“Indulge Me” – Moses Sumney – “Aromanticism” (2017)

Sep 27
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Justin Vernon’s brother from another mother, perhaps?


“They Won’t Go When I Go” – Stevie Wonder – “Fulfillingness’ First Finale” (1974)

Sep 26
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23 syllables in 22 words… how is it possible that four bars can have that much richness?

The greed of man will be
Far away from me
And my soul will be free
They won’t go when I go


“Silver” – Waxahatchee – “Out in the Storm” (2017)

Sep 24
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I now have most of my material possessions stashed away in two separate storage units in different states. I know that I want, need, and even love some of that stuff, but regardless of the sore back from today’s move, my mind keeps telling me that it is all just a bunch of useless and largely irrelevant stuff. There are family heirlooms, comfortable pieces of furniture to sit and lay on, kitchen gadgets, art work, books, and holiday decorations. But which of that stuff do I really need?

I need the things that help me make good times which turn into memories which makes all of this worth it through the strengthening of family and friends. I need that furniture so people can come over to eat, drink, and talk story. I need that extra bed so that my friends can fly in whenever they want and so my nephews can crash on weekends. I just talked/wrote myself, in five minutes, into one day wanting to retrieve some of my stuff. And yes, maybe there is a certain beauty in the 10 x 20 storage unit… Nahh!

My nephew said this weekend that he was looking forward to inheriting our dining room table which I got from my great aunt when she passed 13 years ago. It’s yours one day Nainoa but you have to promise to sit down with the dozens, maybe even hundreds, of family and friends that I have over the years at that table. You can eat Pizza Hut, paprikash, or pineapple uspide cake; it doesn’t really matter. You just have to sit with your people and value them. They are your most prized possessions.

If I turn to stone
The whole world keeps turnin’
I went out in the storm
And I’m never returnin’