“My Way Back Home” – Dawes – “Nothing is Wrong” (2011)

Mar 30
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There is a slow, beatiful build of harmonious sentimentality in this song that harkens back to the 70’s, sort of, adult contemporary, quiet rock years era. The current issue of Rolling stone speaks high praise for Dawes soon to be released third album and it’s kind of fitting that the review is in that issue since it also includes a feature story on the 70’s scene that orbited around acts such as James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Carole King, and Carly Simon. Dawes is a nice fit as it seems like most of the rock bands in their neck of the woods either put a little more country and blues into the mix, are geared towards hipsters, or are taking up banjos in the pursuit of Americana. Good old American music unencumbered by the fancy packagin. It’s kind of a nice break.


“She Talks To Rainbows” by The Ramones – Adios Amigos

Mar 30
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I got home from work yesterday and found that my 11 year old son had been going through my vinyl collection. He was spinning Yngwie Malmsteen (Swedish rock guitar legend, who’s star shined brightest in the 80’s) at the time. His stack also included Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Nirvana (Yes, I have a copy of Bleach on vinyl), Yo-Yo Ma, The Commodores, and the only band I have considered having tatooed on my arm, The Ramones. I have always felt that one of my jobs as a parent is to expose my kids to as much different music as possible. I start with some Doors, move on to Black Flag, then some Earth, Wind & Fire, sprinkle in some Pachebel and Pavarotti, and out the other end comes a well rounded musical mind. Mission accomplished, one offspring down, two to go.

na Kala

“World News” – Local Natives – “Gorilla Manor” (2010)

Mar 25
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I haven’t even picked up their new album yet. Their debut was top notch though as evidenced here. Don’t rest on it folks. If you don’t know these guys yet, start from the start but be ready to be blown away.


“Follow Your Arrow” – Kacey Musgraves – “Same Trailer Different Park” (2013)

Mar 23
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Country Diva Ascension Alert! There are a couple of ’em, Nashville stars in the making on Idol. And then there’s Ms. Musgraves. Lacking the big ol’ show stopping voice of a Carrie Underwood but with more stories about the struggles of life in the lower middle socio-econ section of America, Musgraves has done a good job of acquiring a broad swath of fans with “Merry Go ‘Round.” Plug into the album and spend 45 minutes listening to it and you’ll probably find something to put on repeat… that is if you like that whole country thang.

Actually, I’m not sure if she’s diva material, mostly because she strikes me as one who would take that d-word as a four letter word. I can see how the heartfelt sentiments and gettin’ baked nature of life in the uncertain class could appeal to a wider audience but I see this gal more as one that will speak (loudly) to the demographic that she is part of while scooping up a few extra fans from the rush hour crowd who channel surf on their morning commute. Just keep on keepin’ it real girl and your original base will buy every song that you ever take to market.


“About You” by Cecilio & Kapono (1975), “Hilo Hanakahi” by The Wild Hawaiian aka Henry Kapono (2010)

Mar 21
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I first heard Henry Kapono Back in the 70’s. I was a kid, and we were visiting friends and relatives in Honolulu. At the time Henry Kapono was part of a duo called Cecilio & Kapono, (yes he’s been around a long time). They had great success with many local hits and a couple that made it off island. Since then Cecilio Rodriguez has not faired so well, legal troubles and jail time followed him. Henry Kapono on the other hand has done quite well for himself. He’s made it onto a few Hollywood movies and as of late he put out his own brand of Hawaiian/Rock.

About you is a classic, “local style”, love song from the ’70’s that could just as easily come from Seals & Croft. If you mention this song to anyone over 50, that grew up here, you will see a little mushy fondness well up in them as they tell you about their prom/graduation, making out with honey girl at the boat ramp, or their first dance at their wedding. Hilo Hanakahi is Henry Kapono solo, doing his Hawaiian/Rock interpretation of a song that takes you on a tour around Hawai’i Island’s districts and some of their most distinguishing features.

