“Here Comes the Rain Again”- The Eurythmics – “Touch” (1984)

Dec 28
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Admittedly, I’m swiping this 80’s classic and all of its fgurative nuance only because it is the round peg in a round holed meteorological event. I’m sitting halfway around the world from my typically cozy gray weather encrusted abode, and will be involuntarily partaking in a cyclone sometime in the next 36 hours. Cyclone Thane, pleased to me you. Let’s see what you’ve got.


“New Low” – Middle Class Rut – “No Name No Color” (2010)

Dec 26
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These guys would make a great middle of the deck addition to Deck the Hall Ball – yeah I’m already compiling my wish list for next year’s show which is something like 50 weeks away (I really do need to get a life). If lead vocalist Zack Lopez isn’t related to Perry Farrell, or at least isn’t aware that he is, he might want to double check. Wow, does he ever sound like Mr. Palooza.


“Open Arms” – Elbow – “Build A Rocket Boys!” (2011)

Dec 25
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No, it’s not Journey cover day. Just another track from one of my favorite bands and the band on the top of my list of those who I have not seen yet in concert.

Merry Christmas!


“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dec 24
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Merry Christmas everyone.

Let the journey begin!

“Please Come Home for Christmas” – Martina McBride (2011)


“The Scientist” – Aimee Mann – “Lost in Space” (2002)

Dec 24
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I guess I’m losing the chance to use my December 23rd “Friday Cover” on a Christmas tune but Ms. Mann’s cover of this Coldplay tune trumped the Holiday genre. Sorry Santa, will I still get prezzies?

Mann doesn’t do any major overhaul to the original. It’s laid down with an identical time signature, comes to life piano driven, and then swells in the middle with guitar flowing in. It’s the same song that Chris Martin and his lads recorded one year before Mann’s version. But, it’s a beauty either way and gains something from Mann’s a little bit folksy, a little bit rock and roll vocal.

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

Tomorrow the big trip to India and ill advised(?) rickshaw challenge begins. If you haven’t already, keep track of us via Team Tuk and Roll’s blog.


“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen – “A Night at the Opera” (1975)

Dec 22
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I’ve been stocking up on music tonight in preparation for my trip to India. We’re going to need hours and hours of driving tunes, a play list or two for the nightly after race party, and some poignant songs to go with the daily blogs posts detailing the marvels of India and its people. Then I started thinking that I haven’t posted any Queen in awhile. I would have never guessed it, but after a quick search, I found that I’ve only posted one Queen song in two and a half years of Play On Daily. Could a Wayne’s Worldesque moment break out in one of our jammin’ little tuk tuks. Sure, we can do it! If a Pacer can withstand concussive amounts of head banging, a tuk tuk should survive the onslaught.


“Video Games” – Lana Del Rey – “Born to Die” (2012)

Dec 21
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I can’t recall the last time an artist with a still to be released debut album has generated as much buzz as Lana Del Rey. The album is due out in late January but since its release “Video Games” has made a huge impression and charted well all over the world. “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” is one of the monikers that has been thrown Del Rey’s way. At first listen, the talent is clearly present but what I really dig is the brooding, from the (broken) heart tone of this song. It sounds like the kind of thing that spills on to the page right before somebody breaks away, or maybe awakens from a daydream and realizes that it just isn’t going to work out. To me, this is the type of combo: pretty girl + original material that should fill up pop radio. Then again, what do I know, as I haven’t listened to any middle of the road/dial radio for years.


“Ray Charles” – Chiddy Bang (2011)

Dec 20
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I’ll be brief here but please don’t take that as me being less than enthusiastic about Chiddy Bang. Love ’em! When it comes to hip hop, I like a little of this, a little of that but mostly steer clear of the major label standard bearers. Give me something with a little less sneer and fear and, a little more natural light, and a flow that doesn’t focus on beating my senseless. Chiddy Bang fills up my check list so I’ve got to listen and so should you.


“Let It Bleed” – The Rolling Stones – “Let It Bleed” (1969)

Dec 18
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Happy birthday to Keith Richards who turns 68 today. We’ve all marveled for the last decade or so at the fact that Richards is still among the living but what’s even more amazing is that by his account, he slept for only a couple of hours a night in his younger years and when you add up all of those extra wakeful hours he’s managed to sneak in a few bonus years that the rest of us snoozed through. I’m not sure you’d want to use Richards’ life as a how-to for making the most of the short time that we have on earth but then again…


“Everybody Wants to Rule The World” – Patti Smith – “Twelve” (2007)

Dec 17
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For the second week in a row, I’m a day late on my Friday Cover post.

My excuse for yesterday? A early morning doctor’s appointment that turned into a six hour day of dilation, pictures of my eye ball (Planet Eyeball, I like to call it), probes, sensors but luckily all fully clothed and non-invasive. So, I call in sick, eat lunch, check movies.com, see that “Drive” will fit into my schedule, run down the hill, don’t see that “Drive” is still playing so buy a ticket for the movie that starts at 3 PM about which I know absolutely nothing. Whoa, full male frontal nudity, not once but twice in the first ten minutes of the movie, and then during the rest of the movie about six of the most graphic sex scenes that I’ve ever seen at a multi-plex… what movie did I buy a ticket for again? “Shame.” There was an older couple sitting right behind me that I’m going to profile and guess that they might have misread the board and thought they were paying $20 to watch “Shane.” And I thought I was surprised. I felt like going back out and asking for 3-D glasses. Hey, if I’m going to watch this movie, I might as well get my money’s worth. Then after a stop at B & N and a purchase of a real book made out of wood pulp and not Kindle magic (“The Pulphead Essays” by John Jeremiah Sullivan, I decided that the only non-digital books that I’m purchasing from now on will be books of essays and short stories which I happen to love), I headed up the hill for happy hour at The Six Arms. Five glasses of Terminator later, I was ready for bed, and so, no Friday Cover.

I knew what I wanted to post though and here it is. Check out the whole album as it’s the incomporable Ms. Smith covering 12 songs plus a bonus track.