“Ride On/Right On” – Phosphorescent – “Muchacho De Lujo” (2013)

Dec 26
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I love the moniker. Phosphorescent.

Dark and light, smoldering, glowing, mysterious, alluring, magical, and mystical on the horizon. It just sounds kind of foamy and rich flowing off of the tongue. Say it a few times. And then, listen to this album. If I say it enough times, it kind of makes me want to go down to the closest local and get a mocha, with extra foam. Phosphorescent.

Muchacho De Lujo is on a ton of “Best Album of 2013” lists. It’s kind of cusping between “also mentioned” and lower ranking on my list but it surges a tad every time I give it a listen. There’s a lot going on here. There’s kind of a post rock element sprinkled here and there, some moments where you might think “yeah, Alex Ebert’s first cousin,” some underpinned 60’s organ, and it thumps.


“Voyage Ton Flag” – Galactic – “Carnivale Electricos” (2012)

Dec 24
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2013 ’twas the year of a blank concert slate for me. I guess blank is to absolute because any year that includes an Alt-J show, Sera Cahoone, and Sir Paul can technically not be a shut out. But, coming off of back to back years in which we averaged 15 shows, a pared down list of a mere three practically qualifies as shut-in status.

What will be first up next year. Augustines play Neumo’s in February. PUSA hits Showbox Market and the Triple Door on Prez Day weekend. We are tentatively a go for Band of Horses. And, it bumps up against the holiday down under but Galactic brings their bad selves to town mid-March. I’m going to shoot for six shows in the first half of the year and then see how things shake out.


“I Will” – Sky Ferreira – “Night Time, My Time” (2013)

Dec 22
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It seems like it’s so often the case that there is a an opening act that who is very intriguing with an unscratched surface warming up the room for someone bound to succumb to the hype. Exhibit A – Sky Ferreira on the front side of the Miley Cyrus ticket.

In this song, Yeah Yeah Yeahs jump through the speakers for me. The pedal is making a serious indentation on the floor boards. There’s enough room for Ferreira to maneuver as a pop star while letting the band careen down hill, in one hell of a hurry. The rest of the album is a nice blend of brood and beats which, with the rest of her catalogue, gives her plenty of choices when opening for Ms. Foam Finger.


“Ain’ So Bad” – Brite Lines – Make Shift EP (2013)

Dec 17
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Apparently there is a new law on the books in the City of Seattle calling for a collection of $27 for whomever should feel the urge to consume marijuana in a public place.


“Dust to Dust” – The Civil Wars – “The Civil Wars” (2013)

Dec 13
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I was at a show a few years ago, hanging out with a few friends in the beer garden, as the techs readied The Black Keys’ gear for their set. I asked everyone in our group who their favorite duo was. I can’t remember every answer but I know that I got one vote each for: Simon and Garfunkel, The Helio Sequence, and Brooks and Dunn. Mine was: The Kills. And, I think that there might have been a vote for Tegan and Sara, and possibly one for Angus and Julia Stone.

The Civil Wars weren’t really on the scene at the time of my little duo pop quiz and I’m not sure that even if they were, that they would have displaced The Kills but it’s possible. Man, as my wife likes to say about things that typically look that they could – with a couple globs more of hair product, or a little more suctioning of the skinny jeans – spontaneously combust at any given moment, what a hot mess. What a hot mess those little Civil Wars people are.

Whereas a couple of months ago, everything pointed to, Joy Williams and John Paul White will never again so much as step foot in a room again together, now it seems as if by some accounts, they are on “hiatus.”

To be continued, hopefully…


“There Goes The Fear” – Doves – “The Last Broadcast” (2002)

Dec 11
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You ain’t tryin’ if the windows ain’t shakin’.

National Noise Complaint Day.

I’m calling it. I’m owning it. When should it be? How about May 19th?

Who’s with me? It only takes two to start a movement.

You turn around and life’s passed you by
You look to ones you love to ask them why
You look to those you love to justify
You turned around and life’s passed you by
Passed you by again

– Doves


“Pine Trees” – Jake Bugg – “Shangri La” (2013)

Dec 8
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Construction of my “Best Albums of ’13” list has begun in earnest. I’ve only listened to “Shangri La” once cover to cover so the shine is likely to come off a bit for me personally but I’m taking the opposite side of the bet and will say that this will actually go farther up my list, the more I listen to it. I’m highly baffled that a 19 year old young man can create such rich material. The fresh vigor of his voice gives away his youthfulness which makes this for an even better listen since the contents of the twelve pack of tunes for the most part has an old timey flavor suggesting weathered road dog who’s been at it for a decade or two. This will probably end up between 15-20 on my annual list.


“All Kinds of Kinds” – Miranda Lambert – “Four The Record” (2011)

Dec 3
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Country girls two nights in a row? What kind of voodoo trickeration has the better half pulled on the owner of this blog?


“I Miss You” – Kacey Musgraves – “Same Trailer Different Park” (2013)

Dec 3
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Time to start thinking about some “Best of” lists for 2013? I’ll throw my hat in for this album being one of the best country albums of the year and Thee Best New Country Artist of the Year. I have no idea how the CMA’s viewed this one but I would think that “Same Trailer Different Park” fared pretty well amongst its peer albums.


“The Man” – Aloe Blacc – “Wake Me Up” (2013)

Dec 2
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I haven’t had a song solidly stuck all up in my head for far awhile now. That all changed over the weekend. Aloe Blacc’s an interesting dude. Kind of how I feel that Marcus Mumford is positioned to be a transcendent voice of a generation, I feel the same could be true of Blacc. Dude makes cool music and packs in some profound but not overbearing social commentary as part of his presentation.