“Seasons” – Chris Cornell – “Singles” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 1992

Aug 21
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1992? Seasons become years and after awhile you can look at the whole deal as one year’s worth. I think it’s spring.


“Dear Marie” – John Mayer – “Paradise Valley” (2013)

Aug 8
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A nice, somewhat overlooked song, I had almost forgotten about this one until I watched Mayer’s recent Dive Bar set on FB. Mayer’s cool but I can never figure out if he maximizes his coolness by keeping his base happy and staying in his lane or if he should embark on some total, mid-century-vibed blues phase.


“Man Next Door” – Massive Attack (feat. Horace Andy) – “Mezzanine” (1998)

Aug 7
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I had a hard time deciding which version works best. This one, a reggae version with Horace Andy, or… Then it was, which video should I use. This one is the creepiest for sure. It reminds me of some movie that I saw when I was in elementary school on the Big Money Movie or some other matinee time slot in Seattle. I poked around but couldn’t figure it out. It really kind of freaked me out when I was little.

In the movie there was some sort of mental derangement involved with one of the female lead characters. I have thought of this movie a few times over the years and have almost wondered if it was some nightmare that I had when I was a kid and not a real movie. At the end of the movie, the aforementioned female character has basically lost her mind and is screaming and trapped in, like a second story room in a house fire. It was disturbing. I didn’t think of it in relation to this song (which is on one of my Apple playlists) until I found this Samuel Beckett inspired squalid, trippy video. The other thing, that I’m not sure if my memory has invented, is that E.L.P’s Lucky Man was part of the soundtrack, which would partially explain why that song has always made me feel a bit uneasy.


“Best American Girl” – Mitski – “Puberty 2” (2016)

Aug 6
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All of the whine last year, all the “beat it 2016, you’re the worst.”

“I hate you 2016… I thought you were finally going to leave us alone but you had to take Princess Leia with you on the way out the door.”

Comparatively, I guess we must all love 2017. Or, most of the calendar blamers are just beat to a bloody pulp and can hardly even spit out the words “2017… (cough, gasp for precious air)… 2017… bad.” But it’s not really that bad is it? A lot of us are still functioning at a high level, against all odds and our melo-faux-struggle. If you’re sick of resist, how about “persist?”

2016, gave us this three act, 3:30 second scorcher of a tune and, whoa, the video! One of the best songs of the year according to my list. My criteria for an epic rock and roll song states that the gold medal goes to those that include a nine-second second verse followed by a impenetrable wall of crashing guitar.


“Whoo! Alright-Yeah…Uh Huh” – The Rapture – “Pieces of the People We Love” (2006)

Aug 4
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Get back in the groove, get back in the groove, get back in the groove, back in the groove, back in the groove, back in the groove, in the groove, the groove the groove, the groove, the groove, the groove, groove groove, groove, Get. back. in. the. groove.

I used to think life’s a bitter pill, but it’s a grand old time