” before it got “Started”) but you know what,there are 15 solid songs on this record, and I probably listened to the thing front to back 500 times.

While I’m at it admitting stuff, I always liked the one that got all of the radio play featuring Timberlake (I need a JT post, I like that dude… pure entertainer) but “Latin Girls” is just flat out cool. I cranked that thing in my car so many times. Good times!!!


(Parentheses Gone Wild)

Sep 29
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I loved the Joe Arthur (he told the audience to call him Joe, don’t worry I’m not trying to act all chummy like I know him or something) show at The Triple Door. Since then, I’ve been trying to game plan when I’m going to go to the The Triple Door again, and when I’m going to to see Joseph Arthur (I wish I was a cool fan hailing from somewhere like Venice so I could call him Giuseppie Arturo and get away with it… without sounding all falsely chummy). Opening act Emily Greene commented at least three times about how “chill” (the cool hipster word that I’m most ready to see occupying space in the “Cool Hipster Word Landfill”) the crowd was. But I’m kind of wondering if the place would be less “c*&^#” if the stage was occupied by non-singer-songwriters such as Greene (to set the record straight, I’m not judging Greene to harshly on the fact that she strafed the crowd with the “C” word (no, not that “C” word, the five letter “C” word (get my mind out of the gutter which you put there based on what your mind thought I was saying (wow, that was kind of like “Inception there for a second)))). Anyways (gratuitous and a waste of space), I loved The Triple Door and Joseph/Joe/Giuseppie Arthur/Art (Joe Art?)/Arturo.

I really want to go to Shelby Lynne in three weeks at The Triple Door. She’s playing as part of the City Arts Festival which would mean that it would be a full weekend for me since I’m going to Boxer Rebellion and Pickwick (and two other bands that I can’t remember and am too full to look up right now (“Mmmmmm, Porkkkkk Choppp” – Homer Simpson)). I love how Lynne stradles about four genres (R & B, country, blues, and rock) and meshes things beautifully. She’s put together quite the stellar career. I’m sure she’ll put on a great show at The Triple Door, and it’ll be a Saturday night, so it might not be as Ch1!! as the Tuesday night show that I just attended.

“Leavin'” – Shelby Lynne – “I Am Shelby Lynne” (2000)


“Horses” – Joseph Arthur – “The Graduation Ceremony” (2011)

Sep 28
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I saw a great solo Joseph Arthur show tonight at The Triple Door. Just Joe – hey it’s his 40th birthday – his guitar, loop pedals, an electronic canvas of random video clips, and original art work, and then Arthur sketched out a painting during his performance of “I Miss The Zoo.” And, for two songs including “I Miss The Zoo,” Jeff Ament joined Joe on stage. Very nice Tuesday evening of music which was opened by Emily Greene, who my wife loved, of course. I say of course because she has this thing about falling in love with opening acts.



Sep 26
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Lots of possible directions to go in tonight… I’m going to Joseph Arthur tomorrow night at The Triple Door…. Radiohead was on Colbert tonight… September has been all about PJ20 and the 20th anniversary of the release of “Nevermind”… Wilco’s is releasing its new album tomorrow and it can be heard in its entirety on NPR Music.

Of all of those choices, I’m a heavy lean toward Arthur but I’ll save that for tomorrow, or better yet, Wednesday when the show is still fresh in my memory. So how about if we go with None of the Above.

I admit, somewhat ashamed that I have not dug into Blitzen Trapper’s latest (downloading it right now) but that’s partly because I’m still getting a lot of use out of last year’s “Destroyer of the Void.” “Sadie” was the final track on last year’s record, and one of, if not the best song on the album. Do yourself a favor and pick up the last two albums, or better than that, the entire Blitzen Trapper catalog.

“Sadie” – Blitzen Trapper – “Destroyer of the Void” (2010)


“Take A Long Line” – Angel City – “Face to Face” (1978)

Sep 25
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My blog has been the victim of heaps of inattention and neglect over the last several days because of the Aussie wild bunch that invaded our house. It was a great weekend to be out and about soaking up every second of a beautiful Indian summer, Seattle weekend. The only problem is…. did I mention that those blokes are a wild bunch. There will be finger pointing, of course, as to who made who drink, what, when, and was it really necessary to consume the volumes that we did. One of the crew said yesterday morning that it’s a marathon and not a sprint in response to someone else saying that there was some beverage nursing going on. He was right of course, it was a marathon. Marathons are grueling and I lived to say that I ran a drinking marathon with the Melbourne trio, and lived to blog about it.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to post a song by this awesome rock and roll band from down under, and I think that today’s the day. Sort of a poor man’s AC/DC, Angel City were a staple of rock and roll radio in early 80’s. Fast and hard, equipped with a very able front man in Doc Neeson, these guys were one of those hard rock bands that found and retained big enough bases to head line the mid-level venues bue never pushed through to the next level. A couple of other bands that I liked back in my KISW years that had similar sized and minded followings were: UFO, Rainbox, and Marillion. Play it loud, crack another, and make the most of the opportunities to be with friends, and make new ones. The blog will be there when the marathon is over.