Hilo, Hanakahi (Hilo, Hanakahi)
i ka ua Kanilehua (the rain rustling lehua)

Puna, paia ‘ala (Puna, fragant bowers)
i ka paia ‘ala i ka hala (bowers fargrant with hala)

Ka’u, i ka makani (Ka’u, the wind)
i ka makani kuehu lepo (the dirt scattering wind)

Kona, i ke kai (Kona, the sea)
i ke kai ma’oki’oki (the streaked sea)

Kawaihae, i ke kai (Kawaihae, the sea)
i ke kai hawanwana (the whispering sea)

Waimea, i ka ua (Waimea, the rain)
i ka ua Kipu’upu’u (the Kipu’upu’u rain)

Kohala, i ka makani (Kohala, the wind)
i ka makani ‘Apa’apa’a (the ‘Apa’apa’a wind)

Hamakua, i ka pali (Hamakua, the cliff)
i ka pali lele koa’e (the cliff of flying tropic birds)

Ha’inaka puana, (Tell the refrain)
i ka ua Kanilehua (the rain rustling lehua)

a hui hou (till we meet again),
na Kala

“Cursed Diamond” – The Black Crowes – “Amorica.” (1994)

Mar 20
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These guys are starting to get busy and are playing a few tour dates this spring. Chris Robinson’s got to have one of the most soulful, perfectly balanced, rock and roll voices of the rockers of his generation. I love that these guys are still active and hope that they will gain a bit of a resurgence and a second career of sorts.

I freeze myself
Rain on myself
Ok, so I stone myself
And I might even find myself
But then again what happens if I do


“Great Plains Dreams” – Gregory Paul – “This Side of the Ground” (2009)

Mar 18
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I am posting this for my wife. She doesn’t know who Gregory Paul is, yet. She’ll know who he is on Thursday though because he is opening for Sera Cahoone and we are some of the lucky ones that have tickets for the sold out show at the Triple Door. So I post this because Trudy invariably ends up in love with opening acts who she’s never heard of before, especially for shows at the Triple Door. I’m not going to pretend, I’m kind of susceptible on the same account. Carrie Rodriguez who we saw last month opening for Ari Hest was fantastic. If you don’t know who Paul is, his FB page gives you a real sense of who he is, where he’s been, who he has played with, and where his music is coming from.


“Alright” – Supergrass – “I Should Coco” (1995)

Mar 16
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Commentary turned off (because a big dinnner has me to full to connect this song to anything swimming around in my head).


“Candy Shop” – 50 Cent (featuring Olivia) – “The Massacre” (2005)

Mar 13
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Habemus Palindromic Papal.

It’s all about the trivia today. The top of the charts today is none other than (Francis, please skip the festivities and start praying for us immediately) “The Harlem Shake.” On April 19th, 2005 when Pope Benedict stepped onto the balcony, “Candy Shop” by Fiddy. I’ve previously posted that Baauer cat so here’s 50 Cent.

And there you have it, I’ve sealed my fate by linking a rap diddy about sugary treats with the day that the holy man with the most Twitter followers took the controls.


“Full of Fire” – The Knife – “Shaking The Habitual” (2013)

Mar 11
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Here’s the first taste of The Knife’s new album which is due out in April. I will always be a fan of this band based on “Colouring of Pigeons” alone.

I think that I have had a recurring dream that I’m driving cross country, pull over for the night in some two exit, stretch/town, go into the waterin’ hole for a couple of Rolling Rocks and a shot of Beam, decide to check the juke box library, pinch myself when I see that all 11 minutes and one second of “Colouring of Pigeons” is offered, and then feed the coin-op and play it like 17 times in a row. I then twitch myself awake before the Carhartt uni’d army halves their Bud Light bottles and cut me to pieces. Yup, I’m going to steal a song title, it’s a beautiful nightmare.