What happened to Logan Paul? What happened to the person that he videod who had recently taken their own life? How did either one of them get to that moment in time where Paul’s media/celebrity ambitions turned one person’s torment and indifference to life into another person’s… no wait, they both are tormented and indifferent to life but what happened?

We were all little kids once. Logan Paul was a little kid. His subject, his (at least) twice victimized subject, was a little kid once. But then what? Did one of them get too caught up in the chase or never have anything to chase? Does the chase have to happen at just the right pace so that we all have a shot at catching whatever it is we are after? And, we can’t chase without a support truck/team/system to give us water, celebrate when we win, and console us when we lose, right?

Logan Paul has already been indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced in the court of public opinion. While I don’t feel sympathy for him, I do believe in second chances. People who do bad things and get thrown in jail need to be rehabilitated and not just punished. Strip off a bunch of layers and see if you can find that little kid under there who went missing a long time ago. We need to rehab people for the sake of everybody. Logan Paul might end up being a terrible person no matter the intervention or lack of intervention. But if we don’t try to help this guy figure some stuff out, at a certain point, he is going to solidify his place as the dregs of internet entertainment and attract a bigger following if he can transform his current notoriety into the penultimate bad boy who can always supply the goods when people want to get their tasteless, inhumane rocks off. And with that the bad boy and his YouTube brand will suck some of the little kid joy out of another one of his subscribers.