“To Me” – Chet Faker – “Built On Glass”(2014)

Jul 30
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So I’m hopin’, I’m open, to getting with the local radio options over here in the wondrous 50th State but I’m not sure if or when it will happen. I like the local product, the problem is that I’m a Baskin and Robbins kind of guy and I like a ton of flavors. I can’t do vanilla bean everyday even if my surroundings are ‘nilla, so even if I’m in the land of mangoes and papaya, I can’t eat or listen to tropical island flavors everyday of the week.

Thank the radio gods that this is ’14 and not ’74 and there are streams a-plenty just a couple of clicks away. I’ll resist for another day or two, throw on some Chet Faker, which I’m betting my smallish bank account will never be played on live radio in my new home by the sea.


“Lost Coastlines” – Okkervil River – “The Stand Ins” (2008)

Jul 28
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We accumulated a lot of stuff in 16+ years at the forwarding address. 200+ cloth napkins. Tens, and scores, or maybe hundreds of books. Four sets of dishes. Three nicely finished hardwood boxes filled with a trio of beloved pets. Just stuff, tons and gobs and oodles of stuff. The memories and time spent laughing, toasting, and strengthening friendships is not part of the stuff.

I didn’t have to box up the memories and buy extra insurance to ship them 2,500 miles out into the middle of the ocean. They are the Top 5 of my most prized possessions right up there with my family, pets, health, and happiness (not necessarily in that order) but they didn’t have to go in a container with all of my other worldly shit. The memories and friendships that I accumulated get to stay with me all of the time, to be cued up and replayed anywhere and anytime I think of them. Don’t accumulate all of that crap that gathers dust. Just worry about the people around you and make sure to refresh their drink, and keep them comfortable, happy, and present.

It’s the big things, like changing area codes for the first time in forever, that makes me take to blogging in this space that has been bereft of new words for months. I always think I have the perfect song for occasions like this. I have used “Ghosts” more than once to signal that beginning of a new chapter. “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons clearly fits. “The Underdog” by Spoon came on the other day while I was working on the house, and I could make a case for that song. There are so many that I think I could trot out without coming off as too cliched. But, I kept coming back to this tune by Okervil River. It’s got a lot of bittersweet which is the tone that I keep feeling about this big life event.

I’m excited for what’s next. I’m excited to meet my classmates and neighbors, and to interact with family here in the islands on more than a once per vacation BBQ. I’m vowing a new set of rules for what accumulates in my new home. If I can’t sit on it, eat it, read it, or take it to beach, I’ve got no use for it and it should never come into my possession. Please be respectful, inanimate consumer products that I don’t need, stop leaping off of shelves and into my cart (virtual or Costco grande). You and I have no future together and you need to choose someone else to go home with.