“Hooray for Tuesday” – The Minders – “Hooray for Tuesday” (1998)

Aug 27
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So what is “just sayin’?” Is it punctuation? Words in lieu of quotation marks? A way to conserve the two extra syllables that you would be required to say “exclamation point?” Here’s what I hear when somebody says “just sayin’.”

“Oh my god, Miley is a grown ass (wo)man… just sayin’.”

“All you can eat sushi for $11.99 that doesn’t give you all you can squirt diarrhea for five days is a gift from a Far East god… just sayin’.”

“I could watch vids of cats playing with paper towel rolls for a whole weekend… just sayin’.”

“Just sayin’” means that I just said something I find to be much more important than most people who say the exact say thing and so I would like you to take note of this little nugget so that you too can ponder it.

When I hear “just sayin’” the default mode that I was in, when you said whatever you said right before you said “…just sayin’,” can be verbosely stated as, “I heard not a single word you said before ‘just sayin’ came out of your mouth and now I realize that I needed to be, or you wanted me to be listening to you. Shit, what did he/she just say. Oh well must not have been very important otherwise they wouldn’t have emphasized it with ‘just sayin’.” I just said something.


“Shake” – The Head and the Heart – “Let’s Be Still” (2013)

Aug 22
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I tend to get a little nervous when a favorite band is getting ready to release a new album. Will they just extend all of the themes and style of the last one and make something really boring? Will they think they’ve hit the big time and get all self indulgent with some EMD/Classic Rock/Gregorian chants mind bender?

If the new album happens to come as the follow up to a strong debut it can be especially worrisome. Can that great new band that busted down the door and took the world by storm prove that they aren’t one hit or one album wonders? I’m feeling pretty good so far about The Head and the Heart. The first single off of the album to be released in October isn’t venturing too far from the ground covered on their debut but I like the extra little bit of electric and a chunky riff thrown in for good measure about two thirds of the way through. I guess that I hope that there’s something that walks and talks a little more like a full on rocker somewhere on the new record as well as something majorly stripped down but for starters, this is good.


“Someone Else’s Cake” – Red Jacket Mine – “Someone Else’s Cake” (2013)

Aug 18
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Here’s a primer to the primer, or should that be the Bumbershoot pre-primer. I’m not even sure that I’ll go this year but if I do, I’ve kind of identified Labor Day as the day that I will attend. When the schedule first came out, I was like “oh yeah, Alt-J to kick things off, then I’ll wander around and eat some skewered alligator or a Piroshky before getting serious with back to backs of Superchunk, Justin Townes Earle, Deerhunter, and The Joy Formidable.

Upon further inspection, I drilled down and re-thought the Alt-J time slot. I mean, I’ve already seen them twice, three times if you count The End Session (thanks again Yo-E) so is another set needed within a nine month time span, or should I go see someone who I haven’t seen yet? Yes, Red Jacket Mine, you are the cool, local band that I should probably see instead of Alt-J. Flattered? They probably should be because everyone knows by now that Alt-J is awesome but they probably aren’t notching this as a milestone just because some Joe Sixpack with a blog is trying to branch out a little bit. The first person that I thought of when I heard of these guys is Elvis Costello and if you check their bio, they think tend to agree with the comparison.

What say you?


“Came Back Haunted” – Nine Inch Nails – “Hesitation Marks” (2013)

Aug 17
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I should probably be spending more time listening to and posting music by Bumbershoot bands but Hesitation Marks is due out right after Labor Day so I listened to this song a couple times today. I started feeling a little industrial yesterday after listening to the Zola Jesus song Vessel. That is such an epic song and always makes me think of the kind of stuff that Reznor likes to make.

Okay, tomorrow is Bumbershoot preview day.


“Don’t Take My Sunshine Away” – Sparklehorse – Dreamt for Light Years in The Belly of A Mountain” (2006)

Aug 16
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Chock full of sweet, sappy sentiments and intended for millennials. Do those two things pair well? If it’s packaged right, as it is here, you bet.

Your face is like the sun sinking into the ocean
Your face is like watching flowers growing in fast motion
All your kisses I swallowed
Brightened mornings and hollows


“The One That Got Away” – The Civil Wars – “The Civil Wars” (2013)

Aug 15
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Well, it looks like somebody decided to take the summer off. One post in 7 weeks? And that one post authored by a nine and eleven year old and dictated to uncle; we’ve got a severe level of neglect and inaction here in Play On Daily land. So, where were we?

The last time I had a proper post, Robin Thicke was atop the… son of a… shitballs… really, he’s still there? My house was infested with square footed young ‘uns who look kind of like me but are from another brother (the only from the same mother, not like there is one from another mother). I hadn’t seen Sir Paul and Sirvana yet but now I have and man, it was great. I saw McCartney on SNL a couple of years ago and he sounded terrible but then when I started thinking about it, everyone sounds like they ate lit cigarettes and peanut shells for breakfast when they play on SNL especially that little Cheesehead Bieber (but the real question is, who bought the minor cigarettes and why didn’t they dip them in ghost pepper sauce before they shoved them in his mouth). The last time I posted I didn’t have a cool spider named Matilda protecting the front doorway of my house against flying bugs. And yup, every time I walk by her I say Matilda as if I was some cool ass English rock star with a singing voice that sounds like it’s a Tolkien creation for some character who is half Finnish, half Malaysian.

Back to the kids for a sec, I was 2 for 3 in negotiating chocolate pudding only happens after broccoli. Two out of thee ain’t bad if you’re Shaq at the charity stripe or readable Millennium Series books (did anyone else find the last one to be like reading the directions to ripping your eyeballs out and punting them down the street) but 2/3 sucks if your name is Meatloaf or you’re trying to convince yourself that you can crush a nine year old’s will by threatening to withhold pudding if the vile weed is not eaten.

On to happier things, I went to summer school. Micro economics on Monday and Wednesday nights equals super boring, right? Mmmm, maybe a tad but I like school and I love being on campus so if was cool. I did a whole bunch of other stuff too. I stopped and smelled a lot of roses. And I caught myself a bunch of times during those pauses and said “damn, this is how summer, this is how life is supposed to be.” Simple, stupid! Less clutter, less chasing stuff that I don’t really want or need, hanging out with the people that I love, cutting the crust off of PBJ’s, simple stuff!

There was plenty of bittersweet this summer though. The sweet – The Civil Wars much awaited new album was released. It’s a fantastic, page turner of an album that is tempting me to just post the whole thing one song after the next for 12 days in a row. The bitter, of course, is that the duo announced last fall that they are no more and apparently this is the last album we will get out of them. So savor it people, and savor the last five weeks of summer. I’ll try my best to come up with 35 posts in a row to take us into fall.