I love the solitary, late night when everyone else is out having fun, alone in your room feel of this song. Singing in tones and colors that a person might try out when there’s no way anyone else is listening… Angst and externalized deep held feelings, desires, and frustrations make art. Turning a dial and flipping a switch to a weird setting deepens the art and makes some people say “I don’t get it.” It’s fun when everybody doesn’t get it, or totally gets it in a way that makes someone else say “I don’t get how you get it that way.” Sing alongs are cool and everything but think of how much more fun it would be if a Bud Light’d swarm at last call stopped in the middle of the chorus of “Sweet Caroline” and said “I don’t get it.” I have a feeling that Frank could make something out of that one of these nights when he’s all alone in his room.

So good, so good” What’s so good? I don’t get it.