“Cavalleria Rusticana” by Pietro Mascagni

Nov 30
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I was studying today at the library. I had gotten into a nice groove: filtering through lecture notes, expanding and condensing material and slotting it in my outline. I was coming up with more original ideas, researching to tighten up source material, just real productive and focused. And then this dude sits down at the adjoining desk.

He kind of did that annoying thing where he slams his bag down harder than he needed to. Why? Is this the graduate library or the squat rack in the weight room? Why do you have to throw your shit down like it weighs 500 pounds? If I had known that would be the least disturbing thing dude would do, I wouldn’t have even flinched. Maybe he really had just got done some weight lifting because then he sat over there making these weird expulsion grunts that can usually be correlated with the reason that the day after Thanksgiving is the # 1 busiest day for Roto-Rooter. Buddy, just ask me to watch your stuff for a few minutes so that you can go in the bathroom and lose a couple pounds. Or is it your own personal sports hernia soundtrack. I don’t know but I needed music, so I plugged in.

I should have done this when I first started studying since classical music is a great study aid. I love my Pandora Beethoven channel. Maybe I should have suggested it for grunting man as it might have helped his indigestion/hernia/full contact breathing episode.


“Spore” – Ramona Falls – “Prophet” (2012)

Nov 28
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As promised, and even on time, I present Ramona Falls. Any song that includes olly oxen free in the lyrical content needs to be posted for the sake of childhood memories. I was pleasently surprised when I googled the hide and seek amnesty catchphrase and saw that there are a bunch of other songs which also include olly olly oxen free by artists such as: R.E.M., Gym Class Heroes, and Amanda Palmer.

“Spore” goes in a few directions, all of them interesting, and also includes one of those Ramona Falls rock out segments that I mentioned yesterday. I am a bit confused but it looks like Ramona Falls either just did or is about to go out on the road with the Helio Sequence. Very nice, I’m game.


“She Talks to Angels” – The Black Crowes – “Shake Your Money Maker” (2012)

Nov 28
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I was all ready to roll with a track off of the fantastic new Ramona Falls record. I listened to all 11 tracks, had turned on my Pandora Eddie Vedder channel to help me deliberate, and on comes this, my favorite Black Crowes song which I haven’t heard for years. I guess I’ll get to that Ramona Falls song tomorrow – yeah right, that from the guy who said last Wednesday that he would start posting daily and hasn’t gotten around to it since then… maybe you need to go out and listen to “Prophet” from Ramona Falls on your own, just in case I go missing in a sea of turkey and stuffing based malaise for another week or two. It’s a varied, northwestish, indie rock album with some nice rock-out moments and off the beaten path lyrical content (shellfish?).


“Downpour” – Brandi Carlile – “The Story” (2007)

Nov 21
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It seems kind of suspicious. A space called Playondaily, which doesn’t always live up to its name and actually spins a new tune about five days a week, gets a post pinned up with a few ambivalent comments about pot legalization accompanied with a blunt song about blunt usage, and then the author disappears from the blogsphere for a couple of weeks. Where did he go? And then, Twinkie the Kid threatens to ride off into the sunset? Life’s so complicated sometimes, just as stoners are getting the all clear sign from government enabled weed retailers, they have to adjust the sweet component of their munchie binges.

No, I haven’t been hoarding Ho Hos or mapping out Marijuana Marts, I’ve been busy doing stuff. Reading, and writing, and tutoring, and stuff. I was so sure that when I stepped away from that whole 9 to 5 thing, that I would have ample time to get in that perfect blogging groove, never miss a day, and get that next space for my internet ramblings up and running. It hasn’t happened yet, or at all in the last couple of weeks but it will.

Today’s song really, truly is not about what the weather is doing right outside my window at this moment although it certainly could be interpreted that way. This popped up on my Pandora Sera Cahoone station about five weeks ago and it has been in the back of my mind since. If I’m going to leave a song up, uninterrupted for a week or two, this song would be the one. It’s beautiful, tender, uncertain, and resilient. I would love to take in one of Ms., or is that Mrs. Carlile’s (congratulations on her recent wedding) shows this weekend but I’m trying to stick to that no job budget and it’s not going to happen this time around.

