“Put It Down” – TOKiMONSTA (feat. Anderson. Paak & KRNE)

Jan 15
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Anderson. Paak will get his own, proper post sometime soon but in the meantime, here is something to drive around to this weekend.

It’s been a hectic start to the new year but is hectic a bad thing? Sometime, in some ways… it’s been a mix of good and bad hectic. Hectic over static any day though.


“All Your Favorite Bands” – Dawes – “All Your Favorite Bands” (2015)

Jan 13
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I’ll stop reminiscing about Bowie for at least a couple days. Until then: go see your favorite bands while you can (Sasquatch’s line up is out, here’s a chance to check out a few acts). Don’t think twice about it. Don’t wonder if that band is just a phase with your fandom being a potentailly embarrassing statement about your musical tastes if revealed to the world ten years from now. Is a ticket to their show too expensive? Let me help you with that purchase – it’s only too expensive if you don’t have three dollars left to buy a Powerball ticket after buying the cheapest seats you can find.


“Young Americans” – David Bowie – “Young Americans” (1975)

Jan 12

I’ve been really surprised over the last 24 hours, as I’ve listened to a ton of Bowie, at myself and how much his music really resonates with me although I never considered myself a huge fan. Once again, I think it’s just the integrity and the fact that he was true to himself no matter how many iterations of “himself” he managed to come up with.

I think that for me, this all has something to do with Bowie’s art being some of the first stuff that kind of shook me out of the bubble gum top-40 phase of my kid days. He was kind of confusing, and hard for a 10 year old’s brain to sort out but I think that I thought, maybe, I wasn’t supposed to like him or listen to him but I did anyways. Considering my tender age, Bowie’s tunes first invaded my ears at a time that could be loosely defined as “pre-coming of age.” And now that he’s gone, it seems like a monumental moment of nostalgia to me.

“We live for just these twenty years
Do we have to die for the fifty more?”


“Life On Mars?” – David Bowie – “Hunky Dory” (1971)

Jan 11

I have this project stashed away in my idea bank to do a (pop) music universe visualization. This is as much as I’ve ever put on paper but when I think on it for a second or two, Dylan is always at the center of the universe. It’s not too hard to make a case for David Robert Jones (aka David Bowie) being that human entity from which all musical matter emanated. Of course, in my condensed chronology of the musical universe, Bowie as the pivot would require me to look and sound like a creationist. Hmmm…

I’m not enough of a devotee to really delve into everything about Bowie that defines him as an icon and a taste maker but, I do have immense respect for his ability to reinvent, evolve, experiment, and resist the urge to produce and profit from nostalgia. Leave the nostalgia to the bloggers, pundits, DJs, and granparents who were once the cool kids and now no doubt dote on their hipster grandkids.

RIP – David Bowie