“Shake A Puddin” – Dub Narcotic Sound System – “Boot Party” (1996)

Dec 30
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The day they stopped making Shake A Puddin, or the day that it ran out at the grocery store and didn’t get re-stocked, was some sort of end of innocence for me. It was probably the worst confectionery concoction ever invented but is was magical for an eight year old who just want to put the dry puddin’ mix in the container, add water and then “shake it like a Polaroid picture.” If I remember right, the next thing you were supposed to do was put it in the fridge for about an hour. We usually got sick of staring at the fridge after about 20 minutes and then ate/drank our little puddin’ slush. There would be lumps in it but we didn’t care, it was still delicious, and we made it ourselves.


“Light Years” – Pearl Jam – “Binaural” (2000)

Dec 26
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Why did it take me 15 months to get around to watching Pearl Jam Twenty? Not sure, but it was a great way to spend the morning after Christmas and sure brought back a lot of memories of what this town sounded and looked like at the very end of the 80’s and the early 90’s. I had also forgotten how frenetic and spring loaded those guys, especially “old what’s his name Mr. lead singer,” were back in the seed years of a sub-genre.

It’s the sum of the parts that makes PJ a great rock and roll band but I’ve always kind of thought of Mike McCready as the unsung hero of the band. I really enjoyed the parts of the doc where he showed prominently. His live segments when he’s really jammin’ just have that rich, oily depth that I always get when I hear Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jimi. I’ve kind of gotten away from my days when my musical tastes used to orbit around electric guitar-centric rock and roll. As I’ve gone to favoring a lot of folk and Americana stuff I kind of forget sometimes that I need that wailing, crunching guitar to keep everything balanced. I saw a band last week opening for Alt-J that I didn’t dig at all. They had no cohesion to their sound and I think that their lack of any guitar is what kind of made me realize how much I miss a guy lurking in the shadows on one side of the stage just ready to steal big parts of a show with soloing or just grinding out nasty riffs. I think that my night cap tonight might included popping It Might Get Loudinto the old VCR.

And wherever you’ve gone
And where ever we might go
It don’t seem fair
Today just disappeared
Your lights reflected now
Reflected from a far
We were but stones
Your light made us stars


“Funtimes in Babylon” – Father John Misty – “Fear Fun” (2012)

Dec 23
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I had to unfriend an FB friend last night because of a conversation thread revolving around Sandy Hook/gun laws/individual vs. societal responsibility. The crux of the discussion wasn’t on gun laws/controls or the pathetic empty shell of a speech concocted by a robot and mouthed by that NRA EVP tool. The FB thread was mostly about where the blame goes when somebody turns into a killing machine for who knows what reason.

My friend placed the blame on the individual in this case and in general and fell back on a quote from Reagen as his moral compass. Fair enough. Count me in for people owning their actions. One of his friends then said “no, no the blame for this type of event lies firmly at the feet of society as a whole.” I’m totally down with this. Well, maybe not totally because like I said the individual has to own it but the individual is part of society and my opinion is that the nurture factor weighs at least as heavily as nature if not a little more.

So, I went on to say in an extremely non-confrontational way that we are losing our concept of “the village” in the way that we raise our kids. We just had a person who was about as far removed from society as possible commit horrific acts of murder. This guy had what would seem to be inherent issues and deficiencies so who knows what he was capable of no matter what his level of socialization was. But, isn’t there some chance that if he could have developed a broader sense of community identity, he might have been able to get out of his head and see what it is to be a living thing amongst other living things and gained a greater appreciation for this thing called life. That’s all I said. “It takes a village” and we need to be more supportive to each other and if we are in need we need to be more willing to reach out for help.

Some freakin’ internet tough guy who I’ve never met said a bunch of stuff about how our mutual friend would basically get killed by having friends like me. “I’ve got your back.” That’s what Mr. Facebook bad ass said to our friend like three times in the process of stating what an idiot I am. What the fuck does that mean anyways?

What the fuck does it mean when some 40-something dude living in the ‘burbs with a wife and a kid, a tribal arm band tat, a Jeep Cherokee, and a split level says to his Facebook brother-in-arms “I’ve got your back?” Isn’t that what we said when we were in 9th grade during the first week of high school and the seniors were trying to stuff us in lockers? People probably say that when trying to help extricate friends from relationships that have the potential for domestic violence. So I sent my friend a message, “not in a real sense, just on FB, I’m unfriending you so that I don’t have to listen to Mr. Social Media Cowboy tell me what a loser I am and so that you wouldn’t have to try to defend me if you saw fit.” He understood. We’re good. I can go back to doing whatever I do and feel good knowing that someone has my friend’s back.


“Everybody’s Heart’s Breaking Now” – Lavender Diamond – “Incorruptible Heart” (2012)

Dec 21
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“Interlude I (Ripe and Ruin)” – Alt-J – “An Awesome Wave” (2012)

Dec 19
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It’s been a bit of a trianglefest in my musical realm over the last 24 hours. Alt-J is hot right now and the fire isn’t even fully stoked yet. An undefinable sound partially comprised of: stylized choral arrangements, drums but no cymbals, Jónsi infused vocal tone, and danceable beats.

