“Ghosts” – The Head and the Heart – “The Head and the Heart” (2011)

Aug 31
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This is a farewell post. Today is my last day at the place that I’ve called my 9 to 5 home for the last 21+ years. It’s more than that, of course. If it was just a place, a space, with cubes, and flipper bins, staplers, copy machines, procedures, conference rooms, a clock to punch, reports, PCs, etc. this wouldn’t be a farewell post. This would be a holy crikees, I’m glad I finally got the heck out of there. Let me start over…

This is a farewell post. Today is the last day that I’ll spend with people that I’ve spent a sizable chunk of my last 21+ years with. There were all kinds of people – respectful, hard working, funny, serious, black, yellow, white, brown blue, green, red, and those misunderstood other “browns.” I showed up for all of those 5,000+ days not just to accrue some paid vacation, get a couple of free cups of coffee, and make a living. I showed up because I liked who I spent time with and felt valued. That never changed or diminished but at a certain point I felt like I owed it to myself to try something new.

I wanted to post something a little melancholy but somebody might listen to it and say “aww, Dave’s sad, poor bastard.” Something like Dan Mangan’s “Not What You Think It Is” (man, I love that song) might have done well in this spot. It’s bittersweet i.e. human (isn’t everything that is worth giving a shit about bittersweet after all? Bittersweet is in a a lot of ways the perfect sweet swap of the human condition. I mean, who wants to be sweet all of the time? Seriously, do you really think it would be fun to be Kelly Ripa 24/7? Wouldn’t your face hurt from all of that ridiculous smiling? Bitter all day everyday? I know a few Cubs fans, some who read this blog, and man what I would give to not be them. So you mix them together and you get “hi, I’m Kelly Ripa my life’s perfcet, no wait, I’m a Cubs fan, damn…” and you never end up feeling overly entitled and your little world stays centered. And, that my friends is text book bittersweet). Bittersweet suits me just fine.

Maybe I’ll dedicate some Waka Flocka to my former co-workers… That actually might be a very bad idea.

The entirety of LCD Soundsystem’s “This Is Happening” album or just “Dance Yrself Clean” live about five times in a row (check it out if you haven’t already. This is one of the best live videos that I’ve ever seen… stick with it, at the 4:20 this thing really blows up). I kind of like that idea but not quite right.

The Talking Heads “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” came about at about the time I started at the bank and Byrne and crew impart just about the right mixture of sweet, sentimentality. I’m getting closer!

“Ghosts” is a good fit. Where have we been? Are we ever leaving? What will we leave behind? So many questions… so many questions…

To the next 21 years… Cheers!!!


“Modern Times” – RNDM – “Acts” (2012)

Aug 30
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The first album from the J.A.’s (Joseph Arthur and Jeff Ament) and Richard Stuverud aka RNDM is due in October followed with a mini tour including a stop at one of my favorite venues, The Showbox at the Market. My fall line up for live music is gaining depth by the day (Head and the Heart, Citizen Cope, Lost in the Trees, RNDM). I’ll be playing one of my favorite musical parlor games – guess the Deck the Hall Ball line up – over the weekend. Who’s going to Bumbershoot? DMB at The Gorge? Neither is happening for me as I’m battening down the hatches for a musical onslaught in NOLA next week.


“Lonesome” – Dr. Dog – “Be The Void” (2012)

Aug 28
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Bluesy throwbacks for modern times. These guys have got a nice little niche wedged in somewhere between bands like The Black Keys and Deer Tick. I pulled this album out of my stash tonight because I wanted to listen to something from the deep south as I’m watching Hurricane Isaac coverage. I always have to remind myself that these guys are Yanks because they sound like some sort of funky, jazz rockers to my ear.

I’ll be in The Big Easy in a week. I hope it’s still upright by the time I get there.


“Hot Cheetos and Takis” – Y.N. Rich Kids (2012)

Aug 26
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My new thing is: to be irresponsible. Ridiculously irresponsible and unrepentant. Like total, bad ass irresponsible. I’m thinking about not taking the weights off of the bar at the gym. Screw the other people who’ve paid their monthly dues. I might not put my cart in the return bin and just leave it in a parking spot the next time I go to Costco. Crazy gangsta shit… you know you’re scared. I helped baby sit a seven and a nine year old this weekend and encouraged staying up way past 9 PM, bought them ice cream cones for dinner, and encouraged them to mispronounce words. Did you just give me a look? Don’t make me come over there and cut you (with my rock paper scissor scissors). Yeah, you don’t wanna mess with this mad dog.


