“To Be Alone” – Hozier – “Hozier” (2013)

Nov 8
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This guy!!!!!

Dude, seriously, try injecting a little more soul and you might have something.

Wow… Damn…


“Lucky Man” – The Verve – “Urban Hymns” (1997)

Nov 6
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One of the best songs by a band that is universally known for another song.

I’ve tackled the “One Hit Wonder” thing before in this space – as a theme and an opportunity to talk about the songs by the “One Hit Wonder” artists that should have gotten more attention. I’m not completely sure how to define a one hit wonder as far as the chart placement or sales for the one hit and follow up tunes but it sure seems like The Verve could fall into that category.

Of course, I’m going to nullify everything I just said since I usually dig a little deeper into a category and develop affection, or not, for a band based on more than just one song. But for those who go the iTune “buy the hits” route, consider my unearthing of sonic gems as a gift from me to you… if I ever decide to dig and post in earnest.

I’m not sure if the previous 150 words make any sense at all. And I’m not even drinking.


“All Alright” – Zac Brown Band – “The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1” (2014)

Nov 5
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Your congressional representative of choice lost last night? Don’t get mad. Don’t be sad. Don’t be resentful, spiteful, disenfranchised, or detached. Don’t take your ball and go home. Do all of the opposites of all of the “don’ts.”

You’re mad? Really, you’re mad that you live in a democratic society, and it just so happens that the scale didn’t tilt in your direction this time. Don’t do that. Drill down, read the results, analytics, and opinions and find out what really happened. I know you might think that this could never possibly be the case but maybe the person wearing the other team’s colors, really is more qualified. Or, maybe your candidate is not the right fit, hasn’t been doing a good job, or doesn’t have the resume that shows that they could do a good job. It really is possible; we are wrong once in awhile and if we bother to self analyze, we might learn something about ourselves, our preferences, and our choices.

Don’t be sad. Just don’t even go there. Nobody is going to feel more sorry for you than yourself so why waste all of the energy, that you could be using to move forward, by bellying up and telling the barkeep to “make it a double.” (Okay, you can be sad for a couple minutes but then… if you don’t shape up, I’m going to post some random song by Pharrell that you may have heard 70 million times this year and then you’ll really have something to be sad about.)

Resentful, spiteful, disenfranchised, detached – all of these things are just like the other and sum up the slow-footed bog that most of us hate about Washington. WE are the government! If anybody who felt personal loss last night because of election results wants to revert to “resentful, spiteful, disenfranchised, detached” then they just need to admit that they just loves “a big ol’ plate of vicious cycle, gridlock, divisiveness, and “accentuation of our differences because that’s how we do it these days in Amerika.” FUCK THAT! “Big Boy and Big Girl Panties for All” in a functioning, two party system (I’ve got a vote to give for any candidate who runs on those words in the next election).

Gloating, whining, victory dances, and fetal position sobbing – save it for important stuff like grabbing or losing out on the last piece of pizza. The bigger pie that we’re all so desperately trying to get a piece of is obtained through: indoor voices, playing nice, and looking at a non-color coded map of the US of A. If we adopt and abide by these things as house rules, chances are that we would all get a nice cheesy slice with extra toppings.