“Roller Coaster” – Luke Bryan – “Crash My Party” (2013)

Aug 25
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I’ve read a little about that big ol’ Nashville music machine. They practically churn songs out of sweat shops, attach the music to an artist, and buy big ol’ trucks to haul all that cashola to the bank… or so I’ve read… or paraphrased… or mythologized…

I like a good piece of that drive time, countrified rock and roll but man aren’t those new country stations the worst at playing a super slimmed down play list? I never need to hear that Dierks Bentley song, about being over served on an aircraft, again. I’m not a huge Luke Bryan fan – if you don’t care who I am a big fan of in the country realm but I’m going to tell you anyways, it’s Zac Brown – but I love a good roller coaster. This is one of those songs that makes me wonder. Bryan sounds all sincere, like it keeps him up at night wanting another Bacardi infused kiss, but I wonder if it’s just another cog in the machine.


“Blackbelt” – John Grant (Live on KEXP)

Aug 23
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Found this while cruising KEXP’s youtube channel.  I know he was raised in Parker CO, been in the Denver alt rock scene since the 90’s, cruised Europe for a while and landed in Iceland.  His music is deeply  personal and he sings about his past struggles with alcohol and drug addiction and coming to terms with being gay.   

What you got is a black belt in BS,
But you can’t hawk your pretty wares up in here anymore.
Hit your head on the playground at recess.
Etch-a-sketch your way out of this one, reject!

I dare you to listen and not bob your head, the groove is infectious.

“God Damn The Sun” – The Swans – “The Burning World” (1989)

Aug 22
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Tonight after work I’ll go home and toast my friend with his favorite, Stoli on the rocks, listen to some of his favorite bands and think about the past,

When, when we were young
We had no history
So nothing to lose
Meant we could choose
Choose what we wanted then
Without any fear
Or thought of revenge

Sean “15” Clarke, became star dust 22 years ago today.  He introduced me to a lot of new music, this is one of them.

So I gained an addiction
To drink and depression
(they are mine
My only true friends
And I’ll keep them with me
Until the very end)
I’d choose not to remember
But I miss your arrogance
And I need your intelligence
And your hate for authority
But now you’re gone

I miss my friend!


“My Wave” – Soundgarden – “Superunknown” (1994)

Aug 21
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I’m a few days tardy with this post. I went to see my new found cousin’s band last Saturday and came away very impressed, extremely entertained, reminiscent, and three shots (but not quite three sheets) and a couple more coldies worth of inebriated.

A rock and roll show full of mid-90’s alternative and grunge on the Island of Oahu isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to come by. We heard a little tip from a little birdie named Nacho that there was going to be a rock show on Saturday, and one of the trio members making up the band known as N.BS, is even a cousin of ours. I went to a lot of shows over the years in my former hometown and I know a ton of people in that hometown but to my knowledge, I have no relatives who ever played in any of those shows. So now I know this dude Sergio who’s a cuz (yeah, he’s the shirt tail variety but some of my favorite cousins who I’ve known forever are cut from the same cloth) and guess what? This guy and his mates rock out!

The reminiscing part – at least three times during the show, I would be loving whatever song they were playing and I would think to myself “hmmm, I wonder if they do any Weezer.” What the, these guys must be mind readers, as the next song was “Hash Pipe.” During their second break, I finally had come up with a couple of requests. “Down with the Sickness,” and “Bulls on Parade” is what I asked for and Sergio said the other guys would be stoked to play those. They started the next set with those two and obviously I’m a little biased but I thought they were the best two songs of the night. Or, maybe I’m not being biased because wouldn’t I expect those two songs to sound especially good since they were ones that I really wanted to hear. Anyways, they delivered just like they did all night.

So Nacho had told Sergio before I got there that I am one of those nerds who pecks away in the blogsphere, acting like anybody gives a pinch about any of my opinions. The blog came up at some point during conversation and Sergio told me that if I was going to write something about them to write anything and be perfectly honest. So here goes.