I AM NOT PLAYING AROUND. I’m getting pretty sick of these snack talkin’ little punks. What are they doing outside anyways? Don’t they have some video games to play or something? Shouldn’t they be inside brushing and flossin’ and googling diabetes? All of that sodium and trans fats is just too much. What happened to the good ol’ days when kids knew all of their food groups and would mix in some Twinkies or Skittles to balance out the savory? I’m about to go find those kids and tell them a thing or two about irresponsible.


“Wrong Side of the Bed” – Sean Rowe – “Magic” (2011)

Aug 25
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I love the inspiration for Sean Rowe’s first song which he recounted in an interview for The Rumpus:

I first wrote an untitled song when I was seven or eight using a white plastic Fischer Price typewriter that my parents had bought me for Christmas. (At the time, my brother had told me that Santa was a joke and that mom and dad hid all of our Christmas shit in the attic!) I was inspired to type out my very own song lyrics when I first heard “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. My song started “Walkin’ down the street / and my feet were like meat…” Sorry that’s all I can remember!

This guy draws the Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen comparisons which fit quite nicely. I went back and listened to “Magic” which was released early last year, as sort of a remedial exercise in anticipation of his follow up, “The Salesman and the Shark” which will be released this week. I constantly had to remind myself that I was listening to Sean Rowe and not Gil Scott-Heron. I really love this guy (I’m talking Rowe but I find myself wanting to go on a Scott-Heron binge now) and would guess that he’ll tour non-stop for the next year and fill a couple hundred sized clubs all over the country and Europe, in the process locking down his fan base. I’ll be checking his site periodically to see at what point he takes turns the tour bus west.


“Broken” – Jack Johnson – “Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George” (2006)

Aug 25
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We love our Jack Johnson channel on Pandora. You get tons of Kahuku’s most famous singer/songwriter, Jason Mraz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, maybe some John Mayer, Brett Dennen, and Rage’s “Bulls On Parade.” Really? How? Why?


“Come Alive” – Patrick Reza (featuring Ingrid) – 2012

Aug 23
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I don’t spend a ton of time poking around in the dubstep neighborhood but I really dig this tune from teenager Patrick Reza. There are lots of levels, shiny objects, and some dense storm clouds packed in to four musical minutes. Since dubstep isn’t typically what I plug into, I can’t say that I’ll be anxious for every record that this DJ puts out but I would imagine that fans of the genre will be paying attention.


“Last Waltz” – Horse Feathers – “Cynic’s New Year” (2012)

Aug 21
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Horse Feathers is one of those acts that kind of needs its own sub genre. Post-roots? Chamber folk? Americana Shoegaze?

They are in the middle of a City Art Festival show in mid October with the headliner being Lost in the Trees. Guys on a budget (I’m talking to myself again) love shows like this that only set you back $13.50. I’ll try to ride out the year with a couple of other wallet friendlies and a big splurge on a Deck ticket to supplement my previously purchased Citizen Cope and Head and the Heart tickets. That’s a pretty solid third and fourth quarter, I’ve got no complaints.

There’s a thimble of light for an acre of sky.


“Debonair” – The Afghan Whigs – “Gentlemen” (1993)

Aug 20
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Just a little shout out post to my bro in Hawaii who had a set back with his health this weekend. He likes him some PJ, Maiden, Snow Patrol, Johnny Clegg. He probably likes more stuff than I do and discovered everything before I did, he is older after all… that’ my excuse at least. I couldn’t think of a specific song but I know that close to the top of the heap, my brother loves him some Afghan Whigs. All right, let’s get on with a quick recovery already!


“Don’t Go” – Hothouse Flowers – “People” (1988)

Aug 19
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It’s been a crazy week for me. I’m making a change that will soon make my life look very different than it has been for the last 21 years. I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of stress involved in deciding to pull the trigger but it’s been coming for months or maybe even years and now that I’ve made the decision, I’m excited and invigorated for what comes next.

I spent much of the second night of this weekend’s camping trip telling my buddy, “oh yeah, I’ve seen them” every time a band who I have seen in concert came on his iPod. The Killers, Jet, Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, Parlotones (although he had me trumped there as he’s seen them probably five times to my one), the list just seemed to go on and on. Until we got to Hothouse Flowers, I was winning in a landslide but then Donovan scored a point and I was left with the realization that I’ll have to be pretty proactive – as they don’t seem to do too many live gigs anymore – if I want to even the score.