“I Don’t Wanna Pray” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “Here” (2012)

Jun 30
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A little subdued compared to their 2009 debut, nonetheless all of that organic, extended family hootenanny feel still comes through in the new Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros album. I can almost sense the unwashed, funkiness of a close quartered venue with this conglomerate grinding out a lathered up set, every time I put on my Audio-Technica headphones and listen to them. I made a slight error in concert ticket buying over zealousness when I put down money to see the Head and the Heart for the sixth time, not knowing that Alex Ebert and the gang would be in town on the same day. No worries though as I’m sure they’ll come around for another show sometime between now and next Labor Day.


“New Soul” – Yael Naïm – “Yael Naïm” (2008)

Jun 26
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I’ve heard 30 second chunks of this song a couple hundred times, at least, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the whole thing until tonight. I’ve heard a snippet about 50 times, just like you via the Apple commercial that Ms. Naïm’s song starred in a couple of years ago. And I’ve heard it another 150+ times as Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk added it to his creation, “No Pause” a few years ago. I love it in “No Pause” as it plays as bouncy backing music to Eminem’s “Shake That.”

So this fun little ditty pops up on my Pandora Lily Allen and, WHAT, all these years I thought it was a Feist song. Let’s see, what else did I learn today… June is a sucky weather month in Seattle, nope already knew that… SCOTUSblog is the place to be tuned in on Thursday when I want to know if Obamacare gets overturned, yeah that’s a cool – well, maybe not cool – let’s try “useful” tidbit…That’s about all that I learned besides the fact that Yael Naïm and Feist didn’t both make a song that Steve Jobs and Girl Talk each found worthy of sampling. May your tomorrow be more enlightened than my today.


Hulahoop Wounds – At The Drive-in – “In/Casino/Out” (2011)

Jun 25
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Here are a couple more songs that will be getting seeded somewhere in my Top 50:

Lola Stars and Stripes – The Stills
Straight To Hell – The Clash
Hey Jude – The Beatles (Top 5, for sure)
Cities in Dust – Siouxsie and the Banshees
White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
Fight The Power – Public Enemy
Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
Bad – U2
N.W.O. – Ministry


How about something nice and starchy to kick off the week.


Weekend Wrap Up

Jun 24
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– I’ve listened to Langhorne Slim once a day for the last three days. I’m very excited to see him at The Tractor in early August. If you haven’t given it a listen, get on it already. I hear someone different – he’s his own man, he’s an original don’t get me wrong – every time I cue it up. Where I am currently with his voice is: equal parts Tom Waits, and Cat Stevens with a teaspoon of Ray LaMontagne. That’s a recipe worth trying, don’t ya’ think?

– I’m going to start assembling my Top 50 songs, as I mentioned last night. I’ll just add a few as I think of ’em and in a few weeks, I’ll get around to trying to rank them. I’m guessing that the stuff that comes to my mind first is going to be getting low numbers, and up high on the list. Here are the first several that come to mind:

Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead
Rearview Mirror – Pearl Jam
Nessun Dorma – yeah sure, I’ll take a Pavarotti version
Boogie On Reggae Woman – Stevie Wonder
Ghosts – The Head and the Heart
Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam
Racing in the Street – Bruce Springsteen
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding – Elvis Costello
Make You Feel My Love – Adele
Breed – Nirvana
Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem

– I set foot in a roller rink yesterday for the first time in about 35 years. Actually, that’s a slightly false as I’ve played some roller hockey in rinks within that span of time, but for the sake of going to a rink for a public session, yesterday was a first over the last 35 years. I went to the rink yesterday to watch my cousin’s roller derby bout and stuck around to chat with my cuz afterwards as the public skate began. The fist song that came on was, I’m positive on the playlist 35 years ago. It’s kind of nice when you can sort of accidentally get taken away from your daily path and end up in a place and time that has almost been forgotten.

“Car Wash” – Rose Royce (1976)


“The Score” – The Fugees – “The Score” (1996)

Jun 24
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Lauryn Hill’s got to have some kind of unofficial title conveying, or lamenting her relative lack of product. Some titular thing like, “Best Singer/Lyricst with the Least Amount of Recorded Amount of Material considering her Immense Talent.” Yeah, something nice and concise like that.

