“Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Fever to Tell” (2004)

Sep 16
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I always thought this would work as a “first dance” for the lovely newlyweds song. For hipsters of course and strictly in this “look meaningfully into each other’s eyes” unplugged version… or look “longingly past your new spouse and into your phone which you are using to live tweet your first dance.”

So yeah, that demographic but not for somebody like the 70ish Trumpster on his 4th marriage.

Do I have an inventory of First Dance songs? Of course I do. Just like I have: MMA walk-up music, first set of the day pre-dawn gym time tunes, take out the garbage jams, Friday pau hana, Monday morning pau weekend, and I’m trying to drown out whatever it is that the neighbors are doing over there music. Music for all seasons and reasons; I’ve got it.


“Fool for Love” – Lord Huron – “Strange Trails” (2015)

Sep 2
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New trend: post songs that have a KEXP live version. I’m going out on a limb – based on what I have written down in the organizer – and I’m gonna bet the under (line’s at 2 1/2) on this one.

Brandi Carlile, Lord Huron – “Oahu concert dates, please!”


“Mainstream Kid” – Brandi Carlile – “The Firewatcher’s Daughter” (2015)

Sep 1
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From time to time, I have considered posting entire albums and I thought about doing that again today. I am compiling a list of my “Albums of the Year” and this easily stacks up with the others that I am considering.

Just so solid start to finish. Soft and hard, poignant, honest, great arrangements, it’s got it all.

Who else is on my “Best of the Year” list? A few would be: Veruca Salt, Kendrick Lamar, and Young Fathers.

… Okay, while I was finishing up the details of getting this posted, I listened to the song again… It’s ridiculous. The cool kids (mainstream kids?) would say it’s “sick.” It is. It’s sick!