First of all, for anyone who doesn’t have a couple minutes to re-visit my About page, I’m not a critic. I basically just post stuff that I like. If it’s not posted here, I either don’t know it, haven’t gotten around to it yet, or don’t like it. If I post it, I like it. So, in Sergio’s request for honesty and for the tiniest little critic in me who wants to be heard, the one song out of the 25 or 30 that they played that did not work for me was Fliter’s “Take A Picture.” Love the song, like N.BS enough that I’m really looking forward to their next show in a week and a half so there is my one and only critical comment.

If you’re on Oahu and you’ve got some rowdy rock and roll genes in you that need to be exercised, take them to an N.BS show.


“Summer Ends” – The Ravonettes – Pe’ahi (2014)

Aug 16
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I was going to take the super easy way out and post a song that suggests that I’m really sinking into the easy chair otherwise known as (OKA) 85, sunny, and an afternoon beer or two on the lanai like every freakin’ funky day also otherwise known as (AOKA or A-Okay or for the Canadian’s in our reading audience A-Okay, eh?). I’ll get to one of those songs, soon enough but in the meantime, I’m playing a little catch up.

I downloaded a couple albums that I’m still trying to get a good grasp on since I don’t listen to KEXP every morning like I did in my former life. And, this is just one of those bizarre coincidences that, I swear I wasn’t looking for. This very KEXPish type of band, that you aren’t going to hear blasting out of some other dude’s car stereo at the stop light in the 50th State, has an album title that is a Hawaiian word. Time to crack another sly one and ponder the odds of that one happening again.


“Strange Overtones” – David Byrne and Brian Eno – “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today” (2008)

Aug 8
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Shortly after I started this blog, a friend of mine said (in total seriousness), “a song every day? You’re going to run out of songs.” He was being one million percent serious.

Your song still needs a chorus
I know you’ll figure it out
The rising of the verses
A change of key will let you out

Songs like this one, I LOVE THIS SONG, are proof that not only will I never run out of songs but I’ll never run out of good songs. Byrne and Eno are in the 1% of the eclectic, influential, innovative, and iconic musicians over the last 30ish years. Not only could I find something else that these guys have collaborated on that would be post-worthy, but I could find solo work, one-offs with other artists that either have worked with and material that a lot of the 99% have heard on the regular old FM dial. I could go on and on with these two for weeks on end before turning the page.

I’ll never run out of songs to post. That kind of talk is just a whole lot of barkin’ at the moon.


“White Sandy Beach” – IZ (1993)

Aug 5
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I’m back with another “Home” post.  I had originally planned on musing on about growing up a metal head and closet punk after Dave’s “Punk Goes Metal” post the other day.  But after talking to my brother last night I decided to save that one for another day.

When my brother first let me post here it was right after they left our island after a holiday season visit.  I wrote about “Home” and how the definition of “Home” changes as life goes on.  Seattle was my home for the majority of my lifetime till I decided to make the ancestral home of my maternal grandfather my home.  Most of my immediate family was still in Seattle which made holidays in Hawai’i a little hollow.  My family of 5 love it here and can’t imagine living anywhere else, ( maybe Trieste, Auckland, Marseilles, Verona,…? ),  but without the rest of the ‘ohana, there was still something missing. That has just changed.  As most of you know, who know us, Dave, Trudy and the pooches have packed up, sold, given away and trashed most of their worldly possessions to prepare for a move across the ocean.  On the day of the move my kids asked several times, “where are Aunty & Uncle now”, keeping tabs on their progress towards their new home.  We are all stoked that they decided to come here and that they made it home safe and sound.  They are still a plane ride away as we are on different islands but that plane ride is 40 minutes instead of 5+ hours and there is a possibility that we all may end up on the same island after Dave finishes grad school.

Last night Dave was telling me about the slow progress in finding a long term rental, he said he may be homeless and living in his car in the K-Mart parking lot.  As a wise man once said; “I’m not homeless, I’m just houseless”; ( Bu La’ia ).  And I’m pretty sure there is no better place to be houseless than Hawai’i.  I’m sure their housing situation will resolve itself soon, hopefully before my family descends upon them for the UH vs UW football game at Aloha Stadium later this month.  Dave still hasn’t said if he’s gonna were the purple of his undergrad years or the green of his new school.  Either way tailgating action is about to commence.

