“Scissor Runner” – Jenny and Johnny – “I’m Having Fun Now” (2010)

Jan 31
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I heard “Acid Tongue” the other day while my Pandora was on mix and match mode and realized that I haven’t posted anything by Jenny Lewis since this ol’ blog was about a month old (which was about 3 1/2 years ago). I should go back and see what else needs to get thrown back in the rotation, and what I played way back when that I either hate or am so over now.

“I’m Having Fun Now” is a pretty fantastic album by Jenny and her dude (Johnathan Rice). I really wanted to play “Switchblade” which is the third track on the album but the title of the song I am posting reminded me of this cool new book by Ken Jennings which I heard contains a chapter about running with scissors. Really, why is it that scissors got the bad rap? What about running with steak knives? Or pitchforks, flaming marshmallows, ghost pepper sauce, and nail guns? All dangerous things, and some kids probably have ready access to them but no, it’s the poor scissors that get profiled. It’s just so unjust.


“Liliuo Free” by Big Every Time

Jan 30
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All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

In 1893 The Kingdom of Hawai’i lost this right.

“It’s Easy to Be Strange” – Big Harp – “Chain Letters” (2013)

Jan 29
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I’ll add Big Harp to the list of nominees for artist that I’m most likely to take an uncontrollable liking to this year.

“It’s Easy to Be Strange”


“Night After Night” – Laura Marling – “A Creature I Don’t Know” (2011)

Jan 29
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Who I am going to become obsessed with this year? It usually happens around mid to late spring. I put an album on the old turntable and just about end up wearing it out. Last year, before most people got on ’em, it was The Lumineers. Off and on, its been Elbow. I couldn’t keep The Kills’ “Blood Pressures” out of my ears a couple of years ago. So what’ll it be this year?

Alt-J will figure prominently.

Takka Takka gets odds of about 12-1.

I really like that little Bowie trailer that he’s teasing us with so I could end up there.

Nicki Minaj… pass… although I do have to say that I kind of enjoy here at the judges’ table on Idol. Yeah, she’s a narcissistic, pink turd but come on, it’s network TV, that’s about all we get anymore.

My early favorite though, I’m going to go with Laura Marling. Young and talented, spinning tales, and decompressing life’s trials and triumphs; the Englishwoman’s tone, depth, strength, and vulnerability are worth the price of addiction. Yeah, this is my odds on favorite considering that she’s blessing us with a new album next month which gives us good reason to hope for some live dates in the second half of the year.


“December” – Collective Soul – “Collective Soul” (1995)

Jan 28
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My pot runneth over with lots of far flung melty ingredients this weekend.

I showed up for my weekly gig tutoring my young, Burmese friends on Friday afternoon. On Saturday night, I had a date at the opera and got treated to “Cenerentola” (what do Italians have against glass slippers). I had (I’m not making this up) a Mimosa and a Samosa for brekkie at the home of two of my favorite people as I sat in on their eight day old son’s Brit Milah ceremony (extra layers of meltitude as Mama Lea is a Jewish American from Oregon/NYC-Canarsie and Papa Bose is the only Chennai born Tamil bloke that I know whose got a Dartmouth PHD in Cholera in his bag o’ tricks). And finally, my five month mission, to see lil Miss Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild, was accomplished this afternoon. It’s the kind of weekend that I won’t partaking in once I finally give up this zip code, but for now… what’s on the schedule for next weekend?

Burmese rock star Lay Phyu covered “December” a couple years ago. I tried to find a translation for it over the weekend because the NPR piece that tipped me off to this version implied that the Burmese version contains a different, possibly, political message. I’ve got a couple of friends that might be willing to help me unravel this thing.

Why drink the water from my hand?
Contagious as you think I am
Just tilt my sun towards your domain
Your cup runneth over again

Lay Phyu’s version:


“When You Leave” – Takka Takka – “A.M. Landscapes” (2012)

Jan 26
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It’s time to start talking about Takka Takka.


