There are things flying at you from every direction here. Fluttering horns, a big chunky rhythm section, an industrial strength NIN-like blast of synth, some belted out rock guitar riffing, all pulled up around St. Vincent’s vocals.

As low key as Byrne’s 2004 album was – which I broke into snippets and word association yesterday – this one is funky, upbeat and multi-faceted. If you’re a fan of either artist, you’ve probably listened to all or part of the album. If not, and if you are going to spend sometime in the car this weekend cashing in on the waning days of summer, plug it in and let it groove you.

The duo was just on Fallon a couple of days ago and the clip hasn’t made it to YouTube yet (if ever). So, check it out on NBC’s website. It’s super cool with all of the brass backing.