Welcome Home ‘Ohana Alefaio, we’re glad your here!

na Kala

“My Sad Captains” – Elbow – “The Take Off and Landing of Everything” (2014)

Aug 4
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This is a bit of a re-post. My buddy Dennis IM’d me a couple of days ago and said that this was the farewell song that he bestowed me with as I head out on my new adventure.

Everybody needs a friend like Dennis. His vast knowledge and appreciation of music is just a nice side benefit for a like minded music lover like myself. It’s all of the other stuff that we did mostly when we were young men that made us close. We played hockey and football together, hung out at the beach all summer long together, jogged around Lincoln Park several time a week together, talked about and tried to figure out life together, stood up at each other’s wedding, and got into a lot of (details withheld) trouble together. We haven’t seen each other nearly enough over the last decade or two but it doesn’t really matter, we’ve got that strong type of bond that comes from getting through those tough, formative years together.

The two of us, my brother, and Mike used to sit around the apartment on Alki and spin records on winter nights when we had way more tunes on vinyl than money in our pockets. Lots of beers, Tanqueray, a bottle of Rebel Yell bourbon once in awhile, and enough cash for the Little Caesar’s run. We would take turns putting the needle to a song and were constantly trying to show each other something new. We had a lot of vinyl so we could usually come up with some kind of obscure songs that the rest of the guys had either never heard before or had kind of forgotten about. There was all kinds of stuff that would get played over a 3-4 hour session. We would play metal bands like Saxon or Accept, South African great Johnny Clegg, punk bands like Fear, industrial ogres Skinny Puppy, and then throw in stuff like The Eagles and Bruce in hopes that the neighbors wouldn’t call the cops.

So when Dennis IM’d and said that a song by one of my top three favorite bands, Elbow, is what he wanted to play for me as I was leaving town, it meant a lot. I’m posting this as a re-post. I’ll think of something to send back his way. Thanks Dennis. We will see each other soon, sooner than we both probably realize.

Oh, long before
You and I were born
Others beat these benches with their empty cups
To the night and its stars
To be here, and now, and who we are


“I Remember You” – The Ataris – “Punk Goes Metal” (2000)

Aug 2
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I was chatting last night with a new friend over here on Oahu about a broad range of topics when music came up. We talked about the limited opportunities to see touring bands in the islands and some of the nostalgic acts that make their way over here. I told him about my days as a devout fan of metal which surprised him as it does many people who know me. My self-surprise is that I kind of love country now along with the rest of my pretty vast musical likings.

On the metal / hair band / Best Rock front, I listened to a ton of KISW last week while I was frantically working on my house on my way out of the 206. KISW has a pretty awesome 80’s show on Sunday morning which consisted of a ton of stuff like: Ozzy, Rush, Crüe, and even Krokus. If they would have thrown in a little Dio, Maiden, Scorpions, and AC/DC, I would have been fully re-hooked and have already figured out how to stream them via the internetz. Skid Row also got some play and so I am thinking of them as I try to get back to consistent blogging and my Friday night cover theme. I like The Ataris version because they didn’t change it around a ton but still managed to punk it out pretty well.

Happy Weekend everyone!!!


“It’s About That Time” – Sweet Corn and Peanut

Aug 1
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This fun duo (plus their 3rd wheel playing an upright bass) played an energized opening set for The Head and the Heart last night here in Honolulu. It was a good night, great show by Head and the Heart, who I have now seen eight times, at a pretty decent club venue called Republik. I’ll definitely miss the variety that the Seattle music scene provides but there will be a few acts stopping off on the way to or from some other legs of their tours around the Pacific. Just so happens, that Republik’s reader boards informed me that Citizen Cope will be showing up for a plate lunch and a couple rounds of Mai Tais in a couple weeks. I would love to hit up that one which would mark my third time viewing my dude Mr. Greenwood.