“More Than A Feeling” – Boston – “Boston” (1976)

Oct 12
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I’m gonna draw one more cup out of the nostalgia well to close out the weekend.

One of the best rock and roll songs ever, anyone disagree? The wail and the riff transitioning to chorus in this song has got to be one of the most iconic guitar sounds in rock and roll.

Rock on!!!


“Perfect Day” – Lou Reed – “Transformer” (1972)

Oct 10
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Just because… it is!


“Rotten Human” – Youth Lagoon – “Savage Hills Ballroom” (2015)

Oct 9
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Is it flesh eatingly obvious to everyone that Trevor Powers and Gaga have collaboration in their future?


“Words Can Break Your Heart” – Don Henley – “Cass County” (2015)

Oct 7
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Where has this guy been anyways? All these years, not turning out new music on a regular basis, trying to be a family man, raising kids and stuff. When rock stars forget their duty to the fans to appease them with fresh product… it’s a beautiful thing, I think. When it happens, it happens, and what you get is probably more pure. But back to my question, where have you been Don Henley?

He is one of those artists, so well known, so recognizable but then when you don’t hear him all the time (except for early spring synched with the ubiquitous command of “let’s play ball”), you forget how deep his catalog goes. I got sidetracked from this lovely new album for a second and transported back to earlier phases of my life. There you are Don Henley. You never really left; maybe it was me who left but now I’m back.

Do yourself a favor, make it a double, put your feet up and listen to the whole album.


“Forever and Always” – Markis Precise (feat. The Grouch) – “The Feeling of Flying” (2015)

Oct 6
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My hip hop postings, have been from paths less travelled by the genre, as of late. Young Fathers, via Scotland, got checked off a few weeks ago and now I’m gonna roll with something from Central Cali. My finalists for today were definitely off-hub as the band (not hip hop… is there hip hop in that neck o’ the woods?) that I tabled was from “The Pine Tree State.”