“Helplessness Blues” – Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues” (2011)

Dec 28
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It’s mostly the same place. Not that I’ve been gone too terribly long but it seems to be the same place. So different, especially if you choose to visit at a certain time of year, than where I take my mail these days but this place will always be “home.”

It’s got a weird glow, at least for me, that even shines through the gray and dampness that this place is famous for (it’s not the rain for those who believe what they’ve been told a million times, it’s the gray). That being said, this holiday season visit thing is, at most, an every 2-3 year thing, if that. But, while I’m here I might as well fill my over-ears with local vibes.


“North by North” – The Bats – “Daddy’s Highway” (1987)

Dec 22
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‘Twas the afternoon before the night before the red-eye before, I freeze to death… pray for me… think warm thoughts for me.

I have been listening to The Bats for about two hours. There is definitely that NZ sound infused throughout. Kind of mockingly cheery. Poppy and preppy, shoegazey fo sheezy, and all while not cheesy.

In other exciting news, I just found out that I have a shit ton of ready to fly Alaska Air miles. I’ve looked up all the usual places I dream of: HNL to Seattle, Calgary, NYC, Reykjavik, UK but still need to cross my fingers and look up Rangoon and Wellington.

It’s supposed to be like 38 degrees. The fetal position becomes me.


“Clair de Lune” – Flight Facilities – “Down to Earth” (2014)

Dec 18
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It is with the highest degree of unintentionality that two posted songs this week have a similar hue to Play On’s backdrop.


“Homeless” – Paul Simon (featuring Ladysmith Black Mambazo) – “Graceland” (1986)

Dec 17
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I had a little Johnny Clegg and Juluka session tonight and thought about my brothers. My brother from the same mother, could-have-never-been-a-better mother; and my brother from a South African ‘nother mother Donovan. Why the brother love? They’re the masters of my Johnny Clegg frame of reference. The blood brother, when everybody else (including me) was listening to Sammy Hagar, The Police and such, he was picking up “Scatterings of Africa” at the vinyl filled bricks and mortar shop. Donovan? One of the last shows I saw before I left Seattle was with Donovan (Johnny Clegg along with Mandisa Dlanga) at The Triple Door. Great show. One of the best sets ever of the hundreds that I’ve seen.

Other top shelf shows just for fun and off the top of my head:

– Leon Russell at Bumbershoot – I was just hanging out waiting to check Jessica Lea Mayfield and then The Kills off my list and Russell and his stellar band absolutely took over and ruled the day.
– Queen – Freddie Mercury and everything in Oakland for like $10 wayyyyy back in the day.
– Elvis Costello and The Attractions – Elvis’s last show ever with that band in Seattle in The Mercer Arena.
– The Lumineers at Red Rocks – I have to say that The Lumineers sound doesn’t fill up a big venue that well but it was awesome and one of their first, if not thee first, big homecoming triumph for them in Denver.
– Arcade Fire – At The Key… haven’t been super keen on them since mostly because of a lot of smugness, not because of the music, but great live.
– Dio – Back in my metal days… I swear I was seeing things and trippin’ over everything that night.
A couple little shows:
– Pickwick – At The Crocodile… soulful, joyful, passionate, good times
– Company of Thieves – At The Vera Project. That little space gets my vote for best sound of any venue in Seattle and I loved that band. RIP.
– The Alabama Shakes – Also, at The Croc and also same comments as Pickwick!
– We Were Promised Jetpacks – At Neumo’s, pure, raw, straight, no-frills guitar based rock brought to you by four Scottish lads.


“Love is Luck” – The Walkmen – “Heaven” (2012)

Dec 15
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True, perhaps, but as the thing plays out skill takes over. To get those skills though you’ve probably had to deal with some bad luck, or maybe not, maybe perceived serendipity is a function of people not believing enough in their power of self.

Ick, that takes all the fun out of what’s around the next corner but once I walk around that next corner I need to own what’s on the other side (I think that Tony Robbins has been infesting my dreams).

Awesomely ridiculous album, just in case you’re looking for something to revisit or first-time visit.


“Cool Blue” – The Japanese House – “Clean” (2015)

Dec 15
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In my own personal music universe, I tend to cluster around Beach House, any artists who structure, or include any traces of similar atmospheric elements in their songs as the aforementioned band. I doubt that Amber Bain aka The Japanese House (what’s in a band name?) would take offense to being grouped with Beach House but I’m sure that she would like to just stand on her own… but then how do I tell someone “uhh, do you know The Japanese House, they’re kind of like them?”

I super dig this song… the flickering transitions… the video is filled with life’s sweet spots and casual, simple pleasures. It’s atmospheric but all hopped up on soulfulness.


“Rainy Taxi” – Spoon – “They Want My Soul” (2014)

Dec 14
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You know, when you’re a funky slice of life like Britt Daniel, full of slick hooks, and equipped with those awesome arpeggioesque vocal chords… you know, choruses are optional. Does anybody really care about the chorus, ever? I don’t hate choruses but do love Spoon. That being said, my favorite Daniel song is “Shivers” which is track # 9 on The Divine Fits only album.

Best choruses? Hmm, now I’m going to have to think about that now.


“Ticker Tape” – Laura Stevenson – “Cocksure” (2015)

Dec 13
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Pretty underrated little album here. Actually, maybe not underrated, maybe peope just haven’t discovered it yet. Also, way cool music trivia concerning Stevenson’s grandpa who wrote “The Little Drummer Boy.” When I read that, I thought to myself “hah, never realized someone wrote that’ it just seems like one of those songs that is just timeless and came about through the crazy magic of the ‘Season’ or something like that.”


“Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” – Nirvana – “In Untero” (1993)

Dec 11
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I just got one of those urges today. I had to hear one of my PNW idols.

I know what he means:

“I miss the comfort in being sad”

Kind of… I think it’s a collateral thing, for me at least. It’s not the sad that’s comfort, it’s the shut yourself in, hunker down, bottle of this, comfort food/comfort everything. That’s the comfort; it’s the circling of your little, personal, figurative wagons. Yeah, I get that. Don’t worry, I’m not sad though. Don’t call me, I won’t answer, not sad, just listening to comfort music.


“Famous Last Words of a Fool in Love” – Rodney Crowell – “Tarpaper Sky” (2014)

Dec 11
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I came oh-soooooooo-close tonight to re-posting the same song twice in less than a week (yup, that “Tennessee Whiskey” thang can get under your skin and make it all bumpy). I managed to keep the old school, classic country thing going though. Is it too late for a double? Maybe a healthy single…