I’ve zigged towards the narrative driven, guitar laden, middle country rocker over the last few years. Does that say something about me besides my entertainment via music? Probably. Yeah probably since half the time I don’t even think I listen to music for entertainment. It sets my milieu so that I can focus, get in a rhythm and work. It distracts me when I’m doing pushups. It’s therapy when a guy who doesn’t do therapy is trying to figure some shit out. But is music entertainment to me? I hadn’t ever asked this question until I started typing the first sentence in this post. I listen for several hours a day. I watch TV for several hours per week. I read constantly. All of the little chunks of time that I have throughout the day, I spackle over with a little article about the 2018 midterms or a list of “the top ten things you can do to hide the fact the you are super vain but pretending not to be.” Ha ha! I’ve never actually read that, googled, or thought of it before but it sounds like a sweet-as list and the one that I should create to send with my cover letter to Buzzfeed. That’s what I really want to do is write lists for a living.

It doesn’t have to be a well-paying living (“no shit, dumb ass” said the 39 year old NorCal livin’ fine arts degree havin’ list writer dude who’s making $29K a year and has a 300 page long list of the reason he hates lists). Several friends have told me over the years that I need to figure out a way to monetize writing funny, uplifting, happy/sad, informational (FUHSI) emails because I guess I have knack for this sort of thing and can either make someone’s day with an email or piss them off and make them relish the next time they see me so they can punch me in the temple. I’m down for this sort of career path. Problem is, my super swell emails only resonate because they go to a small group of people (between 1 and 35 humans with an average of 8.5) who I actually know and have a connection with. Without that connection it’s just blathering BS about “a sunny day… a recreational athletic contest where we pray no one gets hurt… BBQs… blah blah… puppy dogs are gangsta… blah blah” with some inside-y thing that all 8.5 people can reference and get a quick chuckle out of. If I knew how to monetize that shit, I would use my brain power, super powers to do important shit like rid the need for fossil fuel by creating endless supplies of energy when people smile/shaka each other and say “please,” “thank you,” and “have a nice day.”

And, with this the first post of ’18, the year that I am currently participating in, I zag back to the atmospheric, mood music, state of mind stuff that I used to cycle through for my musical “entertainment.” I landed here thanks to my cuzzie Okie’s best of ’17 albums list. I know the Aussie sibs from my past listening excursions but hadn’t give them a thought in awhile. That was very rude of me, and this album is very good. Listen to it and make your own narrative.

And damn if that first ten seconds of percussion didn’t make me think that a Raspberry Beret was ’bout to come busting through the door.

Happy New Year!!! One of my resolutions is to be a better blogger this year – actually, to be better at everything. You?