“Finest Worksong” – R.E.M. – “Document” (1987)

Sep 21
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And so it is, after more than 30 years and for most of that time with the original foursome of: Peter Buck, Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, and Bill Berry intact, R.E.M. in Stipe’s word are “calling it a day as a band.” I would by no means say that I was ever a card carrying, devout R.E.M. fan but bits and piece of what they created definitely played well with me. I posted my favorite R.E.M. song (“Nightswimming”) before this blog was even a month old, and I’m tempted to play it today, as the sentimental, warm feel of the song seems a good fit on this day but I try to avoid do-overs so I’ll go with my second favorite R.E.M. song.


“Lido Shuffle” – Boz Skaggs – “Silk Degrees” (1977)

Sep 20
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My brother and I loved this song when we were kids. I’m not sure exactly what our boy Lido is up to in this little ditty but it kid of sounds like bad news, or at least not the kind of wholesome stuff that my impressionable little 12 year old self should have been hearing about. I mean, he wasn’t heading out to The Bering Sea to go crab fishing, was he? Or, doing an honest day’s worth of white collar pyramid building? He was probably doing really bad stuff, like wearing bell bottoms and leaving the top three buttons of his shirt open. Lewd, obscene stuff.

I’m doing the Puyallup (Pew-WALL-up) tonight and Boz Skaggs is cranking it up on the mainstage. I’m not going to the show since I’m double booked eating scones, BBQ, maybe a burger, and watching the hypnotist but I might have to stand around the fringes and wait for this song to get played. So dated, yet so good.


“Gettin’ Drunk and Fallin’ Down” – Hank Williams III – “Rebel Within” (2010)

Sep 19
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Hank the 3rd has been a busy guy over the last year and a half. In that time, he has released five albums, two of which were basically doubles, for a total of 83 songs, and with the three most recent albums being released two weeks ago (Sept. 6th). There are a lot of different genres represented with metal, punk, and of course country, that good old fashioned, rowdy, unwashed country that his daddy’s especially good at dishin’ up. I haven’t listened to any of the new stuff yet, so I’m serving up the lead track off of last year’s “Rebel Within.”

Hank III will be in Seattle at the Showbox at the Market in two weeks. Mention Playondaily,com at the front door and receive a complimentary blank stare. Have a good week everyone, and please if you must get drunk during the week try and keep it in check and don’t do the Fallin’ Down kind of drunk until….. at least Thursday.


“Never Come Back” – Company of Thieves – “Running From A Gamble” (2011)

Sep 18
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I’ve pretty much never heard an acoustic version of a song that I haven’t liked as much or more than the original studio version. This one is close. The thing is, that although this version featuring original band members Genevieve Schatz belting it out, and Marc Walloch on guitar is astoundingly good, the studio version is an entirely different animal and has some kind of Queen-style twists, and non-Hollywood ending turns that won’t come into play in the stripped down version. The important thing though, of course, is that these guys are a very intriguing, relatively new band that deserves your attention.

I really enjoyed the bio that Genevieve wrote on their website. It’s a good example of how someone can dig deep and rely on their resourcefulness in able to push through the tough and unsure times in order to give oneself a chance to further dreams and aspirations. The first two albums make it easy to reason that Company of Thieves will be making compelling music and amassing fans for an indefinite period of time.

The band will be making a Seattle appearance at The Vera Project on Sunday, November 20th. I’m sure it’ll be a full venue that night.


“What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” – Jimmy Ruffin – “Jimmy Ruffin Sings Top Ten (1966)

Sep 16
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Will there ever be a stronger music brand than Motown? The depth of the catalog and roster is staggering. I know that jazz is considered an original art form but the Motown sound doesn’t really succinctly fit into the jazz music tree. Motown, specifically the Motown of the 60’s and early 70’s was more like an original American recipe, or a cookbook. It’s comfort food for sure. That might sound like it’s not lofty enough but I’m not talking just any old comfort food, I’m talking the kind that you get from mom when you come home for winter break from college.

Of all of those great Motown songs, this Jimmy Ruffin classic has always been right up there for me. It’s bluesy, sounds like it is being sung about a specific person or maybe to the entirety of the uncaring universe (take your pick), Ruffin’s rich voice, the harmonizing backing vocal, and The Funk Brothers supplying the melody. Motown perfection!!!