by Nainoa and Kai

Hi. This is Nainoa and Kai. We have been in Seattle for almost a month visiting our auntie and uncle and their dodos (dogs) Fred and Edward. It’s fun here, most of the time, except when we have to do chores but payday is fun so we (mostly) do what auntie and uncle ask us to do. It’s not always fun though and sometime especially at night, we get a little bit sad and miss our mom and dad and our friends in Hawaii. So today we decided to sneak on to uncle’s computer and do a post on his blog.

We want to post a song that reminds us of Hawaii because besides mom and dad what we miss the most is hanging out at the beach with our friends. And when we think about the beach, we think about listening to Eminem. We also listen to Slightly Stoopid, Fiji, Iz, Iron Maiden (yeah, my dad makes us listen to them), and Katchafire but we both agree that Eminem reminds us the most of the beach. Uncle played us this one song that is kind of boring that he used to listen to at the beach on Maui, it was all right but nah. Other boring stuff that we don’t like to listen to at the beach includes: country, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, and Bieber.

So anyways, we kind of like Seattle but it will be fun to be able to go to the beach in a couple of weeks and listen to Eminem. But until we go home, we are going to try and get uncle to play some cool new music for us. The only problem is that all he listens to in the car is NPR and country. Yuck!!!

– Nainoa & Kai