“Dilettante” – The Broadcast Debut – “Running In Water” (2013)

Apr 29
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I gave this album a listen based on a review in Thee Imaginary Girls which is where I go for valuable insights into new music and artists that are often times new to me. This is the first time that I’ve heard of this band, so I’ll send you over to TIG where you can read the words of a passionate, somewhat obsessive fan.


“Goodbye In Her Eyes” – Zac Brown Band – “Uncaged” (2012)

Apr 28
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We spent a lot of time rocking out in the car on the four day Northern Cali.-Oregon Coast-Porlandia and back road trip. It was mostly scanning for the strongest radio signal as we passed from one middle sized burg to the next. KEXP and NPR quickly faded to Top 40 through the South Sound. The big country stations came in loud in clear from Clark County to Salem and beyond to Grants Pass. Then on the diagonal jaunt to the California state line we picked up some mighty fine classic rock and KISWesque audaciousness through Crescent City, CA. and on to Eureka. Kind of makes sense considering that my perusal of the Eureka Wikipedia entry showed that Mike Patton and at least one of his Faith No More mates is from Eureka.

Then the arena rockers of a couple of decades ago faded in and out, trading places with the country set on the drive back up the coast. Our eastward drive through the hills was covered by Zune playlists consisting of stuff such as Beach House, Stevie Ray, Miguel, and PJ Harvey. Not a bad way to spend 1,200 miles, looking at the countryside, chattin’ with my honey, and eating Hot Tamales, and Mint Oreos. Somewhere along the line, I said that I need to go home and take another look at the ZBB schedule. It ain’t going to work for me this year as I’ll be out of town when they are in or around town. Great band though and one day I’ll get to see them.


” Aloha Friday”

Apr 27
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TGIF, Hawaiian Style!

na Kala

“Island Style” by John Cruz – Acoustic Soul (1996)

Apr 24
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My Closest friend in the world, next to my brother, just visited us here on Hawai’i Island, with his wife and 2 daughters. We haven’t seen them in a few years but as it is with good friends we picked up right where we left off. Our kids are all getting bigger and starting find their own distinct individual styles and personalities, which are a bit different than they were last time we were all together. So we spent time re-meeting each others offspring, catching-up on how our lives have changed (or not) over the last few years, and showing them the sights of our island home. We love having friends visit us from “America”. Beside the fact that we miss them and enjoy their company we also get to see the island through fresh eyes. When you live here and spend your days working, raising kids, paying bills, and so on, it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to live here. Jon, Karen, Zamora and Sahoya, thanks for the reminder.


“Twighlight Time” – Willie Nelson and the Family – “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” (2013)

Apr 22
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$60 for Willie in August at Marymoor. Hmmm, I’m tempted. I’m tempted but cheap. Hmmm?


“Chasing Heather Crazy” – Guided by Voices – “Isolation Drills” (2001)

Apr 21
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I was shufflin’ my rock library on the Zune this morning at the gym when a GBV song showed up. I hadn’t heard the song for awhile and for a second I thought it was The Posies. It made me realize that I hadn’t listened to very much GBV lately so I immediately flipped over to “Isolatioin Drills” and listened to the whole thing. What a great album by one of the most proliferate bands of the last 20+ years. Since recently reuniting, they’ve really cranked up the new production. They have an album due out sometime this year which will give them four LPs in less than two years.


“Show Me” – Mint Royale (feat. Pos) – “On The Ropes” (1999)

Apr 19
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I like the choices that the girls made on American Idol this week. First of all, how about another big round of applause for the fact that all five boys have gotten the heave-ho. Back to the girls – they are a pretty talented group and it’s really hard to pick a clear favorite out of the top four. I liked the choices though in the opening: “Pick A Song from Your Birth Year” themed round. The Pretenders, The Black Crowes, Vince Gill, Paula Abdul (the actual song is kind of meh for me but Candice’s rendition was refreshing), and Mariah Carey (Harry Nilsson proxy). The execution wasn’t perfect on a couple of songs especially Kree’s performance of “She Talks to Angel.” Mostly it was her stage perfomance and facial expressions that didn’t line up with the tone of the song but she’s so good that she survived anyways.

And then, as a sign that there really might be hope for the general public to really be exposed to great music one day, there was a commercial towards the end of the show with Elbow’s “Grounds for Divorce” as the soundtrack. I know, it’s only some stupid commercial of which I have no idea what was being peddled, but considering that Elbow has almost never been heard on network TV, hey it’s a start.


“This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” – The Lumineers (2013)

Apr 15
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What do you do when one of your favorite bands covers your favorite Talking Heads song? Duh, post it, pronto! They put a very Lumineeresque spin on it which is quite the inversion from the original considering that the Talking Heads probably fit somewhere into the anti-folk quasi-genre. I’ve definitely got more love for the original but the cover is pretty cool. The Lumineers were announced today as a headliner for one of the Marymoor concerts this summer in Redmond.


“Sacrilege” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Mosquito” (2013)

Apr 14
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Don’t forget to send your cash to Uncle Sam tomorrow.

If Sammy returned some dough to you, don’t forget to pop into the record store on Tuesday and pick up the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record.


“Lovesong” – The Cure – “Disintegration” (1989)

Apr 11
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There were a couple of really great performances on American Idol tonight including the second one (each contestant did two songs) by Candice Glover. I always love hearing artists talk about who their influences are and it’s pretty cool when you hear people cite bands that aren’t within their genre. I remember reading something a few years ago where Kanye talked about being really into Franz Ferdinand. I’ve read that Jay-Z and Beyonce are big Beach House fans. And I’m pretty sure that Bon Iver and Alicia Keys have collaborated.

So when I hear aspiring R & B diva Glover state that “Love Song” is the one song that she wished that she had wrote and then goes out and peform it with all of the feeling, angst, hope, and heartache that you can possibly pack into two and a half minutes, it just feels like a real transcending moment in pop music. It served as a bonding moment for music fans as a covering artist took a song from a genre far outside of her wheelhouse and put a treatment on it that is accessible for anyone intersted in listening to music that comes from the heart.