New favorite song… hopefully I won’t be sick of it by the end of the month… It’s 2 PM, the sky is full of Vitamin D depriving half light… dreadful, I tell ya’… Yup, I’ll probably be sick of my new favorite song by the time the next five days have elapsed but the rest of the album is also really good so I’ve got that going for me.


“Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair” by Nina Simone and Twilight Singers

Jan 25
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No, every other post will not be something from Greg Dulli, and no Twilight Singers have nothing to do with that movie with a similar name, but Friday’s being a cover day of sorts as stated by Play On Daily’s founder, I decided to play one of my favorite songs by 2 of my favorite performers. So called music critics have said that Greg Dulli is a white man with a the soul of a black woman. He does love and cover/honor many soul singers from Diana Ross to TLC. Some might say it’s blasphemy for a rock band to cover such a classic from another genre, I say it opens up new areas of exploration to those who might never have given someone like Nina Simone a listen.

“Mirrorball” – Elbow – “The Seldom Seen Kid” (2008)

Jan 24
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They played this Elbow song as background music on American Idol tonight! I am positive that I am the only blogger in the US who watches American Idol regularly and counts Elbow as one of his Top 5 favorite bands. The only thing rarer than an Elbow and Idol fan/blogger would be a full blown Elbow tour on American soil. I’ve steadfastly kept my eye on the hopeful prize but it just doesn’t seem to want to happen and from the sounds of it, an Elbow tour won’t be happening this year either as they are taking a hiatus.

A couple years ago, I attempted humor by saying that I wanted to hear more Radiohead on Idol. The next night they used “No Surprises” as background music as they gave a bunch of contestants the heave-ho. What else should I wish for? How about something from The Kills. I can envision some scenario that would require “Future Starts Slow” as marchin’ music.

By the way, “Seldom Seen Kid” is a ridiculously, complete, page turner of an album. You haven’t listened to it yet a couple hundred times? You’re kidding, right?

My sorry name has made it to graffiti
I was looking for someone to complete me
Not anymore dear
Everything has changed

You make the moon our mirror ball
The street’s an empty stage
The city’s sirens, violins
Everything has changed


“Canto Della Terra” by Andrea Bocelli

Jan 23
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I feel one of my roles as a parent is to introduce my kids to as many styles of music as I can. I start with some early Pennywise, then maybe a little Duran Duran, AC/DC, IZ (easy to do since we live in Hawai’i), Miles Davis,… A well rounded knowledge base of music or as some might say about my collection, schizophrenic.

So far my plan is working, at least with my 11yr old son. He loves it all. Some of his faves are anything by the Ramones, the Dirty Deeds album by AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and yes, Andrea Bocelli. This is for my badass 11yr old rugby player with the size 13 feet, and a soft spot in his heart for an Italian Tenor.

“Retarded” by Afghan Whigs

Jan 22
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For those who don’t know Afghan Whigs are not from Seattle, though they might as well be. They came up in the early 90’s on Sub Pop and they were loud, gritty and full of angst, like so many other Seattle bands at that time. Frontman Greg Dulli smoked too much, drank too much and swore a shitload but that’s rock & roll baby!!! I first heard them in a bike repair shop while anxiously awaiting a repair of the trusty steed that helped me earn my keep at that time, as a bike messenger in Seattle. Perfect song, at a perfect time. I had deliveries dieing in my bag and my bike was temporarily out of commission. Sometimes a little bad luck can lead to something good. I can’t say Afghan Whigs are my favorite band because that leaves too much good stuff unaccounted for, but they are definitely top 5.

Now I’m not stuck in the 90’s, but I still listen to this music at least monthly. It has had a great influence on me, as the soundtrack for much of my life. More often than not if you asked what was playing on my Walkman (yes Walkman) while I was cruising the streets of Seattle it would be this band. I also took my wife on our first date, to the Showbox in Seattle in 1999, to see Greg and Afghan Whigs. She didn’t love them as much as I do but we got married anyway.

This is the track that I heard that day at Brian’s Bike Repair in Pioneer Square. Thanks Brian!