“Stay” – Jakwob featuring Rocky Nti – “The Prize” (2012)

May 31
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There are lots of balls in the air here. Lots of planets orbiting. Well sung and wonderfully orchestrated, this is a fun album by one of the UK’s young Dubstep center pieces.


“Glorified G” – Pearl Jam – “Vs.” (1993)

May 30
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The surveillance pictures from Cafe Racer that the Seattle Police Department released today are haunting. Five people are sitting and chatting, reading a book, working a grill, having a cup of coffee, in general enjoying their morning, and then in the one minute and three seconds between pictures four of those five people are dead or dying. There just isn’t any word or combination of words that can come close to describing how unfair that is.


“Gloria” – U2- “Under A Blood Red Sky” (1983)

May 29
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I’m not sure which I am more excited about: seeing The Lumineers and Cake, or seeing a concert at Red Rocks for the first time. My mission concerning The Lumineers for the next two months is to not over listen and burn out on them. At the rate I’m going, burn out is a very real possibility since I seem to be cutting straight to the letter “L” on my list of artists whenever I plug into my Zune. Lykke Li gets a few plays, LCD Soundsystem is hard to avoid, and Lydia Loveless is still high on my list, but The Lumineers are getting worn out in my personal music zone. And then as an appetizer, I’ll most likely be seeing The Lumineers six days before I see them at Red Rocks because they’ll be making an appearance here in Seattle at Capitol Hill Block Party. Not to forget, I’ve got love for Cake, and I’ve seen Cake before but The Lumineers are the reason that I’m flying to Denver for a weekend in late July… And to see Red Rocks.


“Green Lights” – Aloe Blacc – “Good Things” (2010)

May 27
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Indeed, today was one of those kind of days. Perfect weather, perfect pace, perfect company, perfect past time, and this is the perfect song to sum it up.


“Battle in Me” – Garbage – “Not Your Kind of People” (2012)

May 24
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I got my Citizen Cope tickets today. October 3rd in The Paramount. It’s been relatively slow going so far for me for live shows this year but my calendar is starting to get marked up. We’ve got The Parlotones in mid-June, Grace Potter and Capitol Hill Block Party in the same week in late July, a trip to New Orleans in September where I want to just walk into random clubs and see and hear whatever is on tap that night, and Citizen Cope in October. That’s pretty solid. Oh yeah, and I have Florence and the Machine, and Dave Matthews tickets but I’m not really planning on using them.

New Garbage. These guys are starting to pile up the years (aren’t we all) but they’ve still got a healthy amount of rock and roll in them. I love the flickering little pauses in the chorus in this song. I’m very cognizant of the pauses ever since reading Jennifer Egan’s great novel “A Visit from the Goon Squad” in which all of the coolest moments of silence in the history of rock and roll are examined. Great book, check it out… or buy it.


“Sin City” – AC/DC – “Powerage” (1978)

May 23
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That itch is always there. Most of the time I can ignore it and let it just sit there unattended until it recedes back into my pours, into dormancy, but it never truly goes away. And it shouldn’t go away. This is the loud, combustible rock and roll that I grew up on, and was probably the soundtrack for every incidence of trouble I ever got in. We should never forget who we are, or where we come from. I came from a time and place where anything and everything by AC/DC was music to rally by and party to every Friday night. Especially when I hear Bon Scott’s part of the catalog, I think of roaming around West Seattle as a teenager with my brother, Dennis, Heim, and whoever else was in the car looking for I don’t know what… trouble, parties, girls, food. We were mostly looking for stuff that we never found and it seems like we were always cranking the AC/DC. That itch will never truly go away.


“Serpents” – Sharon Van Etten – “Tramp” (2012)

May 21
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This one plays like an 18 wheeler heading out of a lonely truck stop and on to the open road in the middle of the night. All of the rhythm, the hook, and feeling are feathered in to build momentum like going through a big rig’s set of gears. Sharon Van Etten’s got a lot of blues and soul in her brand of rock and roll, some Patti Smith, and a general East Coast vibe. I just looked up her bio and with nothing derogatory or otherwise meant by it, she’s younger than I expected. I roll through the same sets of descriptions, comparisons, and themes to try and describe songs, artists, and genres but one that I think that I’ve managed to steer clear of until now is: old soul. Sharon Van Etten is an old soul.


“Small Bright Doses” – Winterpills – “All My Lovely Goners” (2012)

May 21
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This is a beautiful song in the key of mourning. We only get so many chances and it sounds like the protagonists in the snapshot of time portrayed in this song are spending many a day recounting one of those chances, by all indications a lost opportunity.

It’s a new week. Make the most of your opportunities.


“Love The Way You Lie” – Eminem (featuring Rihanna) – “Recovery” (2010)

May 20
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There’s no rhyme or reason as to how songs end up in my regular rotation. I hardly even knew that this song even existed for the last couple of years, and probably only heard it once previously (when Eminem performed it on awards show) but all of a sudden in the last couple weeks, I’ve GOT TO listen to it at least once every time I go to the gym. There’s a lot of anger here bordering on felonious passion, it’s what Eminem does best after all but the entirety of the song is compelling with an acoustic guitar hook, and Rihanna adding the chorus. Hey, it took me about eight years to get around to watching “8 Mile” so I guess I’m consistently late to the party.


“Healing Hands” – Brett Dennen (2010)

May 19
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The blog’s had way too many blank spots lately. Too little time to listen to tunes and sit in front of my computer means that I must be doing something more productive with my free time. That something is coaching Little League. It’s great overseeing a jumble of kids learning how to play baseball, and although I rather enjoy that I manage to get a daily song posted more often than not, being on a field with a bunch of preteens a few nights of the week is a pretty fun gig. It’s amazing how ravenously hungry and tired a person can get just from screaming at /vociferously encouraging a gaggle of 11 year olds. By the time I get home, sustenance and zzzz’s are usually all I can think about. And so, the blog lays unattended on many-a Little League night.

It was sunny on the way to practice yesterday, all of the windows were down and Clarence Greenwood was giving the speakers a work out. Citizen Cope is in my top 5 go-to artists when I don’t want to think too hard about what to press “play” on. I’ve seen him once and to be critically honest, the set wasn’t as good as I expected. Cope gets into those elongated grooves and while he sounds good, it kind of dilutes his strong lyrics and Occupied brand of blues. The other thing which kind of buzz killed it for me was the fact that he was apparently refreshing his. I’m not one to begrudge a man in need of his vice; it’s just that I wish they had passed the pipe a little faster.

Brett Dennen’s cover of Citizen Cope is a solid rendition of a nice song. I had a comfortable seat in the Dennen band wagon about five years ago, right along with everyone else who seemed to be practically proclaiming him as some kind of Red Headed Jesus. I listened a little too much until I finally couldn’t handle another serving and have been further swayed away by a couple of friends who were less than impressed with him in concert. However, if he’s going to play a Citizen Cope song and have a nice moment with it, I guess I’d better take heed.