“No Hurry” – Zac Brown Band – “You Get What You Give” (2010)

Mar 25
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Aww man, just another day of paradise on Earth. This isn’t about locales, time zones, or zip codes. This is about seeing and being, life coming and going. Full on through the windscreen, “wow that was special” out the side view, and another dozen seconds to capture and savor it in the rearview mirror. Isn’t it just the best, this blank canvas begging us to turn it into an E Ticket, thing called life? Isn’t it though? Square me up, look me in the eyes and convince me that you disagree.

I’m full o’ shit you say, full of rum and colas and away from the daily chores; you want me to prove it. In my waking hours this day, I rolled pass some cool and never seen before things in a land that I’ve never stepped foot on before. True, I’ll give you that. On the way to dinner, we stepped into a kitschy little knick knack emporium. Candle holders made out of ocean themed salvage, Terracotta turtles, local cook books, stained hardwood pieces to adorn your casa with a couple of nice bottles of wine, you get it, lots of stuff trying to make forty bucks fall out of my pocket. And, over the door to the back room a colorfully dyed piece of cloth that simply said “Kindness Matters.”

Yeah man, I looked at it three times, first impression, side view, and head swivel (rear view). That’s what I’m thinking about right now, tuning in (to something to blog) and tuning out and turning in for the night. I think up some stupid shit to entertain and perplex myself with. “Hey, when I take the dogs for a walk today, let’s do a highly scientific survey of the citizens in my urban village. Let’s see how many of them I can get to make eye contact and share a smile and a “g’morning?” What will happen? How many will meet my every friendly gesture? Will I get a wink? A parade of shoe gazers? Pepper spray (if y’all pepper my pooches I’m gonna have to whoop your ass right after I tell you good morning)? Bewilderment at genuine friendliness?

I really did this, I walked around the ‘hood one day and tallied up responses to me smiling and saying “howdy partner.” It was a mixed bag and I’m sad to say that there was way more peanuts and M and M’s that I don’t care for than the chunks of dried pineapple that I was really hoping for. But I did it because I think that people are nice to each other in paradise and try to connect with each other. It’s paradise: right here where I sit at this second 8,000 miles from home, in my nice little neighborhood that I love back home, and in all of the other little nooks and crannies that I slide into in between. Maybe that guy who looked falsely preoccupied and wouldn’t look at me just really needed his boss to get laid so that he could lighten up and stop being a dick to him. Or, maybe the dude that spun around to intensely watch his dog sniff random bushes got thugged by some bearded guy last year and still flinches when he should be relaxing. I don’t know. I wish I would have batted a thousand and gotten smiles and “what’s up brother” from everybody but I didn’t. Ain’t a big thang strangers. I forgive you. You didn’t deter me. I’ll be kind to the next random person that I cross paths with.


“Run Wild” – Guided by Voices – “Isolation Drills” (2001)

Mar 13
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Another stellar pick offered up courtesy of Shuffle Wednesday. Is any band on earth as voluminous in sheer output as GBV? Counting “Cool Planet” due out later this year, these guys have released six LPs in the last three years. They sneeze and another song flies out.



“Full Circle” – Ben Kweller – “Go Fly A Kite” (2012)

Mar 11
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Kweller’s “Sha Sha” was the little album that the random listener would have heard about a dozen years ago. I’ve always enjoyed this guy as sort of my imagined version of Rivers Cuomo if he had never made a Weezer album and just done his “alone” stuff for the entirety of the first 13 years of the current millenium. I keep “Sha Sha” on stand by at all times ready to unleash the best pasta and intercourse lyric in the history of rock and roll.



“What About Me?” – Lake Street Dive – “Bad Self Portraits” (2014)

Mar 10
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You better hurry up, you independent radio worshipping hipsters who are screaming “I was on them before the rest of you spoon fed posers held up your phone in Starbucks waiting for the Shazam tractor beam to do its thing.” You better hurry up and memorize every song that these guys have put out over the last eight years and while your at it, a tee shirt from the merch table that looks like it could be about five years old will further enhance your cred. You better hurry up because in about a minute these guys are going to be trying to figure out where they’re going to sit at the Grammy’s next year and then everyone and their minivan driving mother is going to be like “oh yeah, I love Rach, follow her on the Twitter machine too.” You better hurry up if your going to be officially cool and on this band before everyone else. You better hurry up… son of a Jimmy Jack, it’s too late.