I’m going to put together a list of my 50 Favorite Songs of All Time one of these days and then update the thing, maybe every four times a year. Hill’s “Tell Him” will make that list from here until forever for me. How ridiculously, genuinely, good were The Fugees though. “The Score” has got to be one of the best 100 albums of the last 20 years. Off the charts charisma, delivery, pace, and setters of the mood; this crew’s got skill and artistry that hundreds of other crews will spend their entire careers trying to hone.


“The Way We Move” – Langhorne Slim – “The Way We Move” (2012)

Jun 23
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Can I cram in shows at multiple venues on one night? First, there’s the free show at the Seattle Center that I mentioned last night with the night cap being Langhorne Slim at The Tractor. It’s not really much of a cram as the two places are only a couple of miles apart, and those Friday night parties at The Tractor usually don’t give you a glimpse of the headliner until something like 10:30 PM. Plus, there are plenty of places in Ballard for the intermission to grab a pint and a bite to sustain me through the night and early morning. Late July and early August are really rounding into shape as a fertile couple of weeks for concert going.

I’d never heard this Langhorne Slim song until John Richards did me the pleasure this morning. This is the kind of song that literally make my ears sit up at attention. This song is brimming with that boisterous, not too refined energy and touched by elements of a couple, three genres which make it feel like this living organism that you can feel, chest bump, hug, and high five.

It’s officially summer, Northern Hemisphereites, bask while the basking is plentiful.



“Who’s Gonna Raise These Babies” – Shovels & Rope – “Lions and Lambs” (2011)

Jun 21
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The first verse of this song speaks to me as sort of drawled version of Everclear’s “Heroin Girl.” It’s just good, unclean, rockin’ country fun.

I love the sub genre that Shovels & Rope self describe themselves as: sloppy tonk.

KEXP’s free summer concert series at the Seattle Center gets off to what is destined to be a down and dirty good time as Shovels & Rope will be headlining a line up that also includes: Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Legendary Oaks, and Fly Moon Royalty. The beer tent at the summer series usually is stocked with Red Hook products but man if there was ever a show that was in need of nothing but a truck or two of PBR, it’s this show.


“Not What You Think It Is” – Dan Mangan – “Postcards and Daydreaming” (2005)

Jun 20
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For the second night in a row, I’m going with old favorites instead of hitting the like button on something new. I’m going back about three albums for this one but I love Dan Mangan and think that his entire collection is really good stuff and worthy of a listen anytime, anywhere.


“Varúð” – Sigur Rós – “Valtari” (2012)

Jun 18
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I’ve polished off a massive portion of the bands that I want to see before my concert going days come to an end. The list grows and constricts on a daily basis based on cool new bands (The Lumineers, Gotiye, M83, Shovels & Rope) that come on the scene and those who pass away (Beastie Boys, Amy Winehouse) before I get a chance to hear them live, but I’ve also managed to notch a few bands that are no longer around (Audioslave, Elvis Costello and the Attractions) and music greats who are no longer with us (Etta James, Billy Preston).

On my really condensed must MUST SEE list are a couple of bands that have been very elusive for me to this point: Sigur Rós, and Elbow. I failed miserably at getting tickets for the August show for the otherworldly, Icelandic band, and Elbow just doesn’t come up here very often. I’m persistent though, and as I get older I’ll probably spend more money than I should and get a visa to some Euro destination to check out one or both of my two favorite bands.


“Leading Me Now” – Tallest Man on Earth – “There’s No Leaving Now” (2012)

Jun 16
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Somebody needs to convince Kristian Matsson aka the Tallest Man on Earth that touring is fun. To be more geographically specific, seeing the western United States and especially the northern regions and all of the green, hilly scenery via luxury tour bus, is a nice way to spend a few weeks, maybe let’s say every other year. I know, I know, he played a show in Seattle a couple of years ago but I’m just getting in some early lobbying (it is an election year after all) in hopes that he will hear that there is definitely a need up in these parts to hear the brilliant, Swedish singer-songwriter up close and personal sometime in the second half of the year.

The new album doesn’t really go off on too meandering of a path from that previously traveled by Matsson but if you’ve loved or even liked him previously, I think you’ll enjoy his latest compilation of ten songs. He’s just got a real easy feeling, blended with ample grit, and a knack for assembling words. The Crocodile in mid-October would make a perfect space and time to play host to this guy from Dalarna, Sweden; this guy the Tallest Man on Earth.