“FOH” – Superchunk – “FOH” (2013)

Jun 27
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New album due in about six weeks. Due at Bumbershoot on Labor Day.


“Hurricane” – Ms Mr – “Secondhand Rapture” (2013)

Jun 25
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Commentary free so that you have more time to get outside and enjoy the remaining 85 days of summer.


“Dear Avery” – The Decemberists – “The King is Dead” (2011)

Jun 20
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John Richards playing of “June Hymn” a couple of mornings ago was my cue to fire up “The King is Dead” again. There are so many good songs on this record. I’ve never seen this band live but this song in particular really makes me think of Sera Cahoone and her stellar band who I have seen a couple of times (okay, maybe only 1 and 1/2 times since once was acoustic at the Triple Door).


“Gentlemens Blues” – The F***ing Eagles – “Midnight Sour” (2009)

Jun 13
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I had a mind to post some Deer Tick tonight since I drove around town all day blasting various butt kickers off of Divine Providence. I’ll table that post though since John McCauley and his drinkin’ buddies are often forwardly placed on my to-post list. I’m keeping it noisy though with these T-Town noisy ass mother f***ers. Turn it up, school’s almost out, turn it the ***k up!


“Master Hunter” – Laura Marling – “Once I Was An Eagle” (2013)

Jun 11
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The first song of, essentially the middle act, of Laura Marling’s latest album.


“Just Give Me A Reason” – P!nk (featuring Nate Ruess) – “The Truth About Love” (2012)

Jun 9
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It’s been ages since I’ve played something that people have actually heard of. You know, like “people” that you see at the grocery store, or your next door neighbors, or who sit in the cube next to you, or who just poach the hits off of iTunes. Yeah, those people, the ones that ain’t into stupid DJ’s who pick their own tunes. So here it is, a real old fashion hit with a big name diva with punctuation in her name and the lead man of a band that has stashed some dough in the bank account and whose name also includes punctuation (fun.).

I just get the feeling that a bad ass chick like P!nk makes popular music that is music that she really feels strongly about when her head hits the pillow each night. I could be wrong but I think it’s possible that she would kick her own ass if she actually put her talents to misuse by belting out some shit that a team of writers came up with for her. So yeah, here’s a dose of Top 40 that I feel good about blogging on.


“Canopy” – The Cave Singers – “Naomi” (2013)

Jun 8
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Let’s start back in the shallow end of the pool after more than a week of blog silence and then be resolute in saying that I’ll be back tomorrow with more substantial comments.

So many bands and subjects to talk about… Yeah Yeah Yeahs… blast from the past graduation “ode to high school” theme songs, and maybe something that the kids are listening to today… a rant about 30 Seconds to Mars is a possibility… a long overdue review of the NW hip hop doc “The Otherside”… MLB hitter walk up music… Gary Clark Jr. and all of his awesomeness… Lee Brice’s big hit and the Nashville music machine… so many topics yet so few posts. I really need to get on it.