I told you to hurry up. What were you waiting for?


“Chelsea Rodgers” – Prince – “Planet Earth” (2007)

Mar 9
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Another Hall of Famer who I’ve had the pleasure of checking out live, in his hey day, on The Purple Rain Tour.


“Voodoo Chile” – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Mar 7
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Here’s the cover that I table for a week. So good, so loud.

Commit people. Focus. What were your original plans for the next 12 minutes and 24 seconds of your life.


“Get Up” – Young Fathers – “Dead” (2014)

Mar 6
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Ah, some fresh hip hop from Edinburgh, Scotland. There’s some sweet musical product out of that town. Shirley Manson hails from there, as well as one of my favorite little rock and roll bands We Were Promised Jetpacks, and a band that I referenced yesterday none other than The Bay City Rollers.

My small sample size of Edinburgh hip hop reveals a refreshing lack of chest (diddy) puffing as a result of copious amount of consumption of: Cristal, Rolex, and NetJet quality leg room. Have you ever yawned while rolling your eyes?


“Pasttime Paradise” – Stevie Wonder – “Songs in the Key of Life” (1976)

Mar 5

This shuffle thing just keeps dealing aces.

I bought “Songs in the Key of Life” when I was about 12 years old. I am almost positive that the format that I bought was eight track. I got it in the music department at Fred Meyer, the same place that my brother and I bought about 95% of our tunes until we were about 14 or 15 years old. All those 45 RPM singles that we spent our allowance on ($1.75 per week if we did all of our chores) were played relentlessly in our basement, stuff like: “Disco Duck,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Boogie Fever,” “Play That Funky Music,” “Kiss and Say Goodbye,” “Convoy,” and “December 1963 (Oh, What A Night).” That’s some good stuff right there. I think that my brother still has a bunch of that stuff in Hawaii. We need to have a listening party one of these days when I go visit. It’s true that the good old days weren’t always good but I would have to spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking over my last pre-teen year to conjure up one bad thing about being 12 years old.

This is such a fully loaded album that I almost forgot that this song resides within it.


“Weather to Fly” – Elbow – “The Seldom Seen Kid” (2008)

Mar 4
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Pretty sure that these guys win my award for “Favorite Band That I’ve Never Seen Live.” That’s got to be, right (quick check of the cranial fave band indexing system…)? It isn’t looking good for the near term either.

They’re finally embarking on a mini North American tour and they are even due for THREE DATES in the upper left coast region of the continent. That’s huge. There are only 12 dates total in the US and Canada and three are within rock chucking distance. I’ve got a fairly busy spring and will be travelling outside of the corner of the country where I usually chill. Fire Truck!

I’ve listened to the first couple songs from the new album but I’ll pull something from “The Seldom Seen Kid” which has got to be one of the Top 10 or so albums from the last ten years.

So who else do I really want/need to see, who I haven’t seen yet? I honestly can’t think of anyone that tops Elbow although I haven’t seen Tom Petty yet and I would like to cross that off the list one of these days. I just thought of a close second, Sigur Rós. If I could pull that off at Iceland Airwaves, they would probably pull into a tie for first.

“Huey Newton” – St. Vincent – “St, Vincent” (2014)

Mar 3
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This one kind of caught me off guard tonight. I have listened to this album three times in the last 2+ days – front to back twice, and shuffled once. The one that really got its hook in me was “Prince Johnny.” I was just logging in when “Huey Newton” came through the over-ears, “wow.” Was I that distracted the first couple times that I heard this. And then I watched the vid. She sounds so good live and is mesmerizing to boot. Too bad I’ll be out of country when she heads up here in three weeks.