“Naked” – Sera Cahoone – “Deer Creek Canyon” (2012)

Oct 30

The year’s getting away from me. I’m taking inventory of the shows that I’ve seen this year.

What was good or great?

Alabama Shakes
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Lumineers at Block Party (good)
Lumineers at Red Rocks (great)
Langhorne Slim

What was okay but didn’t live up to what I thought it would be?


What did I miss that I really wanted to see?

Tallest Man on Earth (out of town)
Alt-J (but I’ll catch them on the 12/17 rebound)
Justin Townes Earle

Who did I see that I’ve seen before and will see again?

Citizen Cope
The Head and the Heart
Sera Cahoone

Sera Cahoone last Friday at The Neptune was stellar, and I can’t wait to go see her and her great band the next time they come to town. I mostly go to shows featuring bands that haven’t gotten too comfortable yet and walk on stage with a real hunger and desire to put on a good show. That’s what I felt at the Sera Cahoone show. She’s been at it for awhile and definitely has devotees but the content of her songs and the delivery felt perfect and true from start to finish. There’s so much value in this kind of show. Small venue, big heart, and (for the most part) audiences that are there for just for the purpose of immersing themselves in the beautiful, live music.


“Ronan” – Taylor Swift (2012)

Oct 26
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I knew before I ever listened to this song that this is the one that I would be posting today. I was about to recycle the Rolling Stone issue that I got a couple of weeks ago. I had surfed the reviews looked at all of the pictures and half of the articles in the “Hot List” (including fact checking the authenticity of Max Greenfield’s douche bag shtick on “The New Girl” with my wife who watches the show). I was done with that issue and ready to move on – I’d read about 2/3 of the Taylor Swift interview and I figured that was enough.

The interview told me some stuff that I didn’t know but wasn’t surprised about (she’s tight with her family who help manage here career). I tried to wrap my head around the fact that a certain shape of pasta (rigatoni) makes her feel weird. And, I believed her when she admitted to having thin skin and is hurt when she is mocked and parodied. I didn’t need to read the whole thing, and I hate when I’m tasked with the horrible inconvenience of flipping 40 or so pages from the main body of an article to the bowels of the mag to read the rest of it. I have no idea why I decided to read the article since the first few pages weren’t particularly engaging but I did.

The final portion of the article tells of an appearance that she made at this year’s Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser. She had what interviewer dubbed a “bunker buster” of a song especially for this occasion. It doesn’t matter if you care for Taylor Swift or not. Songs and music are best served full of of emotion and from the heart.


“Forgive Yr. Blood” – Solvents – “Forgive Yr. Blood” (2010)

Oct 25
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I was watching some network talk show this morning at the gym and heard Mark Cuban recite this piece of wisdom, which he said that his dad imparted on him, “you’ll never be younger than you are today, so live like it.” Cuban’s one of those cats that draws a lot of scorn from a large segment of the population because he comes off as some moneyed blowhard who opens his yap while simultaneously writing a check to pay for what others deem to be misfires. But the things is, they aren’t misfires to him. He believes in what he says and he’s tailor fit to the maverick role matching the nickname of his team. It’s an admirable thing to actually be who your say you are.


“Springsteen” – Eric Church – “Chief” (2011)

Oct 24
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It’s been awhile since I’ve countrified this space.

I’ve got my fair amount of Springsteen recollections that I can reflect on. None of it’s much about any chapter of faded romantic memories such as Mr. Church’s but for me my days that seemed like they consisted of nothing by Bruce on the Walkman or turn table are just as nostalgic and maybe just a touch sad because they remind me of days and times that have past that will never be again. Youthful recklessness and lack of much in the way of responsibilities have been replaced with middle age semi-recklessness and a new phase of irresponsibility. I only partially jest but it’s still kind of bittersweet to think think back a couple, three decades and what everybody thought they were going to do with their lives. It’s just kind of human to think about what you’ve got or what you had and to think that there could have been more or it should have been better but when we sit down and list it all out on a piece of paper, most of the time it pencils out and you realize that the shake was pretty fair.

So, I remember sitting around my brother and Dennis’s apartment and just playing the feces out of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band “Live / 1975-85. Sides 5 and 10 were my favorites. We would just get a couple boxes of Rainier or Henry’s or whatever and hang out and crank up the baseboards (because it seemed like it was always cold) and listen to Bruce and whatever else we were in to back in the late 80’s. Good times with our tight little group of friends, enough money to buy another half case if needed and to pay the pizza guy, and that was good enough.

“Believing is Art” – Spoon – “Girls Can Tell” (2001)

Oct 23
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Yes things that everybody would say
Believing is hard
Believing is art
Things everybody should know
The end will come slow
And love breaks your heart

Thank the great almighty that debate season is over.


“Kid You’ll Move Mountains – Manitoba – Up In Flames (2003)

Oct 22
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Mountain, meet kid.

Kid, meet mountain.


Down With the Shine – The Avett Brothers – “The Carpenter” (2012)

Oct 19
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Stay the course. Change is good, I mean bad.


“Is Anybody Out There?” – K’naan (featuring Nelly Furtado) – “Country, God or the Girl” (2012)

Oct 17
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(Comment free for fear of my words being twisted in a way that will make me become a victim of character assassination in a political context. Not that I’m running for political office… now… but someday, maybe, and I don’t need any comments not signifying indifference towards K’naan messing up my run for some high office in the local Moose Lodge.)

So my thinking here is that if I put parentheses around a few words, it’s like a textual version of crossed fingers so the words within don’t really count as comments.


“Breathless” – Dan Wilson – “Free Life” (2007)

Oct 15
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This one goes in the category of Worthy Song by Guy Whose Work Has Found It’s Way Into Your Personal Music Library But You Don’t Even Know Who He Is. Shut the front door, really, he wrote all of those songs… and that song that is your soundtrack for that moment when you’re like “damn, it’s drunk out, I hope that dude’s still peddlin’ hot dogs out on the curb,” he wrote that too?


“Close To You” – Neon Trees – “Picrture Show” (2012)

Oct 14
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Stop. Don’t spend the 99 cents on “Everybody Talks.” Spend whatever it costs to buy the whole album. I wouldn’t lie to you. Neon Trees really do have more than one song. I present to you, Exhibit A, which Neon Trees present as track # 8. I really like these guys and gal. This is pop music with good energy, beats with nice, downhill body lean (to borrow an American Futbol term), and a now kind of vibe which should provide enough momentum to sell beyond that one awesome song which everyone already knows and loves.