I would wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving but I’ll holster that for a day or two and will make a vow to myself not to go missing again for a couple of weeks.

“Wake ‘N’ Bake” – The Goats – “No Goats, No Glory” (1994)

Nov 9
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I’ve heard more than a couple concerned citizens on NPR over the last two days telling anyone who’ll listen how worried they are for the next generation in the wake of same sex marriage and personal pot consumption both being legalized. Is it somehow more of a body blow to all that is right and good in society to have the same sex couples live in sin with nothing legally binding as opposed to gettin’ hitched and being subjected to the same oppressive tyranny that us beleaguered heteros have been dealing with since we got suckered into spitting out some crazy vows. Is the happy hour crowd at your office going to forgo $1 PBRs and hot wings for a trip to the weed store and a big smoke out instead?

I don’t plan on marrying a dude any time in the next, oh 400 million years, and although I’ve thought about it for somewhere between 2 and 20 minutes, I’m probably not going to smoke anything more than a Butterball for Thanksgiving anytime in the near future. That said, I could not possibly care less if anybody or everybody does those things anytime in the next forever. I don’t care. I voted to allow for both. Live and let live! Gays and lesbians are already cohabiting, weed smokers are going through unregulated channels to buy their buds. Just bring everything above board already, stop acting like the shit isn’t going on, and worry about your own business. It’s crazy up here in Washington. Damn, we’ve even got two female senators. Maybe they should get married to each and smoke a fat one to celebrate. Weird ass, freaking Worshintonians.”


“Carry Me Ohio” – Sun Kil Moon – “Ghosts of the Great Highway” (2003)

Nov 6
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Which song is trending on this day as “that played most out of context?” This one has got to be the two-party system favorite.

Go vote people. And then, go back about your business and quit acting like half of your fellow countrymen don’t exist or have IQ’s of 85. No matter who wins, we’re going forward and will be better off in four years.


“Supremacy” – Muse – “The 2nd Law” (2012)

Nov 4
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The world needs its arena rockers. Somebody or something needs to set it off and get those fists in the air. In times when it seems like we’re more likely to rise against then rally for, I think more arena rock could ail us of some of our (at least) minor conditions.

I get up early every Sunday morning and listen to the pundits and pols extol their virtues or point out their opponents lack thereof. I don’t know why I do this but I do. I mean, rock anthems might be on the wane but DVRs aren’t. I have one but for some reason I think that watching David Gregory play hockey linesman is just better theater when done in a live environment. I’m definitely a left leaning individual at this particular point in my existence but I haven’t always been that way, and I’m not declaring blue affiliation going forward. I always hope the surrogates that the Dems roll out on Sunday morning say something that will serve as an epiphany to the unconverted, but I’m simultaneously cringing and hoping they don’t state obvious non or half truths or answer questions with answers to questions that were not asked. On the other side of the aisle/table, I relish those moments when the “other” guys make donkeys of themselves, but I enjoy even more when they admit flaws in the content of their party’s message and advocate for things that make sense i.e. are good for Americans across a broad spectrum.

We’ve got two more days of all of this. Then it’s back to Ohioans being free to watch Samsung and Bud Light commercials just like the rest of us, the unimportant, the already decided. And so as I begin to condense my platform for my 2024 run for POTUS, I begin with the call for “More Arena Rock for All Americans.” “We are not going back to the shoegaze and Nashville music machine policies that got us into this mess.” “This is what I’ve done my whole like, I know how to build a strong music library, I’ve done it my whole life.” “I Have A Plan… Hope and Change.”

And by the time the show’s over and the floor clears, we’re all temporarily deaf from rockin’ out for two hours so we just nod, smile and high five and go home.


“Young Blood” – Black Whales – “Shangri-La Indeed” (2011)

Nov 1
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They’ve got a kind of fuzzed up, throw back groove goin’ on. They’re just another example of a kind of low key, Seattle band, and man doesn’t it always seem like we churn those out like scones at the fair. I’ve heard a bit of their new stuff which is really ear catching but the songs from last year’s album are worth the download as well. This is the kind of music that would be really fun on vinyl. I need to retrofit my hardware. Hey Santa, you on-line?