I was one of the lucky ones for a jam packed soooollllllldddd outtttt show at the Crocodile last night and the lads from Leeds did not disappoint. The follow up was the End Session today thanks to Yo-E who hooked a brother up after winning tickets for two on The End’s FB page last week. A four song set in close confines was perfect. It was just Gus Unger-Hamilton on the keys and harmonies and Joe Newman strumming and crooning.

Also, big props to The End’s Red who played hostess and conducted a nice little interview with the guys at the conclusion of their set. Nobody knows how to do an interview. I think that people really go to college and study journalism to ask victorious jocks stuff like “what does it mean to win the big game?” Come on sideline reporter person, they’re simple minded jocks. They are going to thank their teammates, say they have the greatest fans, and blather a bunch of other disingenuous words about how humble and blessed they are. Or, how about this one “so teen idol with the shitty music and sparkly teeth, you didn’t get nominated for a Grammy, what’s your favorite position to do mocha skinned, blue eyed groupies?” Right, that would be an awesome question for them to ask but they ask the hard questions like “yada, you suck, you didn’t get nominated, what method will you use to kill yourself?” That would be a good one too but they ask “how has your lack of nominations effected who you are?” Please stop asking boilerplate questions to people who can’t form a compound sentence. Go find an interview by Red and take some freakin’ lessons.

Do some homework. Find a slightly embarrassing tour incident, work in something abut the Mayan calendar, give the guys props in a leading way that doesn’t come off as self-degrading suckupness. Give the interviewee some direction that will lead to an insightful, engaged response. Red understands all of this and I swear that no other living media person except, maybe, David Gregory get it.

My Alt-J triangle completes itself this spring when they come back to town for an April show at The Neptune.

She only ever walks to count her steps
Eighteen strides and she stops to abide
By the law that she herself has set
That eighteen steps is one complete set

And before the next
Nine right and nine left
She looks up at the blue
And whispers to all of the above

Don’t let me drown, don’t breath alone
No kicks no pangs no broken bones
Never let me sink, always feel at home
No sticks, no shanks and no stones

Never leave it too late, always enjoy the taste
Of the great gray world of hearts
As all dogs everywhere bark, it’s worth knowing
Like all good fruit the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin

“Make The Money” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “The Heist” (2012)

Dec 17
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Be. Do. Have.


“Homecoming” – Paws – “Cokefloat” (2012)

Dec 14
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I could easily come up with something reflective and soothing on a day that has seen a ridiculous act of self indulgence and disrespect for humanity but I think that I’m going to just carry on. We humans are a truly baffling lot.



“Love Interruption” – Jack White – “Blunderbuss” (2012)

Dec 13
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Rolling Stone has slotted Blunderbuss as Numero Tres on their Best Albums of the Year list. I’m not sure if I can go along with that finding. The whole 50 album list is tainted. Azelia Banks and Taylor Swift made two of the top 50 albums of the year but Alt-J doesn’t even make the list? Really, Rolling Stone? Look me in the eyes and tell me convincingly that you didn’t put that list together while hufffing brake fluid.


“People Get Ready” – The Frames

Dec 12
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The Frames are one of those sort of middle sized bands, in possession of devout followers but not as well known as they should be, that is the backbone of a genre. They’re unsung heroes. The Stills are one of those bands. Guided by Voices are another. These bands all make or made music that their fan bases eat up, and all of these bands most likely have huge influence on other bands. They make rock and roll that doesn’t break any molds with weird instrumentation or time signatures and yet their product stands out as unique from the collective din of the rest of their musical brethren. The thing that always comes through crystal clear is the integrity and passion. Delays are another band that I think of in that ilk. Just make stuff that is true to you and let it play out.

Be. Do. Have.


“Youthles” – Beck – “Modern Guilt” (2008)

Dec 11
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My poor, neglected, malnourished blog. Play On Once Every Ten Days is a more fitting handle.

Head down. It’s Tip 1A for helping a bad golfer. Head down has also been my mode in writing research papers, final exam essays and just trying my hardest at this school thing. I’m done now. I’m going to give it another go next quarter. In the meantime, I’m going to populate this space “DAILY.”

I turned off NPR while writing papers and turned on the tunes. I think that some of my best writing came whenever The Frames were providing the study soundtrack. I also listened to a bunch of Sera Cahoone, The Roots, Englebert Humperdinck, and yup, Beck. He’s got this pretty cool book concept hitting the shelves in time for Christmas. It’s basically sheet music and lyrics for about a dozen songs which hopefully, a bunch of fans will make versions of. It’s being published by Dave Eggers’s house McSweeney’s so there’s instant cred right there. Not like Beck Hansen needs more cred by association. I on the other hand, could use any hint of a nod that I can get. For real, “Play On Daily” for at least the next four weeks… let’s see if I can do it.